Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep? Here’s The Reason

Have you ever wondered why cats stare at you when you’re sleeping? Cats, on the other hand, are instinctively interested about everything.

However, this interest might become a little unnerving at times, especially when you’re asleep and feel like someone or something is watching at you.

During the day, we think of these fluffballs as cute and cuddly creatures, but at night, they spend a lot of time staring at you while you sleep.

Some people believe that cats watch you sleep because they like you. Fascinating!

Their owners often joke that their cats are only trying to be playful as a result of this habit.

When your cat stares at you intently without blinking, it’s difficult to ignore this behavior.

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep?

You And Your Cat Are Bonded

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep

While some would go to great lengths to argue that cats are incapable of feeling love for people, science is here to prove them incorrect. “The majority of cats are firmly bonded to their owner and utilize them as a source of security in a strange situation,” said Kristyn Vitale, a postdoctoral fellow at Oregon State University.

Cats create attachments akin to dogs and newborns, according to one study, and the human-cat interaction extends beyond food and shelter. As a result, it’s unsurprising that your cat will feel secure resting close to you.

It’s possible that being near to you and even making eye contact with you when you’re sleeping is their method of communicating their love for you. It’s also conceivable that cats just keep an eye on their favorite cat owner in the home, with whom they’ve formed a stronger bond.

Your Cat Is Watching Over You

Cats show their affection and devotion in a variety of ways. To show us that we’re a part of their group, they may lick you or brush their heads against yours. According to several research, if cats believed they were inferior to people or their owners, they would not exhibit similar behaviors toward them. In other words, cats regard people as equals and as someone with whom they might form a deep bond.

It’s only normal for them to feel protective of us if we’re a part of their pack, especially when we’re at our most vulnerable. So, the next time you wonder why my cat stares at me as I sleep, think of them as your personal guardian angel.

Your Cat Wants To Cuddle

Cats have a wide range of dispositions, and although some are more quiet, others may want constant cuddling and attention. One of my cats will meow in the middle of the night, generally next to my face, until I stroke him, at which point he will immediately fall asleep.

We all have busy lives, and finding additional time to spend with the people and cats in our life may be difficult. If queries such, “Why does my cat gaze at me while I sleep?” keep you up at night, it may be a sign that your cat requires more love and care.

Most cats enjoy being caressed, so if you catch your cat watching you sleep, try petting them and see how they react. That might be their cue to sleep in certain circumstances. Purring and kneading the blankets next to you might also indicate that they require affection. If they pull away or hiss at you instead, your cat may be in a different mood, which you should discuss with a cat behaviorist.

Your Cat Is Anxious

While some people believe that psychological illnesses such as sadness, stress, and anxiety are caused by humans, this is not the case. A safe atmosphere is critical for cats in order to keep them happy and at peace.

Small, seemingly inconsequential changes might potentially jeopardize our sense of security. A dirty litterbox, as well as a change in their feeding schedule or the food brand they’re used to, might create worry. If you’ve moved residences or brought another pet into the house to keep your cat company, these are enough to make your cat nervous.

These alterations may show as an excessively connected behavior, which cats are capable of displaying. You could find your feline buddy following you around all the time, accompanied by a vocal orchestra of meows.Your cat may also sleep alongside you to unwind, and in certain situations, they may find eye contact relaxing as well. Losing a bonded cat companion might also trigger same sentiments and attention-seeking behaviors.

It’s crucial to figure out your cat’s body language and communication in this scenario. And, while it may be difficult to notice when half-sleeping, this observation may help you calm your kitten down. Make sure they’re not hissing or swishing their tail back and forth in rage. If you notice your cat looming over you with an arched back and a straight up and fluffy tail, it’s possible that he’s terrified.

It’s critical to figure out what’s causing your cat’s excessive attachment and distress. A trip to the vet should help you rule out any physical concerns and put you in the correct route if your cat’s mentality is causing you problems.

Your Cat Is Bored

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep

Your kitten may not be in the mood for a vigorous game, but they may also not be weary enough to sleep. Because you aren’t present to give them hugs, they may become bored in this in-between zone.

Your cat could be looking into space in this situation, and you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Alternatively, you may be your cat’s source of evening amusement. Maybe the noises you’re producing are entertaining enough to watch. Of course, it’s possible that your cat is simply waiting for you to wake up so that they may demand some playing without being rejected by your drowsy sigh.

You’re A Restless Sleeper

In my sleep, I toss and turn, which often results in a dissatisfied meow from both of my cats. If you’re like me and snore, grunt, or grind your teeth while sleeping, I’m sure your cat will find it intriguing or bothersome.

They may believe that the sounds you produce while sleeping are aimed at them, so they keep an eye on you until you wake up. Restless legs syndrome or a need for more warmth may cause your cat to move closer to your face and away from the foot of the bed. Because of your agitation and their proximity to your face, your feline buddy may keep an eye on you.

You might be wondering, “Why does my cat look at me when I’m sleeping?” Why does my owner sleep so loudly, your cat could be wondering.

You’re Sleeping In Their Spot

Cats, as we’ve discussed many times before, are creatures of habit, and they don’t enjoy it when their pattern is disrupted. Have you shifted places in your bed and stolen their pillow by mistake? Maybe your cat is merely expressing the obvious: you’re in their territory.

Make sure your kitten is safe and sound while you’re asleep. If you interrupt them at this time, they may be unable to go asleep and will instead be observing you, maybe criticizing you for your insensitivity!

