Why Does My Cat Stare at Me While I Sleep? 6 Reasons for this Behavior

If you have a cat, then you know that they are just as interested in staring at you when you’re awake as they are when you’re asleep. But what if we told you that they can actually teach us some valuable lessons?

Why does my cat stare at me while I sleep? It’s a question that keeps people up at night. And, for most of us, the answer is “I don’t know.” But what if there was a way to stop it? What if, instead of staring at you with those yellow eyes, your cat was looking at you with her brain?

In the past few weeks I have been reading quite a bit about feline behavior and it’s amazing how little we know about cats. I will be sharing some of the things I’ve learned with you.

A Little About Staring Cats

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me While I Sleep?

Cats have peculiar characteristics that we all adore and love. When it comes to expressing their emotions, they are among the most outgoing mammals. However, other activities, like as looking at you as you sleep, may make you feel anything but warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Your cat isn’t plotting your untimely demise, so don’t worry. However, there are a few reasons why someone could stare at you when you’re sleeping.

Your Cat Feels Bonded to You

Your cat has a strong bond with you. It’s possible that the gazing is due to them feeling attached to you, and they’re safely looking at their human with fondness. You could open your eyes to observe your cat purring softly, eyes half closed, peacefully staring at you.

To share the moment, your cat could just be attempting to wind down for nap time.

Your Cat is Protecting You

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me While I Sleep?

Many cats already believe that people are incapable of caring for themselves. That’s why your cat may bring you a dead bird or mouse—they believe we can’t hunt for our own food. The same principle might be applied to safeguarding you when you sleep.

While you’re visiting dreamland, your cat may feel on the lookout for predators.

Your Cat is Annoyed

Did you know you’re producing a lot of obnoxious noises when you’re sleeping? As you snore loudly or toss and turn, your cat may be observing you with contempt. They could be perplexed and disapprove of what you’re doing.

They’d rather stare you down than get up and move to another room to let you know they’re not amused.

Your Cat is Anxious

If your cat is nervous, they may be looking at you since you are their source of comfort. An agitated cat may even try to wake you up with nudges or meows. They don’t like it when you snooze since it makes them feel uneasy or nervous.

As a result, they may be eagerly anticipating your return to the realm of the living.

Your Cat Wishes You’d Wake Up

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me While I Sleep?

Tick, tock—possible it’s that your cat is waiting for you to wake up. How dare you two sleep on different schedules? They might be calmly waiting for you to open your eyes. Are you sure you didn’t forget to feed them? Do they want to be noticed? It might be for any number of reasons, but one thing is certain: they don’t want you to fall asleep.

As a result, when you wake up, you’ll most likely be filled with joy and relief.

Your Cat is Just Bored

Tick, tock—probable it’s that your cat is awaiting your awakening. You two have the audacity to sleep on separate timetables. They might be patiently waiting for you to blink. Are you sure you didn’t forget to give them something to eat? Do they want to stand out? They don’t want you to fall asleep for a variety of reasons, but one thing is certain: they don’t want you to fall asleep.

As a result, you’ll most likely feel happy and relieved when you wake up.

Your Cat is Hungry

When your cat enters your room and looks at you, it’s possible that he’s hungry and wants to know when you’ll wake up.

Because many people feed their cats first thing in the morning, many cats will sit and watch their owners sleep as they wait for them to feed them.

Some cats go even further and insist on staring at you until you feed them. Many cats have learnt that simply entering their owner’s room and looking at them or sitting on their chest would wake them up.

You’re A Restless Sleeper

In my sleep, I toss and turn, which often results in a dissatisfied meow from both of my cats. If you’re like me and snore, grunt, or grind your teeth while sleeping, I’m sure your cat will find it intriguing or bothersome.

They may believe that the sounds you produce while sleeping are aimed at them, so they keep an eye on you until you wake up. Restless legs syndrome or a need for more warmth may cause your cat to move closer to your face and away from the foot of the bed. Because of your agitation and their proximity to your face, your feline buddy may keep an eye on you.

