Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower? Do Cats Understand Privacy?

Cats are known for following their owners about as they go about their daily routines. They enjoy watching you do various domestic chores, including showering, which is one of their favorites.

Your cat enjoys watching you take a shower or even following you to the bathroom because of the cold and purportedly smooth surface of the tiles, or just the sound of flowing water.

Most certainly, you’ve pondered why. Especially if you’re a girl and your tom cat is staring at you while you’re bathing and won’t leave you alone unless you close the bathroom door.

Yes, it will be challenging at first, but know that you are not alone; we’ve all been there.

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower?

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower


I’m sure I’m not the first or last person to claim that “curiosity killed the cat,” and although the shower won’t kill your cat, it will certainly make them intrigued. Bathrooms are generally distinct from the rest of the home; they have cold tiles where your cat can cool down during the summer, and they might have unusual odors from all the beauty items.

Seeing you shower may pique your cat’s interest in the rushing water. Some cats like to sleep in the sink or bathtub, and some even sip the water as it dribbles or flows over them.

Take a peek at this lovely and communicative kitten relaxing in the sink!

A flappy bathmat and toilet paper rolls are two more items that might excite their feline interest as well as amusement. If your bathroom has a washing machine, your cat could be drawn to the sound it creates. When someone is having a shower, the bathroom can get quite hot and humid, which your cat may appreciate.

Something banned, something we strive to keep away from them, frequently piques a cat’s attention. We attempt to keep them off the sofa by closing the door, and for some, it’s personal bath time. “Vulnerability, curiosity, and resource value can all be answers,” says veterinarian Kathryn Primm, DVM, “but actually everyone with a cat knows the real truth.” Cats are opportunists. “Wanting what they can’t have is in their DNA.”

So it’s only logical that a less-used place like your bathroom would pique their interest.

Litterbox Business

I keep my litterbox in the bathroom because it is the least utilized area in the house and is meant for this purpose. My kitties seem to like it, although I do get the odd shower gaze, which means “I need to use the bathroom, so if you could leave that would be wonderful!” in their language.

So, if you keep your litterbox in the bathroom, you’ll almost certainly run into each other. While you’re scrubbing yourself clean, your cat can start meowing to let you know that they need some alone time to do their business.

Cats may be quite secretive when it comes to going to the toilet, which could be related to the impulse to bury their waste and pee. “Glandular secretions in feces carry plenty of information to other felines,” according to studies. It can attract predators if left exposed, which your cat would instinctively strive to avoid.

Domesticated cats, of course, do not perceive people as predators, but they still hide their excrement. “In an undisturbed household, all domestic cats consider themselves as subordinates of their human owners,” says Desmond Morris, a zoologist and ethologist. “Under normal conditions, all domestic cats utilize litter boxes.”

Because your cat is so sensitive about using the toilet, witnessing you shower might make them feel uneasy. Water splashes and noise may also be a source of anxiety for them. Some cats will flee and wait till the coast is clear, while others will gaze until you understand and allow them to urinate in peace.

It’s Their Hiding SpotWhy Does My Cat Watch Me Shower

A safe place to hide and enjoy some alone time, away from the commotion and unwelcome attention, is an important part of a cat’s healthy habitat. Some cats like a cardboard box, while others choose the top shelf, and still others prefer the warmth of a laundry basket, the sink, or even the bathtub.

A washing basket is filled with its owner’s aroma, and the clothing provide a warm and comfortable place to rest. It might be a simple habit, a desire to avoid any contact with others, or a reaction to a stressful event.

If there are substantial changes taking place in your household, your cat will seek refuge. “Hiding is a behavioral approach of the species to cope with environmental changes and stresses,” says Claudia Vinke of Utrecht University in the Netherlands. One of these stresses may be having visitors or getting a new pet.

If you or your visitors use the shower where your cat is hiding, you may see your fluffy companion staring at you or them. It might be an irritated or terrified expression. Perhaps your cat is waiting for you to depart, or it’s the only room where they can pay attention to you since there are strangers outside.

If you don’t have a laundry basket, your cat can end up sitting in the litterbox or clawing it excessively, which could indicate stress or even health problems. In this scenario, you should consult your veterinarian to ensure that your kitty companion is not in any discomfort.

They Want Attention

Is your cat always following you around the house? Do they brush up against your leg, begging for pets and cuddles? Will your cat try to claw its way in if you lock the door and leave them outside? If you answered yes, it’s evident that you are the focus of their attention, rather than the space or the action.

For a long time, the belief that cats don’t care about their owners and aren’t sociable creatures reigned supreme. However, new research is beginning to reveal a different side to our feline pets.

“The majority of cats prefer connecting with a human over eating or playing with a toy,” according to Kristyn Vitale, an animal behavior specialist at Oregon State University. She also discovered that cats, like children, are capable of forming safe and insecure bonds with their carers.

This implies that seemingly autonomous cats who welcome you at the door and then go about their business are actually tightly bound. A cat who follows its owner around is more likely to be too attached, which might result in some unwanted shower gazing.

Your cat may stare at you in the shower as a peculiar quirk, but it might simply be their way of assuring you that everything is well and that they love you. It might also be the only moment you appear to be still and alone, giving them the chance to ask for pets, purr close to you, or perhaps want some fun.

