Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep?

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep? 4 Insane Reasons

The look of a cat in the morning might be cute and friendly, but at night, especially when you’re sleeping, it might be scary.

One reason why my cat looks at me while I sleep could be that your cat just likes to watch you sleep. Your cat is watching what you do when it looks at you. Cats care about you, so your cat will check on you to make sure you’re okay.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why your cat looks at you while you sleep, how to stop it if it bothers you, and even what keeps a cat awake at night.

From having too many litters, following you around, licking each other’s bottoms, and being afraid of balloons to having habits that have almost everything to do with humans,

Because of this, it’s true that cats are strange and unpredictable creatures.

Why Is Your Cat Not Sleeping During The Night?

Your first question might not be why your cat is staring at you, but why they are awake at all.

Anyone can have one or two nights when they can’t sleep, but cats have a very different way of sleeping. So, what is it that makes our cats “sleep” at night?

Cats Are Nocturnal Animals

It’s important to realize that your cat may sleep very differently than you do, especially if you wake up early.

This is because they can see better than us. While we stumble around in the dark to find the bathroom, our cats become even more nimble and hard to spot.

Even though they may be more nearsighted and have blurrier vision during the day than we do, they have a clear advantage when it gets dark. Our cat friends are crepuscular, which means that they can see very well at night.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep?

At dusk and dawn, when their vision is best, they are most active and awake. Their eyes have also changed so that they can see movement from farther away. You might wonder why they need to be able to see so well.

Because cats in the wild hunt at night, their good eyesight helps them find their prey and keep an eye out for danger.

With this ability, you can change your cat’s internal clock. You might notice that your cat sleeps during the day and plays during the night.

You might not even know this is true because you aren’t awake. You might have heard a cry coming from another room as proof that your fluffy house cat is also a night hunter.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep?

1. Protection

Cats are most active at night and early in the morning. As many predators do, they often follow their prey at dusk.

Your cat may choose to keep an eye on you while you sleep at certain times. In the wild, this makes a lot of sense.

You never know when someone will do something unexpected. There isn’t much chance that someone will break into our homes.

But what’s important is the thought!

2. Love

If your cat stares at you while you sleep, it could be showing you how much it loves you. If she starts staring at him and then purrs, bumps his head, blinks slowly, and rubs his face, you know she’s in love.

This is the hardest reason to stop your cat from staring at you while you sleep, and you may not want to if your cat isn’t getting in the way of your beauty sleep.

Since cats can be picky about who they love, you should roll over, pull up the covers, and feel lucky that your cat loves you.

3. Anticipation

If you always wake up at the same time, your cat is sure to know it. They could come into your room right before you were supposed to wake up and stare at you until you did. This is probably why your cat was staring at you when you woke up early in the morning.

If you feed your cat as soon as you wake up in the morning, you can expect to hear a lot of meowing as soon as you open your eyes.

At least, they waited until you woke up before making a fuss.


Cats often get worried, which is a shame. They are vulnerable to changes in the environment, which can cause them a lot of trouble.

When stressed, many cats look for things that make them feel better, which could be you. Even if you’re sleeping, your cat might decide you’re the safest choice.

Even though it’s a little scary when your cat stares at you in the middle of the night, you should take it as a compliment.

5. Boredom

If your cat is looking at you in the dark when you wake up in the middle of the night, she probably wants to play. Crepuscular means that cats are most alert and active in the early morning and late evening.

This can be hard for a cat who lives with people, since most people like to sleep after sunrise. Cats sleep a lot—about 13 hours a day on average. This is a good thing. This means that your cat won’t stay up all night, but it may feel more alert for part of the night.

Your cat can have fun by wandering around the house or trying to get into the food bowl (see above if the food bowl goes empty). Some cats, especially kittens, can’t help but try to wake you up so they can play with you.

The best way to get your cat to sleep more at night is to let it play and move around more in the early evening.

When you get home from work, make it your goal to play with your cat, whether it’s with feather wands, fuzzy mice or balls to chase, or a laser pointer (but don’t shine the light into your cat’s eyes).

Later, when it’s almost time for bed, relax on the couch with some quiet hugs and pets. If your cat gets enough exercise in the evening, it should be tired when it’s time to go to bed.

6. Annoyance

A lot of cats like to sleep with their owners. You are a safe and welcoming place (but mostly just warm).

If you move around or make loud noises, your cat might get upset. Our cats might get annoyed by the same things that bother us, like when someone moves too fast or snores.

At the end of a sleep cycle, you’re more likely to snore and move around. So, it’s not unusual to wake up and find your cat staring at you.

7. Attempting to Awaken You

Cats can try different things to get their owners to wake up. Most of the time, they do this by meowing or pawing at our faces.

In either case, a lot of people will look at you. Cats may try something and then look at us to see if they were successful.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep?

If they do wake us up, we’ll probably see them staring at us.

8. Hunger

One of the most common reasons you might wake up with a cat staring at you in your sleep, especially if it’s early in the morning, is that the cat is hungry. Almost always, a cat will move when its food bowl is empty.

If your cat is always waking you up early in the morning and running to the food bowl, you can be sure it’s hungry.

You can stop a hungry cat from looking at you and waking you up before you’re ready if you do a few things.

You could also lock your cat out of your room at night (this has the disadvantage of not having a warm, purring kitty to cuddle with at night). This doesn’t always work, though.

