Why Does My Cat Lick My Dog? Do You Know These Facts?

Cats and dogs are said to have a love-hate relationship. Our lovely puppy pals are merely attempting to be kind and amusing, whilst the cat remains the most vicious and capable of playing tricks on the dogs.

At least, that’s how the Internet, movies, and cartoons portray it.

You’re undoubtedly interested as to why your cat is kissing your dog instead of being rude to him, and where it all originated from.

Your cat kisses your dog because she considers it a member of her family. Grooming is a relaxing activity for many cats. It’s a mutual thing; cats clean one other by licking each other, and the cat hopes to be licked in return.

Why does my dog lick my cat?

why does my dog lick my cat

It’s not unusual for a dog to lick a cat. Dogs are very sociable creatures, although many cats are extremely tolerant. This is the same dynamic that I saw with my two dogs, Sherlock the Golden Retriever and Watson the orange tabby. I frequently witness Sherlock licking Watson, and their veterinarian has this to say:

It’s a pack thing.

Even in a tamed situation, dogs are pack animals that need to create a hierarchy. If your dog kisses the cat, it means the latter regards the feline as a superior entity. Licking is a sign of surrender to your cat, especially if you have a really obstinate one. This is a reference to how dogs in the wild lick the alpha to acknowledge its superiority. Please read this article to learn why my dog licks me in the morning.

Your dog likes the smell or taste.

Another possibility is that something has become lodged in your cat’s hair, which your dog enjoys. It might be crumbs of cat food or dirt that your dog enjoys. Additionally, if you’ve recently given your cat a bath, the dampness or scent of the shampoo may appeal to your dog.

You reinforce it.

It’s also conceivable that your reply perpetuates the habit. If you praise or reward your dog for licking the cat, it will continue to do so. Your dog understands that such behavior pleases you and earns them a reward. It makes no difference whether your answer is good or negative. It’s still attention for your dog at the end of the day.

Your dog is grooming the cat.

why does my dog lick my cat

A dog licking a cat might also be a simple grooming practice. If your cat licks your dog, it most likely learnt it from your cat. While dogs aren’t known for grooming, they do groom those they care about. This includes you and any other pets they get along with at home.

You should consider it a good omen when your two dogs get along. This is a wonderful moment as long as the cat isn’t tearing your dog’s face off.

Your dog is trying to get something.

Your dog, on the other hand, may be attempting to take something from your cat. Your dog is licking to divert or attract your cat’s attention. As your dog becomes increasingly frustrated, it may begin to whine.

Motherly Nature

Your dog is either a baby or a very young adult, while your cat is a female. If this is the case, the cat feels driven to act as a mother and care for the puppy.

As a consequence, this is a sign of maternal affection, which can only bring you joy.

If your dog is a puppy or very young, you may see licks over time if your cat is female.

Cats make excellent moms and zealously guard their kittens and other tiny pets.

The cat is forced to assume the role of mother and care for the puppy in this scenario. You should be grateful for it because it’s merely a gesture of parental love.

Immoral Love

why does my dog lick my cat

The finest kind of love! That concludes our discussion. You’re an extremely lucky pet parent.

Your cat likes your dog and is stroking him since he is one of her closest companions.

In the end, a cat kissing your dog isn’t such a bad thing. It’s something for which you should be thrilled.

It shows that they’re getting along OK, that they’re pals, and that your family is happy. Grooming and affection are the only things that count!

Simply simply, your cat is smitten with your dog. Keep in mind that cats are more aggressive and cold-blooded than dogs, thus any fight would almost definitely be started by the cat.

When a new dog is brought into the house, the cats will usually battle to defend their territory.

If this doesn’t happen, it’s a sign that the cat adores the dog completely. It’s strange at first, especially in the early days of their relationship, but the pets create a trusting and loving attachment with time, as seen by the licks.

Spreading Positivity

In most cases, the first meeting between a cat and a dog is unpleasant. They’ll almost certainly become aggressive and fight, although this isn’t always the case.

They’ll separate for a few days, but once they’ve gotten to know each other, you could see licking.

If you reward positive behavior when you initially obtain your cat and try to train it, you’ll remember the faint licks. The same thing happens when the dog makes polite advances, especially after they’ve been together for a time.

