Why Does My Cat Wait Outside The Bathroom

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside The Bathroom? 5 Reasons

Cats are strange creatures that seem to have different sides to them. One minute, they don’t pay attention to you and try to play with you or interact with you in other ways. The next thing you know, they are all over you, trying to get your attention.

Researchers have been trying to figure out why cats do the strange things they do by learning more about their strange habits.

If you’re like me and, when you come out of the bathroom, your cat is waiting for you outside, you might wonder why. As it turns out, there are some very good reasons why they have chosen to do this.

Why Does My Cat Keep Waiting For Me Outside The Bathroom?

1. Curious Kitty

People think that cats are born with a natural curiosity about what is going on around them. This is how they found food and a place to stay in the wild.

Also, unlike dogs, our feline friends are often very interested in what’s going on around them, even if it’s not something they’re taught to do.

So, when you go into the bathroom and close the door, it might be just enough to make them curious enough to stand outside and wonder what’s going on in there.

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside The Bathroom

2. Cat Is Scared

If your cat never goes outside and always sticks close to you, they might follow you to the bathroom because they’re afraid of being left alone or of leaving you alone in a place that could be dangerous.

This could also be true for trips to the bathroom at night. People have seen cats and kittens wake up from a deep sleep to go to the bathroom with their owners.

Isn’t that a nice thing? Your baby cares about your health just as much as you do about his or hers.

3. Love Of Your Cat

Your cat can be very attached to you and love you, so they would not want to be separated from you.

Studies show that cats like their people more than they like food.

Sometimes you might be gone most of the day, so when you go to the bathroom, it doesn’t want to be alone.

When you are at home, your cat will need a lot of your time and care.

4. It Is A Part Of Cat’s Routine (and yours, too!)

Cats like to do the same things over and over. Every day and every week, they know exactly when to wake up their owner for breakfast.

They will only want to use their litter box, which they know how to use.

The same could be said about their trips to the bathroom. If they’ve been watching you go to the bathroom at the same times every day, it’s likely that they’ve learned your schedule.

They know that’s where you’ll be at certain times of the day, so they wait outside for you there.

5. Warming Up Or Cooling Off

Is it winter where you live? So when you want to take a nice hot shower to wash away the tiredness of the day, your cat will come with you.

Why should your poor friend have to wait for you to come out and bring them their blankets while you have all the fun in the hot, steamy weather?

They might want to come in during the summer to cool off, or they might want to come in during the winter to warm up.

6. Thirsty Kitty

Not every cat owner will be able to relate to this. Different cats have different personalities, choices, and preferences when it comes to quenching their thirst.

My little Oreo, for example, loves to drink the water running from the faucet. But if Simba hears rushing water, he will run away faster than Usain Bolt.

Does your cat like to drink from the faucets in the sink? Or, like my little Simba, does he or she run far away from running water? Tell me in the comment section!

7. The Numerous Curious Scents (and stinks)

A cat can tell the difference between people and things mostly by how they smell. Cats’ noses have more than 200 million smell receptors, while ours only have 5 million. Their ability to smell is 14 times stronger than ours.

And, well, whether it’s good or bad, the bathroom is the best place in the house to find a lot of different smells.

Your little friend might be curious about why sometimes the room smells like cherry blossoms and other times it doesn’t smell good at all.

8. Mr. (or Ms.) Micromanager

Some cats are very strict and thorough, and they can’t stand it when things aren’t done in a certain way. My dog, Oreo, won’t eat until I put his bowl in the microwave and take it out.

Different cats have different quirks. And fussy, micromanaging cats can be even quirkier, even if they know when you’re going to the bathroom.

9. Bathroom = Play Room!

Again, not every cat owner will be able to relate to this. But for some cats, a bathroom with a sloping tub and towels and drapes hanging from the ceiling is a great place to play.

Is it fun for your cat to play in the bathroom?


10. Cats Just Want Attention!

Cats and other members of the feline family are known for being shy and alone, but they actually like getting attention.

In fact, some cats will not stop until they get their owners’ attention, even if it means becoming violent (I apologize to all the parents who have been scratched a million times; I understand!)

