Why Does My Cat Wink? What You Need to Know!

If you’ve ever owned or lived with a cat, there’s a good chance you’ve questioned why it’s winking at you.

When your sweet-looking furry companion looks at you and winks its eyes, it’s always an amusing sight. Some cats will even do a variant of this movement for you. Some people, for example, may widen their eyes wide and then close them halfway while initiating eye contact with you.

In this post, we’ll look at why your cat is staring at you and what you should know about it.

Why Do Cats Wink?

Why Does My Cat Wink? What You Need to Know!

One of two things might cause this. Cats wink when they wish to communicate with you or when they have an illness.

The first is their mode of communicating, or their body language. These animals use their tails, paws, body posture, and eyes to communicate with their bodies in a variety of ways. Today, we’ll take a closer look at it.

Second, it might be a sign of an eye infection. Ocular discharge (which can range from clear to yellow to green), nictitating membrane protrusion, eye rubbing, irritation, redness, and other symptoms are just a few examples.

Sneezing and nasal discharge can also be noted, depending on the reason, especially in the case of an upper respiratory infection.

Blinking can be caused by pinkeye, corneal infections, uveitis, asthma, or the presence of a foreign body in the diseased eye.

You can call your veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment plan if your feline pet becomes infected. Don’t use home cures if you don’t know the source and your veterinarian says it’s acceptable.

Their Palpebra Tertia Is Acting Up

Cats do not blink with their normal eyelids. Their palpebra tertia, on the other hand, does the blinking in the backdrop. The palpebra tertia, or nictitating membrane, of a cat functions similarly to a second eyelid. It protects the cornea, which is especially important in nature where leaves, branches, and long grass blades can hurt the eyes.
If the palpebra tertia becomes too dry, a cat’s eyelid may blink in lieu of it until it is hydrated enough to perform its function again. This might make it appear as though your cat is winking at you when all they’re doing is blinking and moistening their eyes and lids. The blinking/winking should stop after their eyes are adequately moisturized.

They Want to Show Trust and Loyalty

Cats may wink towards persons they trust and see as loyal. If your cat likes spending time with you and has a strong relationship with you, you’ll almost certainly get a wink from them at some point. Depending on the context and the cat’s disposition, some cats wink at their owners with one or both eyes in devotion.

Owners of cats who are normally distant or indifferent to their family members are unlikely to wink at them. However, cats that prefer to stay by their human friends’ sides and display other shows of affection, like as stroking and chatting, are more likely to wink at the people they care about, though you could miss it if you aren’t paying carefully.

They Are Dealing With an Eye Infection

Why Does My Cat Wink? What You Need to Know!

Eye infections are unfortunately frequent in cats, and some diseases cause your cat to blink, which might be mistaken for winking. Consistent blinking throughout the day is an indication that your cat is suffering from an eye infection. Your cat might have pink eye, which is caused by bacteria infecting the membrane lining the eyes. Your cat may be winking and/or have discharge coming from their eyes, as well as swelling around the eyes.

Corneal ulcers cause lesions in the eyes, which irritate them and cause them to blink, which might seem as winking. Corneal ulcers can sometimes make your eyes appear foggy. Allergies, at least periodically, can cause your cat to wink. Redness, scratching, and squinting of the eyes are some of the other symptoms that can accompany allergies.

Kitty Kissy

When your cute little kitten blinks at you, he’s giving you a “kitty kiss,” as many pet owners call it. Blinking with one eye indicates that your cat is content, content, and safe in your presence.

Non-Verbal Communications

Kittens and cats who gaze at other kittens or cats are frequently harassed, defensive, or angry.
Cats, on the other hand, wink at each other to indicate that they are approaching in peace and with kind feelings. A handshake or hug are akin to a single-eyed wink.

Casual Blinker

When a cat blinks, the nictitating membrane, or third eyelid, closes from the foot.

Because your cat’s eyes don’t dry up as quickly as other cats’, he doesn’t need to blink as often. Because kittens and cats blink excessively, one eye might get drier than the other, and your kitten will only blink the eye that has to be moisturised.


If you see your kitten blinking one eye more than the other or leaking fluid from one of his eyes, he may have a scrape or other type of wound in that eye.

If the problem persists, you should take him to his veterinarian for an eye test.

Is Winking Anything to Worry About?

Why Does My Cat Wink? What You Need to Know!

There’s no need to be concerned about your cat winking at you every now and then unless it’s due to an eye disease. If you feel the winking is caused by a health problem, make an appointment with your veterinarian for an examination. It’s always preferable to be safe than than sorry.

Is It Normal If My Cat Winks At Me?

There’s nothing wrong with your cat winking at you every now and again. The majority of the time, it’s merely a technique for them to get something out of their eyes. However, if they begin to blink at an alarming pace, there may be a serious underlying issue.

Additionally, if their third eyelid begins to protrude, it might indicate an infection. It might be a clue that something is troubling them if they are attempting to paw their eyes. In this case, you should take your cat to the local veterinarian for an examination. It’s worth noting that cats are susceptible to a number of dangerous eye ailments. As a result, if they are blinking a lot, you should get them examined.


When your cat winks at you, you now understand that it is merely a method of showing you care and devotion. However, as we have shown today, this is not always the case. It’s also possible that your cat is fighting an illness and need immediate medical assistance.

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