Why Does My Cat Lick The Floor? – Reasons Explained

Cats have a unique, almost unrivaled capacity to communicate with humans. They know when something is wrong and they often feel safe enough to come to you and ask for help 

Do you see your cat doing strange things? Do you have any idea what’s going on? Is it a disease or illness? It could be, but it’s more likely that there’s a perfectly natural reason for your cat’s behavior.

It’s not just me who thinks this is weird. Many people find their pets strange, and some even have strange behaviors. This video series explains everything you need to know about “Why Does My Cat Lick The Floor?”

6 Reasons Why Cats Lick The Floor

Why Does My Cat Lick The Floor?

There are six possible explanations for this peculiar behavior listed below. To make things easier for you, we’ve labeled them “easy” or “scary.”

Please contact your veterinarian if you suspect one of the “frightening” causes.

In fact, if you’re not certain it’s anything easy, it’s always a good idea to consult a veterinarian.

Simple: Something Tasty On The Floor

First and first, let’s address the most obvious cause. If you leave food on the floor, your cat will scavenge it.

The fragrance and flavor of the dish may linger even after it has been consumed.

Your cat’s remarkable sense of smell allows her to detect even the most delicate aromas.

Raw chicken offcuts are occasionally given to my kitties as a treat. They frequently spill chicken bits from their bowls on the tiled floor.

When the chicken is gone, they naturally begin licking the tiles, which supposedly still taste like chicken.

Scary: Cleaning Products

Keeping with the topic of taste and smell, your cat could appreciate the aroma of some cleaning products.

Some cats, for example, enjoy bleach. Bleach contains chlorine, which has a similar odor to the pheromones present in cat urine.

In terms of your cat, ammonia in other cleaning chemicals has a very similar odor.

Some cats are obsessed with the smell, while others disregard it. Others may assume that another cat has marked their territory, leading to spraying.

Simple: Flavor

Why Does My Cat Lick The Floor?

Hopefully, you’ll agree with me that the concept of licking the floor does not appeal to my taste senses.

Your cat’s preferences, on the other hand, are significantly different from yours. Their finely honed noses also enable them to detect things you aren’t aware of.

Composite materials make up a large portion of our flooring. They, like plastic bags, can contain substances that your cat finds appealing.

Concrete flooring can also have a flavor of minerals, salts, and moss, which your cat may find appealing.

Scary: Dehydration

If your cat is licking a smooth, chilly floor, it might indicate that they aren’t receiving enough water.

Condensation can generate tiny amounts of water on the surface of tiled and concrete floors in the correct conditions.

Even if you provide your cat water in bowls, cats may prefer this liquid source.

Cats don’t merely avoid water dishes because of condensation. Some cats like to drink from the faucet or other sources of running water.

Simple: Texture

No floor is absolutely smooth, and wear and tear can make these surfaces even more textured over time.

Wooden and cement flooring may be particularly rough in spots, and your cat may enjoy licking them.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in cats can present in a number of ways, including repeated licking.

Cat owners have reported their cats chewing on wood, which is an issue with similar roots.

Scary: Pica

Why Does My Cat Lick The Floor?

What exactly is feline pica? In essence, it’s a disorder im which cats devour inedible things and substances.

Pica isn’t simply a cat problem; it may also affect people. This has undoubtedly aided our understanding of the problem in animals.

Pica is caused by a variety of circumstances, one of which is a nutritional insufficiency. If a cat’s food is deficient in nutrition, he will gnaw on metal.

Boredom, stress, worry, obsessive hereditary illnesses, and underlying medical conditions can all be triggers.

Pica in cats may be seen in the video below.

Why Is My Cat Licking The Carpet?

Cats are independent little beings with their own set of likes and dislikes.

While some cats like to lick hard flooring, it was inevitable that some would prefer to gnaw or lick carpet.

All of the factors listed in the “Why does my cat lick the floor?” section apply to carpet, with the exception of thirst.

However, there is another explanation that exclusively pertains to carpet-licking cats. Pica, it’s something we’ve previously discussed.