Some cats will do anything to get to you, like scratching or pawing at the door or meowing loudly until you give in and let them in.

You could also get an automatic feeder that gives your cat breakfast at the right time, so it doesn’t have to wake you up.

Put some of your cat’s regular food in puzzle feeders and place them around the house so your cat can “hunt” for its food.

9. Fear or Pain

If your cat is scared or worried, she may try to tell you by sitting close to you and staring at you. If a cat is in pain, it may also crawl up to you and look at you. If your cat doesn’t usually stare at you while you sleep but starts doing it often, you should look into what’s going on.

If you have more than one cat in the house, watch out that your cat doesn’t get teased, attacked, or even attacked.

Make an appointment with your vet if your cat walks funny, doesn’t want to be touched, stops eating or drinking, or changes the way it uses the litter box.

Do Cats Like It When You Stare Back At Them?

Any person or animal would feel uneasy if they found out someone was looking at them closely.

Karen McComb, a professor of psychology at the University of Sussex in England, says that cats see intense staring as “possibly threatening in social interactions with other cats or species.”

This is because cats see intense staring as “possibly threatening in social interactions with other cats or species.”

Professor McComb’s research shows that the opposite happens when you blink slowly. Cats also seem to be more friendly when their owners look at them with narrowed eyes. This could be because, over time, humans have given them good things.

So, staring at your cat isn’t necessary and could be scary, but slowly blinking and making a calm face should make them feel safe and loved. Most cats will probably show love back, so giving your cat a slow blink when you wake up could be a possible answer to why your cat looks at you while you sleep.

Can You Stop Your Cat From Staring At You While You’re Asleep?

As was already said, cats may stare at you while you sleep for many different reasons. It might seem like a strange habit, and if it makes you feel bad, you might be thinking about how to break it.

Depending on the cat, it may be hard to train or change some of its habits, but there are a few things you can try.

1. Offer Nighttime And Daytime Stimulation

Spending time with your cat is a great way to get them to stop staring at you. It is important for the mental health of our cats to keep them busy. Because cats can’t hunt, it’s up to us to satisfy their hunting urges.

So, if we want that to happen, we need to be able to give them a good place to live that will keep them healthy and keep them from feeling sad and anxious.

Interactive toys are a must if you want to keep your cat busy. Since cats usually hunt at night, a good game right before bedtime should keep them asleep until morning.

You can buy toys, window perches, and scratching posts that go all the way to the ceiling. “Cats love to play with toys that look like prey in some way,” writes John Bradshaw, author of Cat Sense.

“These toys have feathers, are fuzzy, or are about the right size for something a cat could catch and eat.”

Depending on their personality and interests, a puzzle feeder could keep your cat busy and happy for hours.

This kind of entertainment can help them stop “destroying” their furniture. It can also help relieve stress, which can show up as things like scratching the litterbox too much or grooming too much.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep?

It is especially important for cats that only live inside because they may not get enough care or the right environment.

These toys can also give your cat the exercise it needs and help it relax. There are also a lot of do-it-yourself guides for building wall shelves, bridges, and tunnels that you can find online.

If your cat is easy to train, like a Maine Coon, you could try going for a walk with it. There are many cats who would love to walk with you and see the outside world.

A leash will keep them from running away and let you keep an eye on what’s going on around them.

Younger cats are easier to train, and if you’re worried, you can always bring a cat box with you in case your cat doesn’t like this new experience.

2. Always Have Food And Water Available

Cats eat at different times than people do, and they may look for food in the middle of the night. Cats may not meow because they are shy. Instead, they may just look at you until you feed them.

If their bowls are full and the bathroom is clean, their attention should be taken away from you.

If your cat is on a special diet or needs to eat at a certain time every day, a wet food feeder that does the work for you could help. Automatic feeders for wet food are very helpful for people who usually feed their pets wet food.

3. Keep Your Cat Away From The Bedroom

If your cat’s stare bothers you, you might want to close the door to your bedroom and keep your cat on the other side.

At first, it may be hard, but you must ignore their pleas. Of course, you should make sure they won’t be hurt in any way before you decide to keep them out of the bedroom, even though they’re screaming. Make this choice a daily habit so you don’t have to go back and forth.

Even though this breakup may be hard for some, you may find that it’s good for you in some ways.

John Shepard, M.D., Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center, says that sleeping with a pet can be hard on its owner. If you have trouble sleeping or sleep lightly in general, your cat is more likely to wake you up.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement And Training

Lastly, you could try to teach your cat to stop staring at you. You should never yell at or hit your cat.

This will only make your cat afraid of you and want to stay away from you. Instead, use positive reinforcement, be nice, and move your kitten away from your face or make it face the other way.

If you notice a change in your cat’s behaviour, like less staring, give them food and tell them how proud you are of them while petting them.

If you find yourself being less nice to your cat or if you see that your cat is upset, remember that apologizing to your cat will go a long way toward keeping your relationship from getting worse.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of reasons why our cats might look at us. But none of these causes could be dangerous.

Most of the time, our cats want to cuddle with us or wait for us to wake up. Your cat could also be bothered by something you did in your sleep and be waiting for you to wake up.

Most of the time, it’s not important to know the exact reason. You can’t or won’t make your cat stop, and staring isn’t usually a sign that your cat needs something right away.

People staring at you are usually just annoying and cause no concern.

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