But, joking aside, it’s critical to give your cat some room. If there isn’t enough room in your bed for your kitty lover, you might invest on a gorgeous bed. Check out this beautiful bed on Amazon that’s tall enough to be on the same level as your bed so your pets don’t feel ignored or separated from you.

Your Cat Might Be Asleep

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep

I’m sure some of you have seen your cat’s inner eyelid, which is normal when they’re sleeping. This inner eyelid is vital for our cats’ eye health since it keeps them clean and adds additional layer of protection.

When a cat falls asleep, its muscles relax, and the inner eyelid, which covers the entire eye, does the same. It’s likely that your kitty wasn’t staring at you at all, but rather at their inner eyelid, which you mistook for their eye. Of course, it’s also conceivable that your cat fell asleep with his or her eyes open or half-open; it happens to the best of us. So, when you’re sleeping, your cat may be observing you looking at them.

Sleeping with their eyes open or viewing their inner eyelid shouldn’t be cause for concern, but if you detect additional problems with your cat’s vision, such as mucous or excessive tearing up, you should take them to the doctor for an examination.

Your Cat Is Hungry

Finally, a cat eyeing its owner might just mean that it wants something from them, which is frequently food. Because cats may spend entire nights playing, they may become hungry. They may protest if there isn’t enough food or water in their bowl. A cat’s complaints may take many forms, and looking at you while you’re sleeping could be one of them.

My cats would generally scream and yowl as if I hadn’t fed them in a long time. Getting an automated cat food feeder was one item that helped them quit searching for food from me and instead beg the machine! It kept them occupied while I was secure in bed, away from their critical gazes.

Some cats may scream at first, and if you don’t respond, don’t be startled if you notice them looking at you. Maybe they’re waiting for you to open your eyes, a sign that you’re no longer sleeping and can finally help them.

Nothing to be bothered about cats stating at you at night

Cats consider their humans to be family, and one of the ways they socialize with them is by observing them.

They feel calmer when they sense your presence, especially if you are staring at them. They’ll believe you’re strengthening your family’s ties.

They, like us, like observing your behavior when they are staring at you. Because they care about you, they naturally want to check in on you and see whether you’re okay and what you’re up to.

They feel that when their family members are asleep, they are helpless, thus they wish to protect you from harm.

However, according to a research by Dr. Kathryn Primm, each cat is unique. They frequently lock their gaze on you because they are attracted to you.

They believe they are safest when they are close to you, so when night falls, they follow suit and defend you from any harm that may occur while you sleep.

Reasons why your cat is wide awake at night

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep

Keep in mind that this is relatively standard behavior for any cat. Humans have a tendency to teach them to think like ourselves and to give them human personalities and purposes.

However, having a human roommate who was fully awake and watched you sleep the entire night would be strange.

Cats, on the other hand, are a different story. And it’s understandable for them to act in this way.

Cats, who are generally characterized as nocturnal hunters, are more attentive at night. Protecting their family from predators, which primarily occur at night, is what keeps them awake in the small hours, according to their feline instincts.

For us humans, it may feel strange, but for the cats, our darkrooms are simply another sunny day.

Cats keep an eye on you at night, regardless of how charming or funny their people think they are. This is a protective symbol.

It would be wonderful if they didn’t stare at you when you were sleeping, but cats are cats. They are very lovely.

Can You Make Your Cat Stop Staring At You While You Sleep?

Create playtime for your cat

Playing with the cat for an extended period of time before bed will tire it out. You may acquire a toy that your cat can play with on its own if you are fatigued following a long day at work. Playing will keep your cat distracted and cause it to sleep at night.

Widen your feline’s world

Feeding puzzles, cat movies, and window perches with bird feeders outside can keep your cat occupied during the day, allowing him to sleep through the night, or at least most of the night.

If your cat is often active at night, it may get restless and anxious while confined to the house.

To keep them occupied, you’ll need to them plenty of options. Also, make sure they have a clean litter pan (otherwise you’ll discover why the cat’s excrement stinks) and freshwater to use at night. Keep these as far away as possible.

Because cats are natural hunters, it’s important to keep them mentally stimulated. Hunting is necessary to keep them from becoming frustrated. You may buy cat toys made specifically for this purpose at pet stores or construct your own. Toys for active cats include empty egg cartons and ping pong balls.


Your cat might not be looking at you because it likes to watch you sleep. It could also be because your cat is just curious, or because your cat is trying to figure out if you’re about to attack it or not. But even if it’s a little weird, there’s nothing wrong with your cat.

And if you don’t want to have your cat watching you sleep, then just don’t let your cat in the room. You can also try a lot of different things to see if your cat is more interested in you or in the bed.


If you find questions like, why does my cat stare at me while I sleep, keeping you up at night then perhaps it’s a reminder that your kitty needs more love and attention. Most cats love to be stroked and if you find your cat watching you sleep try to pet them and see if they’re satisfied with the result.
This behaviour is quite common: some cats seem to find the sight of their sleeping owners absolutely enthralling. While this might unnerve the new cat owner, it’s pretty benign. Cats often develop close bonds with the human members of their households and will watch over us while we sleep.
If your feline is staring at you and purring, it may be a sign that your cat loves you. They may be trying to communicate their love and affection towards you. If your cat is following you and staring at you, they might be trying to tell you that they are bored!
Some single indoor-housed cats become anxious when left alone for long periods of time. These cats appear to be unusually sensitive to their surroundings, and may be very attached to their owners. Here are some signs of “separation anxiety” in cats: Excessive vocalization (crying, moaning, meowing)


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