Dogs That Act Like Cats: 5 Reasons You Might Notice This Behavior

Your pet can be a source of humor, but it can also be an emotional support for you. But if your dog is acting like a cat, it might mean something’s wrong.

Have you ever observed that certain dogs behave in a cat-like manner? It’s not common because dogs are more loving and compassionate than humans, but it’s not unheard of either. Some dogs may appear distant or uninterested in their owners. Others will act like cats, come over when they’re hungry, rubbing up against you, and so on.

Today, we’re going to talk about why dogs have a tendency to act like cats and other animals. We’ll also take a look at how to make your dog more cuddly and affectionate.

Here’s Why Your Dog Seems To Have a Cat Like Behavior?

why does my dog act like a cat

Your dog may exhibit cat-like tendencies as a result of copying your cat’s behavior, belonging to “cat-like” breeds, or being inherently independent. Cat-like habits can also be found in dogs who don’t want to be petted or in litter-trained dogs.

Reasons Why Your Dog Acts Like A Cat

Here are the top five reasons why your dog could be acting like a cat:

Your Dog Share Their Home with

If a dog has lived up in a home with cats, don’t be shocked if they learn and copy their feline companions’ behavior. For example, if your dog watches their feline friend cleaning themselves and decides to give it a go.

Your dog may see that certain actions get the cat anything they want, and they may decide to imitate that behavior in the hopes of achieving the same outcome.

Some Dog Breeds Are More Cat-Like Than Others

All dog breeds are not created equal. Some dogs, such as Shiba Inus and Manchester Terriers, have a lot in common with cats because of their desire to remain clean, or because they are excellent hunters, or just because they like lounging on the sofa all day, much like their canine companion!

Some dogs have physical characteristics that are similar to those of cats. Manchester terriers, for example. They are certainly cat-like in size, and they are also elegant and athletic.

Although the Chow Chow isn’t precisely kitten-sized, it has the same urge for cleanliness, according to the American Kennel Club.

Your Dog is Naturally Independent

why does my dog act like a cat

Greyhounds, Basset Hounds, and poodles, for example, are just more independent than other breeds. In the view of their owners, their independence might resemble that of a cat.

These dogs are quite fine to have some alone time and can keep themselves occupied with a soft toy or chew. It’s important mentioning that the more reliant your dog is on you, the less independent they’ll be.

Cats have this feature as well: when they’re initially adopted as kittens, they’re typically quite reliant on their owners and don’t enjoy playing alone (although snuggling up to one another seems to be pleasant!). When they reach maturity, though, many of these same cats are willing to remain alone for lengthy periods of time.

Your Dog Simply Doesn’t Like To Be Touched or Held

Another factor that may cause your dog to behave like a cat is their aversion to being touched or held. Dogs like the Chow Chow and the Shiba Inu, for example, are noted for having a low tolerance for being stroked or held.

Your Dog is Litter Trained

Small dog breeds, such as Yorkshire Terriers, can be litter trained to use a litter box instead of going outside. This training might be useful for those who live in an area where it’s difficult to take their dogs outside every day, such as if they live in severe weather for a considerable portion of the year.

Because of their intrinsic urge to use the litter box instead of going outside and digging up dirt, these dogs may appear to be acting like cats as a result of the training.

Signs Your Dog Is Actually A Cat in Disguise

Dogs and cats are commonly regarded to be diametrically opposed. Even we humans refer to ourselves as “dog people” or “cat people” on occasion. Cats, according to dog owners, are uninteresting and spend their days sleeping. Dog owners, on the other hand, will tell you that their pets are untidy and never clean up after themselves.

But I’ve seen that my dog sometimes acts like a cat, and I’ve also noticed the opposite. In fact, now that I own both a dog and a cat, I believe my dog believes he is a cat.

Check out some of the telltale indicators below to see whether your dog has feline tendencies.

They Perch On High Surfaces

If your dog likes climbing and perching on high objects that allow them to see their environment, this is a clear evidence of cat-like behavior. Climbing the kitchen cupboard and sitting there for hours is one of my dog’s favorite things to do. He enjoys not just watching but also barking at humans and other dogs in the home.

They Like to Chase Small Things That Move Fast

why does my dog act like a cat

A dog that enjoys chasing tiny, fast-moving objects is another evidence of cat-like behavior. My dog, for example, adores chasing bugs and pet mouse toys on the floor, as well as any toy with a string or feather attached.

They Can Curl Up Into a Ball and Doze Off Right Away

Do you want your dog to sleep like a cat? One of the indicators is if they tend to curl up into a ball and fall asleep quickly. Furthermore, dogs who exhibit cat-like habits prefer to sleep on high perches or in little, comfortable beds rather than in large ones.

They can be totally quiet and silent, except in the presence of other dogs.

When it comes to generating noise, does your dog behave like a cat? Except in the presence of other dogs, if they can remain completely quiet and silent, that’s quite indicative.

Most cats don’t get along well with people, but they do with other cats, which I have found to be true in my own experience. Dogs who act like cats might end up in a similar scenario.

Just Like Cats, Your Dog Likes to Lick You, Purr, and Knead.

Is your dog fond of licking your hand or face, purring, and kneading against you? All of these are standard behaviors that many cats engage in to demonstrate their affection for you.

Should You Be Concerned?

It’s absolutely natural for your dog to act like a cat most of the time. In general, some breeds might make them look more feline. If you’ve observed that your dog has always acted more like their canine companions, there’s probably nothing wrong with them.

Some dogs, on the other hand, can go overboard and scratch up your furniture like crazy. If this is the case, it’s time to take action before things get out of hand.

How To Stop Your Dog From Acting Like a Cat?

why does my dog act like a cat

If your dog has been acting this way for a long period, I would recommend taking them to the doctor for a checkup. If it’s only recently started, try some of the suggestions below to discover what works best for you!

We all want our dogs to be well-behaved, and the best way to discourage cat behavior is to redirect it to a new activity that you want your dog to undertake.

If your dog is going to jump on the table because there are crumbs around, distract them with a toy or pat their head for a few seconds before removing them from the situation.

It’s also a good idea to be cautious about the rewards or punishments you use with your dog. If your dog has been leaping on people too often, reward them for sitting properly rather than criticizing them for jumping up – they’ll learn quickly that good behavior is rewarded more often than negative conduct!


Despite the fact that several of these dog breeds are considerably larger than the ordinary cat, they all have many of the same personality traits as cats, such as independence, cleanliness, rodent hunting skills, and a fondness for resting in a sunny area on the couch. With any of these pups by your side, you’ll be able to experience the best of both worlds – feline and canine. To top it off, you can give them a cat-inspired name.

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