Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere When In Heat?

I earn money as an Amazon Associate by making qualifying purchases. So your healthy female cat has suddenly begun yowling like crazy, and her behavior is out of the ordinary. If you’ve ever had an intact female cat or queen, you’re certainly familiar with the signals of a cat in heat, such as howling, thrusting their bottom in the air, and demanding more attention. Do cats pee when they’re in heat? This is a common question among cat owners.

When cats are in heat, they pee. When your cat is in heat, she may pee more frequently, and you may discover that she pees in areas she typically wouldn’t. Cats use urine aroma to communicate with one another while they’re in heat.

So, what causes your queen’s potty habits to shift? What does all this peeing indicate, and what can you do to keep your house from stinking? Everything you need to know will be covered.

5 Reasons Cats Pee When In Heat

Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere When In Heat?

It’s most likely typical for your healthy cat to pee during heat. Many impulses urge her to act in this way, and she’ll follow those instincts even if she doesn’t fully comprehend what she’s doing or why she’s doing it.

Some of the most prevalent causes of excessive peeing during the summer are listed below. That way, even if your cat doesn’t, you’ll be able to understand her behavior and how to cope with it.

They Are Marking Territory

Both peeing and spraying are used to demarcate territory. Female cats, contrary to popular opinion, spray equally as much as male cats. The key difference is that a female cat is more likely to spray while she is in heat than at any other time, but male cats may spray anytime they choose, especially when scared or threatened.

Your cat can effectively establish their territory and space by both urinating and spraying. Your cat could be attempting to claim some space for herself while she’s in heat, especially if you have a multi-cat household.

She’s also attempting to make herself more at ease. One of the ways cats make themselves at home is by spreading smell. That’s why you could see your cat rubbing his or her face against a favorite piece of furniture, doors, or even the walls. Your cat’s face, like their urine, contains many scent-producing glands that can aid in the establishment of territory.

Your cat is attempting to define her territory while also making it seem safer by peeing on the floor, carpets, walls, or furniture.

They Are Trying to Attract a Tom Cat

The components of your female cat’s urine alter somewhat when she is in heat. That’s also why you could think she stinks worse while she’s in heat!

Because your female cat is fertile when she is in heat, or estrus, her urine includes vital pheromones and chemicals that signal to other cats that she is ready to have a family.

That’s probably why you’ve observed one female cat smell your cat’s rear end while she’s in heat and then bap or hiss at her. Female cats can smell the same hormones as male cats, which might anger them or make them think the cat in heat is a competitor.

Those pheromones, on the other hand, are a lovely indication to Tomcats or intact male cats that there is a fertile female around.

When your cat is in season, don’t be shocked if you start seeing more stray males in your yard, even if she’s an indoor-only cat! The pheromones’ fragrance can still travel into your yard and attract Tomcats, which is one of the reasons your cat starts urinating so much more. She’s luring in prospective partners!

Your Cat Might Be More Stressed Than Normal

While in heat, your cat may also be indicating that she is anxious. This is a frequent response, although distinguishing between stress-urinating and heat-urinating can be difficult.

Pay attention to your cat’s other behavior and make sure she has lots of secure places to hide if you feel she’s anxious, especially the first few of times she goes into heat.

Just don’t get too worked up if she pees in those designated areas.

She’s Competing With Another Cat

Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere When In Heat?

Cat breeders and owners with numerous intact cats are more likely to notice this behavior than cat owners with only one intact cat.

When your cat is in heat, she is attempting to make her smell more distinct in order to compete with other intact and perhaps pregnant cats. It’s more probable that she’ll be the one to mate with any Tomcats in the neighborhood if she spreads her smell about.

Cats that are in heat at the same time or in close proximity to one another may urinate over one another’s marks on purpose. As long as both cats opt to urinate in the litterbox, this can work in your advantage.

Unfortunately, when a cat is in season, they will urinate wherever except in the litterbox. That means you’ll have to keep a close eye on cleanliness, otherwise your cats may likely pee on each other’s marks.

Something Else Is Wrong With Your Cat

If you wish to care for an intact female cat, you should be aware that frequent peeing might be an indication of other common health concerns in your cat. It isn’t necessarily due to the fact that they are pregnant.

While your cat is in heat, they may develop additional problems, such as a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone. If this occurs, their conduct is likely to change. They may, for example, display symptoms of difficulty when trying to pee, or they may pee significantly more frequently.

Call your veterinarian if you suspect something is amiss with your cat, or if they appear anxious when they pee. They should be able to inform you if your cat is simply in heat and urinating properly, or if they need to see a veterinarian.

Can I Spay A Cat In Heat

Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere When In Heat?

Although it is technically feasible to neuter a cat in heat, it is not a desirable circumstance. There are a variety of reasons why you would not want to neuter a cat in heat, ranging from medical to behavioral concerns.

For one thing, when your cat is in heat, the region around her uterus swells. This can make spaying more difficult and increase the risk of excessive bleeding during the procedure. It can also make the tissue more prone to ripping, making surgery more difficult and recuperation time longer.

Some veterinarians will refuse to neuter a cat in heat due to these issues. Other veterinarians will proceed with the operation because the danger is low, but it’s typical for them to charge extra for it.

How Do You Stop A Female Cat From Spraying While In Heat

Spraying by your female cat is most likely a way for her to establish her territory and attract a partner. That implies you may address your female cat’s spraying the same way you would a male cat’s spraying. Here are some quick pointers:

Laundry, towels, and other objects that might cause spraying should be kept off the floor.

Limit your cat’s access to doors and windows where he or she can encounter other animals.

Always clean up immediately and completely after spraying.

To keep her stress levels down, consider utilizing cat pheromones.

To get rid of any lingering odour from spraying, try utilizing enzyme cleansers.


If you decide to retain your cat, bear in mind that she doesn’t have complete control over her spraying and other heat-related actions. Her instincts are telling her what she should do, and she is unable to stop them. So, even if her behavior becomes irritating, you should never vent your frustrations on your cat. She won’t understand, and your annoyance may cause her to become even more irritable than normal. It’s also crucial to know that your cat’s heat cycle might be highly predictable, or completely random. Most cats go into heat in the spring and fall, although some have heat cycles all year and some go into heat more frequently in the winter.

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