Why Does My Cat Wait Outside My Bedroom Door?

You come into your bedroom after spending the entire day with your cat, only to find your cat waiting for you outside the bedroom door?

Instantly, you’re sucked into the abyss of doubts that has taken up residence in your mind? To wrap up your research, let me assure you that I have all of the answers here.

Because your cat may want to spend more time with you, is hungry, or you have forgotten to clean the litter box, your cat sits outside your bedroom door.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves; this is only the first step. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Outside My Bedroom Door?

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside My Bedroom Door

Because it is their method of safeguarding you from harm, our cat protects your bedroom door. They do this to keep any potential prey away from you.

When a cat has a particular link with its people, it tries to keep you safe and comfortable as well. Cats have a reputation for being the least loving pets. They do, however, strive to express their affection through modest gestures.

They Are Guarding You

When your cat sleeps outside your bedroom floor, it’s a sign that he’s keeping an eye on you and the home while you’re sleeping. A doorway is the sole route for a predator to get to you and hurt you.

They Know Your Morning Routine

It’s their technique of keeping you awake as they go about their morning business. Cats usually recall their owners’ routines and attempt to remind them of it by waiting at the bedroom door or meowing.

They Have Their Triggers

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside My Bedroom Door

Sitting near the bedroom doorway is also a sign of the dread that has been instilled in them. There’s a good chance your cat has experienced a terrible experience in the past, making it difficult for them to trust you. This technique is typically used by cats to ensure that you will not abandon them or hurt them in any manner.

You are blocking their territory

Your cat, believe it or not, considers your house and bedroom to be their domain. As a result, closing the door and preventing access can greatly exacerbate them. It’s essentially a request for admittance to “their” room. Are you on board with me?

Could have a medical issue

A medical condition, on the other hand, may be a more significant concern. It’s true that if it doesn’t happen every night, this is more likely. Your cat may have damaged itself or developed a medical condition during the night (more on this later).

Wants to be let out

Another, more basic issue is that your cat just wants to be allowed outside. If you don’t have a cat flap (see here for my favorite), your cat will need to plead for your attention, which will result in meowing (but what about an empty room? (Click here for further information).

Why Does My Cat Love My Bedroom?

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside My Bedroom Door

Because your things and aroma are stored in your bedroom, your cat appears to like it.

Cats are quite fussy about their home and the people that live there. When your cat accepts and loves you, it’s natural for them to want to be near you, especially where you sleep.

A bedroom is a place when you are most vulnerable, and your cat loves you even then. It’s their way of showing you that they adore you no matter what.

Another reason they are likely to enjoy your bedroom is because you have a nice rug on the floor. Cats are fascinated by anything elegant and enjoy lying on cool floors.

If you’re swooning over your cat and adoring your bedroom, it’s time to take a look around.

Why Does My Cat Sit Outside My Bedroom Door?

Your cat stays outside your bedroom floor because it keeps them closer to you, giving them more opportunities to attract your attention, or because it’s the only clear location in the home where they can see everything.

Cats are extremely intelligent creatures. They know how to capture your attention by utilizing their intellect or a cause.

Maybe you’ve given them a room or an area where the house’s activities aren’t visible, but cats despise that. Cats are very intelligent creatures who require constant monitoring of their surroundings.

Your cat discovers that the only way to bridge this communication chasm is through your bedroom door. Yes, it is correct.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Sitting At My Bedroom Door?

It’s extremely probable that you’ll be irritated by your cat lounging outside your bedroom floor at times, and you’ll wonder how to stop it.

Don’t worry, I’ve got some tips that may be of use.

Keep Moving Them

Whenever your cat approaches and sits at your bedroom door, gently relocate them back to their room without paying attention to the behavior. For a few days, try to keep your bedroom door shut. It will, in some way, deter them from engaging in this behavior.

Make Their Room Look Desirable

Put their favorite candies in their rooms to entice them and see whether it works. Keep their toys and other necessities in their bedroom. Ascertain that they have access to all resources.

Use A Scent They Don’t Like

Keep a smell that your cat doesn’t enjoy in your bedroom. Scents are everything to cats. They’ll be less inclined to linger around if they’ve been disconnected from the fragrance surrounding your bedroom door.

Why Does My Cat Sit Outside My Bedroom Door And Stare At Me?

Why Does My Cat Wait Outside My Bedroom Door

Your cat stands outside your bedroom and stares at you for two reasons: hunger and a desire for attention.

The reasons stated below may also be genuine reasons for your cat’s behavior; keep an eye out for them.

They Want To Spend Some More Time With You

Your cat wants to spend more time with you; cats gaze at you when they are needy and want to ask for something.

They Are Adoring You

Cats are less loving than dogs, yet when they want to express their love for you, they may look at you without blinking.

They Have An Underlying Issue

Last but not least, this point implies that your cat may be experiencing a problem that she is expressing through her eyes. You must ensure that your cat is in good health and is not in pain. If this behavior persists for more than an hour, you should take drastic measures and take your cat to the veterinarian. Cats are extremely perceptive, and they may be warning you of impending disaster.


You can always teach your cat not to sleep at the door of your room. Make it clear to them that this is not the place for them. To dissuade them from incorporating this habit into their regular life, use mild tactics.
Make their positions more appealing. Recognize what motivates them to do so.

Finally, strive to be accepting of them. Make them understand what is and is not acceptable. Spend time with your cats to understand their behavioral changes from the ground up, as well as the gradual and steady introduction of additional changes into their life.

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