Why Does My Cat Wink at Me? 3 Reasons for This Behavior

Most cats engage in what is known as a “slow wink.” If you’ve ever been in the presence of a cat who likes you, you’ve undoubtedly observed them winking at you!

Cats do not require the use of their normal eyelids to blink. Instead, they have a third eyelid with which they blink most of the time. The major purpose of this eyelid is to keep their eyes moist, and because it is entirely transparent, we don’t detect them blinking with it.

However, if anything gets in their eye, they may need to use their outer eyelid to blink as well. This usually only affects one eye. Cats can only close one eyelid at a time, therefore it will typically appear as though they are winking. If they do this in our direction, it may appear like they are staring at us!

Why Does My Cat Wink at Me?

Why Does My Cat Wink at Me?

If you’re like the majority of cat owners, you’re frequently startled by what your cat does. Cats are rarely predictable, at least until they reach an advanced age and become accustomed to their habits. Some cats have a peculiar habit of winking at their human family members. But, surely, cats do not wink for the same reasons as people do. What makes a cat wink at someone? We’ve chosen to provide a definitive response to this query. Here’s why your cat could give you a wink now and again.

They’re Being Friendly

The first reason cats wink has to do with the two-eye counterpart – blinking.

Slow blinks are a well-documented manner for cats to express happiness and friendliness towards whomever they are staring at.

The’slow blink’ is made up of two or three partial blinks in which the eyelids do not close completely. After then, they close their eyes partially or completely for a lengthy amount of time.

Recent research has confirmed what cat lovers have long suspected: cats respond to slow blinks from people by blinking slowly themselves.

This research supports previous findings that cats are aware of human emotional states and receive emotional cues from us.

We also tend to recognize that a cat’s slow blinks constitute a favorable emotional cue, whether we realize it or not.

Cats at shelters with the slowest blinks are the most likely to be adopted.

Something Is Irritating Their Eye

Why Does My Cat Wink at Me?

The structure of a cat’s eye is incredibly complex, with three eyelids to contend with!

It irritates the eye if a speck of dust or debris becomes lodged on the surface of the eye (the cornea) or behind one of the eyelids.

Grass seeds have also been known to become stuck in the eyes of cats and other unfortunate creatures.

Your cat may blink in an attempt to get rid of whatever is troubling them.

Look for the following indicators to spot various types of winks:

Winking often or incessantly

Watering or redness

Using a paw to rub the eye

If you feel your cat has anything in their eye, keep an eye on them.

If it does not come out on its own, it will need to be removed by a veterinarian before causing harm to the delicate tissues around the eye.

Their Palpebra Tertia Is Acting Up

Why Does My Cat Wink at Me?

Our animal pets’ desire to give us love taps may appear lovely and lovable, but it isn’t necessarily the tender gesture we think it is. It may just be our cat telling us that it’s time to wake up and feed me. Your cat may be bored and want you to wake up and spend time with them even if it isn’t dinner time.

Instead of wailing in my ear, sticking his bum in my face, or hanging his big Persian tail over my nose, I wish my cat would use this tactic. It would be much pleasant and less startling to wake up with a delicate paw to the face. It’s a good day for everybody who is woken by soft paw touches on the cheek! There are a lot of other methods for a cat to gain your attention that aren’t nearly as enjoyable.

They Want to Show Trust and Loyalty

Cats may wink towards persons they trust and see as loyal. If your cat likes spending time with you and has a strong relationship with you, you’ll almost certainly get a wink from them at some point. Depending on the context and the cat’s disposition, some cats wink at their owners with one or both eyes in devotion.

Owners of cats who are normally distant or indifferent to their family members are unlikely to wink at them. However, cats that prefer to stay by their human friends’ sides and display other shows of affection, like as stroking and chatting, are more likely to wink at the people they care about, though you could miss it if you aren’t paying carefully.

They Are Dealing With an Eye Infection

Eye infections are unfortunately frequent in cats, and some diseases cause your cat to blink, which might be mistaken for winking. Consistent blinking throughout the day is an indication that your cat is suffering from an eye infection. Your cat might have pink eye, which is caused by bacteria infecting the membrane lining the eyes. Your cat may be winking and/or have discharge coming from their eyes, as well as swelling around the eyes.

Corneal ulcers cause lesions in the eyes, which irritate them and cause them to blink, which might seem as winking. Corneal ulcers can sometimes make your eyes appear foggy. Allergies, at least periodically, can cause your cat to wink. Redness, scratching, and squinting of the eyes are some of the other symptoms that can accompany allergies.

Is Winking Anything to Worry About?

Why Does My Cat Wink at Me?

There’s no need to be concerned about your cat winking at you every now and then unless it’s due to an eye disease. If you feel the winking is caused by a health problem, make an appointment with your veterinarian for an examination. It’s always preferable to be safe than than sorry.

Is It Normal If My Cat Winks At Me?

There’s nothing wrong with your cat winking at you every now and again. The majority of the time, it’s merely a technique for them to get something out of their eyes. However, if they begin to blink at an alarming pace, there may be a serious underlying issue. Additionally, if their third eyelid begins to protrude, it might indicate an infection. It might be a clue that something is troubling them if they are attempting to paw their eyes. In this case, you should take your cat to the local veterinarian for an examination. It’s worth noting that cats are susceptible to a number of dangerous eye ailments. As a result, if they are blinking a lot, you should get them examined.

What Does It Mean When My Cat Blinks At Me?

It’s important to understand that a blink is not the same as a wink. Your cat, for example, blinks with both eyes. People frequently mistakenly assume that cats blink at their owners to express their devotion. When one animal trusts another in the wild, they typically blink slowly or close their eyes since they cannot see any threat approaching. As a result, when a modern-day cat blinks at you, it merely signals that they are confident and safe in your presence.

Does My Cat Blink At Me Mean That They Love Me?

There is no one answer to question since it might be both yes and no. If your cat blinks at you slowly, it just implies that they are relaxed, comfortable, and safe in your company. The answer is a resounding no to hinting that the cats adore you by blinking. This isn’t to say that your cats don’t care about you; it’s simply that they can’t indicate it by blinking at you.

Why Is It That My Cat Does Not Blink When Staring At Me?

There are various possible explanations for this. The most likely reason for this is because they have taken a great interest in whatever you are doing and are closely observing your activities. Funny thing is, even if you don’t see anything intriguing in what you’re doing, cats view things differently than we do. It might also indicate that they are making a concerted effort to gain your attention. As a result, it’s up to you to figure out what’s wrong. It’s possible they’re hungry or need to go to the bathroom. It may also indicate that they are aging, in which case you should use a cat age converter.


There are just a few reasons why a cat could blink or wink at you, thus determining the particular reason for your cat’s winking tendencies should not be difficult. Most of the time, you won’t see your cat blinking or winking. It is just not a significant aspect of their personality or character. If you do catch a wink from your cat, give them a pet or a cuddle to show your appreciation. What is the frequency with which your cat winks at you, and why do you believe they do it? Send us a note to join the conversation.

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