Why Does My Cat Squeak When I Pick Him Up? 3 Reasons

Most cats like to cuddle. But if you think about it, they don’t really want to be held or picked up. They just want to be near their people and, maybe, get a little scratch here and there. But when we pick them up, they’re startled and startled means they’re afraid.

You’ve probably heard about the power of cats to induce sleep or wakefulness. Some owners are mystified by their feline’s behavior: Why does my cat always want to get his nose scratched after I come home from work? How come he is so sleepy when I open the window on a sunny day?

In this article, I’ll share with you a few common reasons why your cat might make a “noise” when you pick him up.

Why does my cat squeak when I pick him up?

why does my cat squeak when i pick him up

When you pick up your cat, it may squeak because it is upset to be brought up, is still developing its voice cords, or you picked it up inappropriately and caused it pain or suffering. If it’s unsatisfactory or erroneously held, it can be changed.

So there you have it. Is it, nevertheless, typical for a cat to squeak? What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen when you try to take it up? Is it possible that this sound is caused by an allergy? Continue reading for the answers to these questions, as well as much more…

3 Reasons why my cat squeaks when you pick him up

A cat is consoled

I outlined a few reasons why your cat could squeak if you pick it up before. I’ll go through each one in further depth in this section:

Not happy to be picked up

If your cat dislikes being picked up by anyone, even you, it may respond vocally like this. It might be a one-time occurrence when the sound came out strangely, a long-term sound that certain cats have, or a new cat (more on this later).

In any case, it’s a means of letting you know it’s not happy by making a vocal reaction.

Being picked up incorrectly

why does my cat squeak when i pick him up

Some cat owners may not properly pick up their kitties. When this happens, the cat may experience pain or discomfort. And the feedback might come in the form of a strange squeaky sound.

A scream or a deep meow may be heard from other cats who have been picked up wrongly. However, it is entirely dependent on the cat.

New cat developing its vocals

Some baby cats, often known as kittens, are still growing their voice chords. When this happens, they may squeak incessantly like this.

Is it normal for a cat to squeak?

Many cats squeak, although few people are aware of this. There is a specific subreddit with thousands of people dedicated to this. As a result, there are a lot of them.

Despite the fact that there is a significant community of cat owners who have recordings of their cats squeaking, many people are surprised to learn that they can do it. And I understand since I was in the same boat until I did some research.

How can you prevent your cat from squeaking when you pick it up?

If you’re worried or just want to know how to stop your cat from squeaking when you pick it up, here are some suggestions based on the underlying cause:

Not happy to be picked up (in general)?

If your cat refuses to be picked up, you have two choices: leave it alone and accept it or train it to accept it. Obviously, leaving it is the simplest and, in some ways, the best option.

If you are persistent about picking up your cat, though, you can train it. This will need some cat treats (click here to check the Amazon #Ad reviews) as well as a lot of patience.

Still Developing its vocals?

why does my cat squeak when i pick him up

Whether the cat is still young and developing its voice, the best course of action is to wait and see if it develops its vocal range and begins meowing instead.

This, however, may not affect its responsiveness to being picked up; instead, it may alter the sound it makes. But, perhaps, it will become more accustomed to you and comfortable with this with time.

Being picked up incorrectly?

If your cat is squeaking because it is being handled wrongly, make the necessary adjustments to prevent this. If you’re lifting a cat, make sure it’s properly supported.

One hand and some of your arms should be beneath the front legs, while the other should be supporting the rear legs. Also, keep the cat close to your body rather than holding it out like a trophy. Your body will provide it with extra comfort and support.

Can an allergy cause your cat to squeak?

A cat’s squeak might be caused by allergies. According to some cat owners, the windpipe might get somewhat obstructed as a result, leading the vocal chords to become distorted.

Allergies, on the other hand, is a wide phrase that can refer to everything from food to drinks to the materials used in pet accessories. So, if this is a worry, you should talk to your veterinarian to figure out what it is and how to handle it.

Why is my cat making a squeaking noise like a toy?

You could be scratching your head, perplexed, if your cat squeaks like a mouse toy. However, it’s possible that it’s because it’s still young, such as a kitten under the age of eight months. And, if it is, it may just require some time to mature.

If it’s older than that and starts doing it on its own, it’s debatable. Is this the first time it’s meowed properly? Is it happening on a regular basis? If you answered yes, you may have a problem. Is it a one-off? Maybe not, though.

In any event, if you are concerned, you should visit your veterinarian to determine whether or not there is a problem.

Is it normal for a cat to squeak and bite while playing?

why does my cat squeak when i pick him up

While playing, some cats screech and bite. This might be due to it becoming overly enthusiastic or having aggressiveness issues. Its enthusiasm may be heard in the high-pitched squeal.

Why do some cats squeak when they jump down?

When cats drop down from a height, they have been reported to make a squeaking sound. This isn’t to say there’s a problem with the cat. However, there may be in certain circumstances, but it is never reported to the vet or tested, and the cat lives happily ever after.

Personally, if you hear anything like this and it seems strange, you don’t stand to lose much by having it looked out, right?

How can you condition your cat to be picked up?

You must utilize a gradual cycle of associating good experiences with the act of being handled to train a cat to be picked up or handled.

For example, rather than taking a chance and picking it up at random, provide some sweets. Offer gentle caressing to the cat while it is eating and again afterward.

At start, take your time. Then gradually increase the amount of time you spend caressing. Hopefully, your cat will allow you to pick it up or handle it in the future.

Why should you let a cat sniff you before you pick it up?

Allowing a cat to smell you before taking it up is a good idea since cats need to get to know you. If you walk in to pick them up soon away and they don’t know who you are, they may react adversely.

One of the reasons some cats despise your father, friends, or other family members is that they don’t understand.


The reason is because cats are incredibly sensitive animals. Cats have no bones in their feet; instead, they have soft pads on the bottoms of their paws that help them “walk”. When they walk, the pads on their paws make a squishy sound, which we humans interpret as a loud and clear signal that the cat wants us to pick it up. So the next time your cat is making some noise, don’t be alarmed: he’s just trying to warn you that he needs to be picked up!

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