What to consider when determining the cause of this behavior?

In a minute, we’ll talk about the hazards of your cat licking the floor and what you can do to stop her.

To begin, determine which of the factors listed above is the primary cause of your cat’s behavior.

It’s all too easy to make snap judgments and assume the worst. However, with a little thinking and consideration, you may arrive at a far more evidence-based conclusion.

Here are a few things to ask yourself to get you started.

When Did My Cat Start Licking The Floor?

Is this something she’s always done, or is this something new? What has changed recently if it’s new?

If your cat’s behavior is new, it might suggest that she is stressed as a result of a recent change.

What Type of Flooring is it?

Why Does My Cat Lick The Floor?

If your cat is suffering from a nutritional deficit, the stuff she is licking might reveal which minerals she is lacking in her diet.

What Time of Day Does it Happen?

Any form of pattern in the frequency with which the floor is licked might aid in the detection of behavior-related concerns.

It’s possible that your cat is bored, hungry, or thirsty during these times. Identifying any trends can assist you in breaking the habit loop.

How Often Does My Cat Lick The Floor?

If your cat licks the floor every now and again, it’s more than probable that it’s typical cat behavior.

In contrast, licking the floor is an indication of a behavioral problem if your cat does it on a regular basis.

Should I Worry About my Cat Licking The Floor?

Licking the floor isn’t hazardous or dangerous for your cat when done alone. The issues arise when you consider all of the other items on the ground.

Should you be concerned? It is debatable. Here are some factors to think about when determining how dangerous your cat’s licking might be.


Although a cleaning product’s odor and flavor may appeal to your cat, it doesn’t imply it’s safe for her to consume.

Consider the case of bleach, which I mentioned before. The majority of home bleach is irritating, but highly concentrated versions can be dangerous.

The Flooring Material

If your cat consumes carpet fibers or concrete chippings, it might cause obstructions or choking.

If your cat breaks any of the wood away from the floor, it can cause splinters and internal problems.

Many chemicals are included in flooring materials, including organo-tin compounds, which are harmful to the immune system.

Foreign Objects

No matter how meticulous you are about keeping your house clean, there is always the danger that ordinary objects or other items will end up on your floor.

If your cat is licking the floor, it’s just a matter of time until they devour anything they discover there. Even a little stone eaten by mistake might cause inside complications.

4 Tips For Stopping Your Cat From Licking The Floor

See Your Vet

If you have any doubts, see your veterinarian. They’ll be able to ask you pertinent questions about your cat’s behavior and establish a diagnosis based on your answers.

They’ll also assist you in devising a strategy to stop the licking and address any underlying health issues.

Change Your Cleaning Products

Look for an alternative if you feel the scent or taste of your cleaning goods is driving your cat insane.

Use anything that has one of the odors that cats despise. Citrus is one of them, so a lemon-scented product could be the answer.

Stimulation And Enrichment

If you think your cat is licking the floor out of boredom, try to make their lives more interesting.

Play with your cat and provide them with toys to keep them occupied when you’re not around.

Water sources

Look at different water sources if you feel she’s licking the floor for moisture and isn’t drinking much from her dish.

For cats who have a natural love for flowing water, cat fountains can be a great alternative.

Final Thoughts

What’s the deal with my cat licking the carpets and floors? In this piece, I set out to address that question.

We observed that the causes might range from you dropping food to a health condition known as pica.

If your cat licks the floor on a regular basis, you should be more worried than if it happens once in a while.

So, if you’re concerned, apply what you’ve learned here to analyze the issue and speak with your veterinarian.


I found that I was able to reduce my cat’s licking by simply being consistent with a few simple rules. First, I decided to leave her out of the laundry room, which is the room in the house she seemed to like most. Second, I tried to make sure she could reach water if she wanted to drink. The last thing I did was to spray some citronella solution on the floor. This was the solution that worked best for me. I think the biggest reason that this works for me is that I’m consistent. It’s really hard to change a habit that you’ve been doing for years. For cats, I think that consistency is even more important.

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