If the dog is silent and follows the kiss, it will happen again and again. It’s important about making a good first impression and reassuring the dog that their connection is going well.

Should I worry about this behavior?

why does my dog lick my cat

A dog licking a cat isn’t usually a reason for concern. This is usually a harmless practice. You should intervene and inspect whether your cat is yelping while your dog is licking. Your dog is probably doing more than licking the poor cat, which is injuring it. Please read this article. Why does my dog want to lick metal?

You must also be cautious of obsessive conduct. While obsessive behavior is uncommon in well-behaved dogs, it can lead to canines licking and chewing bodily parts that aren’t there. They can also use items and other pets to relieve their chewing and licking habits.

Canines with obsessive behavior need to be treated as soon as possible. It’s recommended to take the dog to the veterinarian for a thorough inspection. The doctor will also determine why your dog is behaving in this manner against your cat.

Why does my cat lick my dog?

When a cat licks a dog, it means the feline considers the canine to be a member of its family. Cats, unlike dogs, do not live in groups, thus their sense of hierarchy is hazy, if not non-existent.

Your cat also gets to mark the dog as part of its territory by licking it. This is also why cats will frequently lick their owners.

If you have a little puppy and an adult cat, the latter may be acting as the dog’s mother. When cats have strong maternal instincts, this happens. click here for more information Why does my cat choose to sleep in the small cat house?

Licking your dog is, in general, a gesture of affection from the cat. This is a wonderful indicator that your cat has accepted the dog as a member of the family. It’s ideal if your dog responds positively.

Why is my dog licking the cat’s ear?

The reason a dog might lick the ear of a person or another animal is complicated. It’s an indication that the dog is at ease with the cat and regards it as a group member.

Your cat’s ear, on the other hand, may be stinky. This will entice your dog, who will then lick you. It’s an indication that your cat’s ears need to be groomed. While cats are capable of grooming themselves, they require assistance with their ears since they cannot reach them.

Why does my dog follow my cat around?

Dogs’ instincts are at work when they can’t stop running after your cat. German Shepherd, Cattle Dog, and Border Collie herding dog breeds may frequently follow your cat to ‘collect’ it. As if herding animals on farms, they will obstruct the cat’s path.

Some dogs, on the other hand, have strong hunting instincts. They will chase after a cat as if it were a ball tossed into the open. In this instance, you must be cautious since your cat may be injured.

On a lighter side, your cat and dog could have created a wonderful friendship. Following your cat around might be a method for your dog to get comfort and initiate playfulness with the feline.

Why is my dog drooling around my cat?

Stress causes dogs to slobber around a new kitten or cat. A new animal introduces a significant shift in their surroundings and competes for your attention.

It’s also likely that your dog is looking forward to meeting the cat. Your dog will slabber around the visitor since it doesn’t know how to show its delight. Some dogs drool when they meet a puppy, so this isn’t normally a reason for alarm. Please read this article. What’s the deal with my dog drooling all over the new puppy?

Anyway, just because a dog is salivating around a cat doesn’t imply it’ll devour it. However, if your dog appears to be drooling excessively, you should visit a veterinarian. During the entrance of the cat, your dog is likely to have a concomitant tooth condition.

Why does my cat rub against my dog?

Your cat’s approach of marking its territory is to rub its body against someone. It’s also an indication that the cat is at ease with the human or animal. When your cat rubs its body on your dog, it’s a sign that the feline and your resident canine will get along.

When your dog returns home from a walk or the vet, you’ll notice your cat scratching a lot. This is due to the fact that they must re-mark the puppy with the cat smell.

Watson, our cat, does this all the time with Sherlock, our dog. Since then, they’ve been inseparable, which is exactly what we wanted.


Friendships take time to form in animals, just like they do in humans, so don’t be upset if your pets don’t become friends straight immediately.

Regardless, it’s critical to provide equal care to all of your pets so that no one feels ignored. In cats, as in dogs, sudden, repetitive licking may signify a medical problem.

It could be due to flea stings, an insect bite, or an illness, for example. If your cat’s licking behavior changes unexpectedly, especially if the licking is limited to one area, contact your veterinarian. Dogs, like humans, produce the “love hormone” oxytocin.

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