If your cat is also the type that wants a lot of attention from you, then when you go to the bathroom is the best time for it to get all of your attention. You don’t have much of an option given how the porcelain throne works.

11. “If I fit, I sit!”

This one is mostly for kittens, but I won’t say that grown-up cats can’t use it because sinks are very nice places to sleep.

They might love to take naps in the sink or sit on the lid of your toilet, claiming every nook and cranny of the house as their own.

Why Does My Cat Likes To Sit On My Lap When I’m On The Toilet?

It’s the same reason your cat curls up on your lap when you’re sitting on the couch or working at your desk.

Your cat simply wants to be with you—to offer you some love and receive your attention in return.

It’s also likely that they know you won’t move for a while, so now is the perfect time to enjoy your lap, even if you don’t think it’s pretty.

Why Does My Cat Come In The Bathroom With Me?

1. Place To Play

If your bathroom has a tub, then your cat might like prowling around it and playing inside it with toilet rolls.

Your cat can roll on the floor in the bathroom and the wet bathroom because there are robes and clothes there.

Even if you’re not in the bathroom, your cat might want to go in and play there.

2. Closed Doors

When you go inside and close the doors, including the bathroom door, it could make your cat curious.

If it’s something your cat does often, it could make them less curious over time, but they might still sit outside the bathroom if they can’t go in.

Cats don’t like doors that are shut, and the fact that they are naturally curious makes them even more interested.

3. Grab Attention

If you are always on the go for work, they will jump at the chance to be with you and want to be close, even if you are in the bathroom.

They will try to get you to notice them. After getting clean, many cats also like to lick their people.

4. Cat Beds

Your cat might like the sink. The sink can hold the cat’s body because it looks like a cat bed.

Your cat’s warm body might feel very comfortable in the sink because the surface of the sink is probably very cool.

It might also want to drink from the faucet.

5. Around The Water

Your cat may like being near water more than being in it. If the faucet is on and your cat is in the bathroom, it can also drink water from the faucet.

It’s one of the things your cat would like and feel safe doing if it could drink water from the faucet instead of a bowl.

6. Routine

If you’ve always let your cat use the bathroom there, it’s possible that he’s used to doing it.

If you paid attention to your cat in the bathroom, it would like it and keep coming back.

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside The Bathroom

Is It Normal For Your Cat To Follow You To The Toilet?

It might seem strange that your kitten follows you around, especially since it seems to want to go to the bathroom, but this is normal.

As we’ve already talked about, cats might do it to get attention or to see what’s so interesting in the bathroom. They might also do it to get fed, petted, or played with, and they won’t stop until they get what they want.

Of course, cats can get sick in restrooms, even though the habit itself is usually not dangerous.

Many of us put dangerous cleaning supplies in there. Your cat might jump into the bathtub to lick the wet surfaces and eat shampoo or bath salts that have been diluted.

So, unless you can keep all the dangerous things out of the bathroom, it is best to keep them out of bounds.

If you’re stressed, your kitten might start following you to the bathroom or other places. This could be a bad habit.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a cat that wants your attention, but it’s not a good sign if this happens so often that you can’t get things done around the house or go to the bathroom without your cat yowling in another room or scratching your door.

Being possessive isn’t the same as caring, and to fix this imbalance in your relationship, you’ll need to focus on what you have in common.

How To Stop Your Cat From Following You To The Toilet?

There are easy ways to stop your cat from following you to the bathroom, whether you want it to be more independent or just don’t want it to.

First, you have to figure out why your cat loves to follow you to the bathroom. Then, you can choose the best way to stop it.

Give Them Attention

Before you decide that your kitten is just too needy, you should look at how your cat lives. If your cat is always trying to get your attention and the only time they succeed is when they follow you to the bathroom, you need to spend more time with them.

Instead of rushing to the bathroom every morning, pet your cat for a minute.

You can feed them first if they are waiting for food, so they don’t have to follow you around until you do. Or, instead of relying on you to feed your kitten, you could use an automatic cat feeder.

Cats usually try to get our attention when they feel like they’re being ignored.

If the bathroom is the only place they can find you when you’re busy with something else, they’ll take the chance.

You could take this as a sign that you need to spend more time with your pet.

