Why Does My Cat Swat At Me When I Walk By?

You’re putting your ankles on the line every time you walk past your cat. You could be going about your business as you walk past your cat, and your cat will suddenly swipe at your ankle as you pass. If you’re not wearing jeans, you might be yelling, ouch! You wonder yourself, “Why does my cat swipe at me when I walk by?” every time.

When you walk by, cats swipe at you to grab your attention. Swiping is usually fun, but in some cats, it can be a symptom of redirected hostility. Cats also swipe to show their authority or to show their fear.

It might be difficult to understand why your cat does something, and swiping is no exception. Swiping is frequently done when your cat is looking for attention or is having fun. It’s possible that it’s the result of an aggressive cat. Continue reading to find out why your cat swipes at you every time you go by.

Why Does My Cat Swat At Me When I Walk By?

Why Does My Cat Swat At Me When I Walk By?

Cats are lively creatures that will constantly want to begin playing with their owners by zooming about. Nonetheless, some people are more relaxed than others. If your cat, on the other hand, seems to enjoy swatting at you when you go by, the following might be the cause:

Redirected aggression

Redirected aggression is one of the most popular explanations for why your cat swats at you as you go by. It suggests that your cat was triggered by something else, but because you’re the nearest human, the aggressiveness was diverted to you. In other words, the cat chose you as the target of its rage rather than the true trigger.

Redirected aggressiveness in cats must be handled with caution since it can be harmful. Some attacks may result in a loss of blood or harm.

While your cat’s conduct may appear impolite, you should not penalize him. When our dog Sherlock provoked my cat Watson, he used to do this. Anyone walking near him would be scratched on the ankles or feet. here’s where you can learn Why is my kitty being so naughty?

The goal is to figure out what the trigger is and restrict your cat’s exposure to it. Your cat will become more tolerant of varied stimuli as a result of socialization and desensitization.


On a lighter side, your cat may swat you in a playful gesture as you go by. To put it another way, your cat is playing a practical joke on you by pouncing as you go by.

This is something that many playful and energetic cat breeds do to their owners. It’s typically safe and simply a kitty’s way of initiating playing. Watson, my cat, will occasionally do this to my children. It will also launch a full-fledged attack, chasing the children about the house. Watson, on the other hand, never harms them or exhibits his claws. It’s nothing more than a case of the zoomies.

Getting your attention

Swatting at you, apart from playing, might be your cat’s way of seeking your attention. It’s most likely looking for additional food or pets. When compared to redirected hostility and fun, the swat will usually be softer.

You’ll be encouraging the behavior if you reward it by patting your cat. Unless you do anything to stop the behavior, your cat will continue to do it.

Being startled

Why Does My Cat Swat At Me When I Walk By?

Another reason your cat swats at you as you go by might be a simple knee-jerk reaction. You most likely surprised the cat, triggering its fight or flight reaction. This is common in frightened cats and cats with a strong prey drive.

It’s preferable to keep the house calm and quiet in this situation. Training your cat will also go a long way toward calming down its worries.

Your Cat Wants To Play

When you go by, your cat will reach out to swat or grab you if he is feeling playful. It’s possible that your cat didn’t mean to scratch you. Because our skin isn’t tough enough to survive a scratch, your cat will draw blood even if he doesn’t attempt.

If you have a toy or reward with you at the moment, you can often halt this behavior. Have it ready as you walk by your cat so you may divert them and, in effect, reroute what they were about to do.

Your cat will become less inclined to swipe as time goes on if they spot you walking by. Instead, they’ll be waiting for you to give them something to eat!

You Scared Your Cat

Some cats are prone to being startled. If you go by your cat while he isn’t expecting to see you, he may get startled. As a reaction and to protect himself, your cat may swipe at you. It has the potential to frighten you!

To avoid this, take your time walking by so your cat has enough time to understand what’s going on and notice you coming. When you go by your cat, that small alteration might make a tremendous impact in how they react to you.