You might be wondering, “Why does my cat look at me when I’m sleeping?” Why does my owner sleep so loudly, your cat could be wondering.

You’re Sleeping In Their Spot

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me While I Sleep?

Cats are creatures of habit, as we’ve discussed countless times before, and they don’t enjoy it when their pattern is disrupted. Have you mistakenly shifted places in your bed and taken their pillow? Maybe your cat is merely expressing the obvious: you’ve taken their place.

Ensure that your cat is also at ease when you sleep. If you interrupt them at this time, they may be unable to go asleep and instead observe you, maybe criticizing you for your insensitivity!

But, joking aside, it’s essential to give your cat some room. If your bed is too small for your kitty buddy, you may invest in a gorgeous bed. Check out this lovely bed on Amazon that’s tall enough to be on the same level as your bed so kids don’t feel neglected or alone.

Your Cat Might Be Asleep

I’m sure some of you have seen your cat’s inner eyelid, which is normal when they’re sleeping. This inner eyelid is vital for our cats’ eye health since it keeps them clean and adds additional layer of protection.

When a cat falls asleep, its muscles relax, and the inner eyelid, which covers the entire eye, does the same. It’s likely that your kitty wasn’t staring at you at all, but rather at their inner eyelid, which you mistook for their eye. Of course, it’s also conceivable that your cat fell asleep with his or her eyes open or half-open; it happens to the best of us. So, when you’re sleeping, your cat may be observing you looking at them.

Sleeping with their eyes open or viewing their inner eyelid shouldn’t be cause for concern, but if you detect additional problems with your cat’s vision, such as mucous or excessive tearing up, you should take them to the doctor for an examination.

Is Your Cat Trying To Communicate Something By Staring At You?

When your cat stares at you, keep in mind that different types of gazing signify different things. Cats utilize eye movements to communicate with one another, therefore it’s possible that your cat is staring at you to express an emotion.

Staring can be a method for your cat to express affection. It’s your cat’s way of expressing “I love you” if it stares at you with half-closed eyes and gently blinks.

However, your cat looking at you in the middle of the night with its pupils dilated and not blinking is a less appealing method for your cat to be monitoring you.

This expression indicates that your cat is ready to attack you at any moment. This isn’t, however, a terrifying attack. Your cat isn’t attempting to harm you; instead, it may simply want to pounce on you and start a play battle.

Can You Make Your Cat Stop Staring At You While You Sleep?

Create playtime for your cat

Playing with the cat for an extended period of time before bed will tire it out. You may acquire a toy that your cat can play with on its own if you are fatigued following a long day at work. Playing with your cat will keep it engaged and help it sleep at night.

Widen your feline’s world

Feeding puzzles, cat movies, and window perches with bird feeders outside can keep your cat occupied during the day, allowing him to sleep through the night, or at least most of the night.

If your cat is often active at night, it may get restless and anxious while confined to the house.

To keep them occupied, you’ll need to them plenty of options. Also, make sure they have a clean litter pan (otherwise you’ll discover why the cat’s excrement stinks) and freshwater to use at night. Keep these as far away as possible.

Because cats are natural hunters, it’s important to keep them mentally stimulated. Hunting is necessary to keep them from becoming frustrated. You may buy cat toys made specifically for this purpose at pet stores or construct your own. Toys for active cats include empty egg cartons and ping pong balls.


Cats have very good vision and they are always watching and waiting for something to catch their attention. They know when you are sleeping because they can see your eyes close. They know that you are not paying attention to them because your eyelids get fluttery and move around a lot. This is their signal that they can get away with whatever mischief they have in mind. You need to develop a “cat sense” about when people are most vulnerable and ready to buy from you. Then, you must be everywhere they are and ready to pounce when the time is right. Read my next blog for more on how to do this.

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