Unintentional Positive Reinforcement

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower

Most people, even cat owners, think of cats as entirely self-sufficient creatures, but Sarah Ellis, co-author of The Trainable Cat, says that “what they don’t understand is that they are unconsciously instructing their cats on a regular basis.”

You may not believe that showering has anything to do with teaching your cat, but your reaction to your cat’s unusual habit may have reinforced it. Even if you reprimand or try to shoo your cat out of the room, this is viewed as attention in their minds, and to some, this is better than nothing!

Positive reinforcement is the most effective strategy for training your cat or stopping undesired behavior. Ignore your cat if you don’t like them standing there while you’re showering or walking along a peaceful moonlit road. Instead, when your cat’s conduct is appropriate, give them attention.

Your cat may take some time to realize that they aren’t receiving anything from you, but eventually they will lose interest and cease. You might also speak with a cat behaviorist to gain a better grasp of this positive strategy and to establish a better understanding between you and your fluffy companion, which will strengthen your relationship!

They Like The Water

Yes, some cats adore the sound of flowing water! They could prefer to drink it or even bathe in it, while some cats just like to look at it. While you’re bathing, you could see your cat staring at you, but it’s possible they’re just staring at the water. If you’re resting in the tub, they could be enthralled by the bubbles, but they’re too timid to get too close, so they just watch from afar.

Instead of feeling self-conscious when your cat stares at you, take a time to notice what it is that intrigues them so much. Are they attempting to reach for the water? Do they lick the wet tiles or the shower curtains? Is it because they’re worried you’ll drown?

This fascination with water is not unusual, and it may either be a source of fun or a symptom of disease. Keep an eye on their water bowl to check whether it’s full and if they’re drinking it. A cat with a low or high water intake may have renal illness or diabetes, and a hot cat may be dehydrated.

If your cat is in good condition and merely likes the sound of flowing water, you might want to consider purchasing them a new water bowl. Take a look at this, which will make your cat’s drinking time interesting while keeping the water fresh! It’s possible that it’ll be more interesting than your shower!

To Explore Your Bathroom

Some cat parents maintain their litterbox in the bathroom, while others prefer not to have a cat in that environment. Because some cats consider that place to be off-limits, locked doors are enough to pique their interest.

They may only be able to sneak into the bathroom while you shower, and when they do, they may be entranced by the pouring water. You might believe your cat does nothing except stare at you, but it’s also a fantastic time for them to investigate a new location and possibly rub It’s Part Of Their Routine

Most cats despise change, but they thrive on consistency, so if your cherished bathing minutes are disrupted, expect them to knock on your door or stare at you until you get out of the shower and meet their requirements.

If you shower before feeding your cat, it might be their way of telling you to hurry up, or they could simply be anticipating your arrival. We may not notice such a minor detail, but cats consider a planned day to be a wonderful day, and they may easily persuade us to follow their lead.

Try keeping track of when you shower and if there’s anything else your cat could be anticipating. Being aware of our kitty’s attitude, requirements, and expectations may reveal a lot. Perhaps looking at you while you’re at your most vulnerable isn’t disrespectful; it might be a cat-emergency!

Obsessed With Bathroom

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Shower

According to one wildlife expert, cats are a species that is innately solitary.

This might explain why people believe the bathroom is inaccessible. That’s why most cats have a strong urge to go to the bathroom with you.

According to study, cats like to be alone and enjoy this sort of environment.

As a result, don’t be shocked if your cat follows you to the bathroom and meows at you even while you’re showering. They must like the privacy of the restroom.

Your cat probably just wants a lap cuddle

When it comes to seeking attention and affection from you, cats, like children, can be quite intelligent and opportunistic.

As you may have seen, your cat finds lap sitting incredibly useful when you are sat in the bathroom doing your thing.

They also understand that your alternatives are restricted, and that you have no choice except to snuggle them in your lap.

When you’re in the bathroom, your cat believes she’s the center of the universe, and you’re their “slave.” While you go to nature’s call, your cat will clearly perceive this as a chance to climb on your lap and enjoy the warmth.

Should You Let Your Cat Watch You In The Shower?

There is no evidence or reason to believe that a negative answer to that question exists. Apart from your personal discomfort, there’s nothing wrong with your cat watching you shower.

Your cat, although having feelings, does not recognize shame or humiliation in the same way that we do. If you decide to tolerate this activity, keep cleaning supplies and other potentially toxic things out of reach of your cat.

If your cat enjoys the bathroom so much, you might even transform it into a cat-friendly place by placing a few toys about. This way, you’ll be able to share the restroom without your cat staring at you.

How To Stop Your Cat Watching You While You Shower?

There are a few choices for those of you who are uncomfortable with your cat stalking you when you’re resting in the shower. The only thing you need to remember is to not make fun of them for their unconventional approach to love!


It’s probably not all that unusual for cats to watch people get dressed. Most domestic cats are interested in watching people who are playing with them, and if they feel a person is trying to take something away from them (like a toy) they may get upset. But for many cats, the shower is their favorite time of the day. Cats are nocturnal animals. They do best in the dark, and the shower is an opportunity to play with water, a natural source of hydration. And it’s also a chance to socialize. If you have a cat, chances are that he or she will watch you shower at least once or twice a day. So, don’t be surprised.

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