Your Cat Needs Entertainment

If your cat is bored, it might follow you to the bathroom or all over the house. They might want you to entertain them, or they might go to the bathroom to find entertainment. A great way to deal with these kinds of requests is to play with your cat often.

If your cat is curious and wants to shred toilet paper, you might want to buy a more complicated treehouse with hammocks and baskets.

These small spaces might be good places to hide your dirty clothes instead of your laundry basket.

More scratching posts can keep your kitten from scratching the bathmat or other things they like to scratch in the bathroom. If you put one against a window, it will also give them a view of the outside world.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop playing with your cat if you buy it a fancy cat tree or a bunch of toys.

If you don’t want them to follow you to the bathroom as much, you will still have to spend more time with them playing with those toys.

Deal With Separation Anxiety

If you think you’re meeting all of your cat’s needs as much as possible, but they still follow you to the bathroom or from room to room, it could be a sign of insecure attachment.

In addition to your cat’s constant need for contact, you can see other signs of separation anxiety in him or her, such as:

  • Excessive vocalization, meowing, and yowling in another room
  • Unwanted litterbox behaviors, defecating and urinating outside
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Excessive grooming

The easiest way to stop your cat from being too attached is to give them something to do when you’re not home, like a puzzle feeder, a leash, or a catio. Even turning on a TV channel that caters to cats can help your cat feel less lonely.

Make new routines that are less stressful, and stay away from things that make your cat nervous. For example, if your cat gets scared when you pick up your keys or put on your shoes, give them a treat. Slowly, your cat will stop seeing these things as bad.

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside The Bathroom

Reward your cat with positive reinforcement if it doesn’t follow you to the bathroom, and ignore its attempts to get your attention.

For example, if your cat stayed in the other room without meowing while you went to the bathroom, give it a treat.

If it meows while you’re in the bathroom, don’t pay attention to it to show that this isn’t good behavior. Instead of shooing your cat away because they are too attached, spend time with them so they can live a happy life.

If you can’t control how much your cat wants to be with you, talk to your vet. Even if the cause isn’t medical, these professionals will still be able to help you work through it or point you in the direction of a cat behaviourist.

Final thoughts

If your cat often waits outside the bathroom door while you use it, you’re not the only one. It’s something he does often, and most of the time it’s because he’s curious and wants to know everything about the house.

If you’ve told him to stay out of this area, he’ll want to know what’s inside. You shouldn’t leave a cat alone in a bathroom, but you could stay with him and let him look around. If you’re sure that this isn’t the case, find out why he’s trying to get your attention.

Make sure he has enough to eat and drink, that his litter box is clean, and that nothing outside of him is making him feel emotionally uneasy.

Cats do a lot of weird things that are hard for us to understand. Most of the time, they are either confused or trying to get your attention. Unless there are other strange things going on, it’s usually not a reason to worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my cat sit in the bathroom while I shower?

It is relaxing and soothing.

Cats love the bathtub because, in general, they like to hang out in the bathroom.

In general, they like to hang out in the bathroom because that’s where we do our grooming, and they’re curious about how we do the same things they do but in a different way.

What does it mean when your cat keeps going to the bathroom?

Polydipsia, or too much thirst, is often present with increased urination. A UTI is an infection in your cat’s urinary tract that is caused by bacteria.

It is the most common reason why your cat pees a lot. Your cat might be trying to urinate but only getting part of the way there.

Is it okay to leave a cat in a bathroom?

Whether you’re home or not, it’s never a good idea to leave your cat in the bathroom. They need space to roam and look around.

Make sure to leave your cat some food and clean water while you are away. You can put the litter box in the bathroom, but the door should be left open so it’s easy to get to.

Why Does My Cat Cry In The Bathroom?

This could happen if your cat is hurt or having health problems and feels safe and alone in the bathroom to cry. Take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Why Does My Cat Sit Near My Feat When Inside The Bathroom?

When you go to the bathroom, your cat sits at your feet out of a natural instinct to protect you. It lets you know that it will keep you safe and comfortable.

Why Does My Cat Want My Bathroom Door Open?

Cats don’t understand the idea of privacy, so they like it when the doors are open. They don’t want you to get hurt, and since it’s a territorial animal, the closed doors keep it from getting to its open space.

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