Why Does My Cat Swipe At Me When I Walk By – Is It Normal

A cat owner who swipes at their cat when it is about to attack them could be suffering from anxiety, depression or an obsessive-compulsive disorder. But it is not uncommon for cats to swipe at their owners.

Cats have a highly developed ability to read our intentions and emotions. But they can also be a little unpredictable.

In this article, we’ll look at the reasons behind the behavior, and how you can make it stop.

Reasons Your Cat Swipes When You Walk By

Why Does My Cat Swipe At Me When I Walk By – Is It Normal

When you walk by, your cat may swipe you for a variety of reasons. It’s difficult to comprehend why your cat swiped you at the moment, but here are various possibilities:

Your Cat Wants To Play

When you go by, your cat will reach out to swat or grab you if he is feeling playful. It’s possible that your cat didn’t mean to scratch you. Because our skin isn’t tough enough to survive a scratch, your cat will draw blood even if he doesn’t attempt.

If you have a toy or reward with you at the moment, you can often halt this behavior. Have it ready as you walk by your cat so you may divert them and, in effect, reroute what they were about to do.

Your cat will become less inclined to swipe as time goes on if they spot you walking by. Instead, they’ll be waiting for you to give them something to eat!

Your Cat Wants To Get Your Attention

Ignoring a cat who wants your attention is never a smart idea. Walking past your cat without petting him on the head might result in you being swatted at. Your cat is not attempting to harm you; he simply wants you to recognize him!

You Scared Your Cat

Some cats are prone to being startled. If you go by your cat while he isn’t expecting to see you, he may get startled. As a reaction and to protect himself, your cat may swipe at you. It has the potential to frighten you!

To avoid this, take your time walking by so your cat has enough time to understand what’s going on and notice you coming. When you go by your cat, that small alteration might make a tremendous impact in how they react to you.

Your Cat Is Aggressive

Why Does My Cat Swipe At Me When I Walk By – Is It Normal

While no one wants to acknowledge they have an aggressive cat, aggressiveness might be one of the reasons your cat swipes at you when you go by. Because an aggressive cat is simple to irritate, you may have done very little to anger your cat.

Because they haven’t been dealt with, some cats acquire harmful habits. You could wish to teach your cat to respond differently when you approach. Treats are an excellent method to deflect anger. However, if your cat has had bad experiences in the past, especially with you, he or she may only swipe at you and not at others.

You Ignored Your Cat

Even though your cat doesn’t seek for your attention, if you walk by him and ignore him, he may become irritated. Your cat will become enraged if you ignore him and will swipe you or try to grasp your shirt sleeve to demand your attention.

You Stepped On Your Cat

No one intends to tread on their cat, but it does happen occasionally. If you tread on your cat’s paw or tail, your cat may swipe at you before you ever realize it. Swiping, on the other hand, does not imply that you have gravely injured your cat.


On a lighter side, your cat may swat you in a playful gesture as you go by. To put it another way, your cat is playing a practical joke on you by pouncing as you go by.

This is something that many playful and energetic cat breeds do to their owners. It’s typically safe and simply a kitty’s way of initiating playing. Watson, my cat, will occasionally do this to my children. It will also launch a full-fledged attack, chasing the children about the house. Watson, on the other hand, never harms them or exhibits his claws. It’s nothing more than a case of the zoomies.

Being startled

Another reason your cat swats at you as you go by might be a simple knee-jerk reaction. You most likely surprised the cat, triggering its fight or flight reaction. This is common in frightened cats and cats with a strong prey drive.

It’s preferable to keep the house calm and quiet in this situation. Training your cat will also go a long way toward calming down its worries.

Play aggression when you walk by

Playing rough with their littermates teaches kittens and young cats how to hunt. When people pass by, this form of play can sometimes extend to them. Kittens, on the other hand, will eventually learn to be more gentle while playing with people.

If a kitten hasn’t been socialized or was adopted too young, he or she may continue to play rough as an adult.

Play aggressiveness is particularly frequent among three-year-old (or younger) cats who are the only cats in the house and are alone for long periods of time. They get overly excited about playing as a result of their pent-up energy.

Status-related aggression when you walk by

Why Does My Cat Swipe At Me When I Walk By – Is It Normal

This occurs when a cat that was rough and aggressive as a kitten continues to be rough and aggressive as an adult. Status-related aggressive cats are continually trying to rule over the people and situations in their environment. They’ll beg for cuddles one minute, but when you give them to them, they’ll slash you with their razor claws the next. It’s better if you can keep your cat from getting to this point.

Is it true that black cats are more aggressive than other cats?

Is It Normal For Cats To Swipe At You

Although it is common for cats to swipe at you, this does not mean that you should constantly anticipate your cat to do so.

Swiping isn’t necessarily an indication of hostility, so don’t assume it’s someone who has a cat. When cats are playing, they may swipe at you, so don’t take it personally! It’s not your cat’s fault that people have skin that is easily cut by cat nails.

Because there are so many reasons why your cat could swipe at you, most cats will do so.

Swiping is a habit that some cats have, which is more bothersome than a cat that does it once in a while.

Even habitual swiping has a cause, so study and understand your cat’s mentality to figure out why he swipes so much.

Why Do Cats Hit You When You Walk By

For many of the same reasons that your cat swipes at you, cats will sometimes strike you when you walk by instead of swiping at you.

Your cat does not always use claws while grabbing at you since swiping is an uncommon act of hostility. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that your cat doesn’t try to draw blood all of the time.

When a cat with a delayed reaction tries to seize you, he may not have enough time to thrust out his claws.

This should be viewed as a blessing. After all, it implies that you will not bleed!

How To Get A Cat To Stop Swiping

Why Does My Cat Swipe At Me When I Walk By – Is It Normal

Swiping may be bothersome even when it’s entertaining, but there are methods to stop your cat from swiping.

Any cat owner will tell you that training cats is more difficult than training dogs, but there are techniques to prevent your cat from swiping. Physical punishment will simply make your cat fearful, so let’s speak about alternative choices instead.

When your cat swipes, sternly tell him no. When you point your finger at your cat when he swipes, you’re signaling to him that you don’t approve of his conduct. If the cat is being playful, though, they may swipe at your hand, believing you’re joining in the fun.

If you can’t get your cat to quit swiping, you’ll need to maintain his nails short. Shorter nails will not prevent scratching, but they will reduce the risk of your cat’s nails harming your skin.

The majority of the time, a cat swipes at you to grab your attention. As a result, it’s a good idea to provide a distraction. Something simple like a toy, a gift, or a spray bottle.


When it comes to cats, nothing is ever as simple as it appears on the surface. Most cats will act aggressive toward you if they are scared or uncomfortable. Your cat may just be showing his natural protective instinct or trying to warn you that he has found something that he feels is threatening. So, if you are feeling like your cat may be dangerous, don’t jump to conclusions. It’s important to remember that there is a right way to deal with a potentially dangerous situation with your cat. Read my next blog to learn more.

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