Your Cat Is Aggressive

Why Does My Cat Swat At Me When I Walk By?

While no one wants to acknowledge they have an aggressive cat, aggressiveness might be one of the reasons your cat swipes at you when you go by. Because an aggressive cat is simple to irritate, you may have done very little to anger your cat.

Because they haven’t been dealt with, some cats acquire harmful habits. You could wish to teach your cat to respond differently when you approach. Treats are an excellent method to deflect anger. However, if your cat has had bad experiences in the past, especially with you, he or she may only swipe at you and not at others.

It can be worthwhile to seek the advice of a professional to assist you figure out what’s going on.

You Ignored Your Cat

Even though your cat doesn’t seek for your attention, if you walk by him and ignore him, he may become irritated. Your cat will become enraged if you ignore him and will swipe you or try to grasp your shirt sleeve to demand your attention.

You Stepped On Your Cat

No one intends to tread on their cat, but it does happen occasionally. If you tread on your cat’s paw or tail, your cat may swipe at you before you ever realize it. Swiping, on the other hand, does not imply that you have gravely injured your cat.

Why does my cat hit me with her paw?

Cats use their paws to attract the attention of their owners. Watson, my cat, will paw me in the face to get me to pet him as we snuggle. It’s also his method of expressing his desire to participate.

Other cats, on the other hand, may interpret this behavior in a different way. If other cats wish to be left alone, they may paw at you. It’s better to back off and give your cat some alone time if you tried to pet him and only received a paw in return.

If you try to take their toys from them, your cat will strike you with its paw. It’s a natural resource-guarding habit in felines.

Why does my cat slap me in the face?


Why Does My Cat Swat At Me When I Walk By?

Every cat owner has a tale about being smacked by their feline companions. When you try to kiss or cuddle an upset cat, this frequently happens. It’s as if your cat is saying, “Hooman, I’m not in the mood for kisses!”

Keep in mind that pawing you to catch your attention is not the same as slapping. Extended claws and possible scrapes are common in the latter. Some cats will bite if they see it. Please read this article. My cat bites my nose for no apparent reason.

Aside from that, some cats will wake up their owners by slapping them across the face. The cat is most likely hungry and begs to be fed.

Why does my cat swipe at me when I pet him?

It’s better to refrain from petting your cat if it swipes at you. Your cat is probably overstimulated or simply doesn’t want to be petted. Cats, like humans, are not always up for cuddling. Your cat most likely enjoys some time away from you.

Keep in mind that cats who are overstimulated are more likely to show indications of hostility. It will meow loudly, expose its claws, and bare its fangs (Please read here Why does my cat Meow When I sneeze). If your cat isn’t used to physical stimulation, this will happen frequently. It’s critical to raise your cat’s tolerance to this stimulus in order to raise its overstimulation threshold.

Why does my cat put his paw on my mouth?

It’s most likely your cat’s method of warning you to stop talking or singing. Cats like rubbing their paws on moving objects, which is exactly what your lips do when you speak. It might possibly be a case of inquisitiveness and nothing to be concerned about. Some cat owners, on the other hand, believe that this behavior indicates that your cat trusts you.

If you’re sleeping, your cat will wake you up by placing its paw over your mouth. Your cat is most likely hungry or wants to play with you. Please read this article. the best way to put a kitten to sleep

Why does my cat attack me when I walk away?

Your cat’s technique of stopping you from going is to playfully attack you as you move away. It’s possible that you’re in the middle of a game and your cat refuses to let you go. why does my cat just attack me and not everyone else?

Cats, on the other hand, are natural predators. They enjoy pouncing on moving objects and hunting them. Unfortunately, at home, your ankles are the easiest target. Many cats have this hard-wired behavior that you may not be able to completely eliminate.


The reason your cat swats at you when you pass by the window may have a lot to do with your own behaviour. A little bit of love, time and attention can go a long way. So, try to spend some quality time with your cat and try to avoid jumping to conclusions. It could be that your cat just wants attention!

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