Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon

Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon? 3 Funny Reasons

We often hear the sound of a pigeon. On the other hand, hearing it from our dogs is shocking and sad. If your cat looks like a pigeon, this could be a good sign.

When a cat is upset or wants to get someone’s attention, it makes a sound like a pigeon.

If your cat sounds like a pigeon, you don’t need to worry.

In reality, it’s a sign that your pet is happy and likes to spend time with you.

Cats make a sound like a pigeon when they want attention. If you don’t pay attention to your kitten for an extended period of time, he will become agitated and make strange noises with his mouth.

Don’t make them cry like a baby at night or stare at you while you sleep if you keep ignoring it.

What Is A Trill?

In an email to Romper, Dr. Georgina Ushi Phillips, DVM, at Better With Cats said that the “cooing” sound that some cats make is often called a “trill.”

“A cat trill sounds almost like an “r” with a rising tone that rolls back and forth.” It’s like the cat is talking to you.

How Cats Communicate

“Even if cats could, they wouldn’t text you back.”

Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon

Even though this joke is mostly true, cats aren’t shy when it comes to talking. The American Association of Feline Practitioners says that cats talk to each other in four ways:

  • Visual: Includes body posture, eye contact, and tail, ear, and head position
  • Tactile: Includes rubbing up against others, grooming, and nose touching (a form of greeting)
  • Olfactory: Includes fecal or urine marking
  • Auditory: Includes all cat vocalizations, such as purring and hissing

So, cat sounds that sound like pigeon coos are part of a very diverse group of sounds. A 2019 review of the existing literature found that cats are said to make at least 21 different sounds, but the real number could be much higher.

The evaluation also said that the domestic cat’s vocal repertoire is more developed and complex than that of any other carnivore.

This means that your kitten has earned the right to be a little smug sometimes.

Reasons Why Your Cat Sounds Like a Pigeon

The funny, odd sound your cat makes is called trilling. It sounds like a pigeon or dove cooing. Wieber says, “It sounds like a fast, high-pitched hum with some vibration coming from the back of the cat’s throat.”

“It often sounds like it should have a question mark after it.” Wieber tries to sound like her cat’s trilling by making a quick rolling “r” with her tongue. “We call it an apical-alveolar trill when people do it,” she says.

Now that we know what those pigeon-like purrs are called, we can move on to translation. What makes cats make that sound? Wieber says there are two main reasons for his lively singing:

1. It’s a Sign Your Cat is Happy

If your cat’s meowing sounds pleasant and inviting, it probably is. Wieber says that cats trill when they are happy to see each other or their person.

So, if your cat trills when she sees you, think of it as a nice way to say hello and enjoy the warm feeling it gives you.

2. It’s Part Of Your Cat’s ‘Vocabulary’

“Experts have recorded at least 12 different sounds that cats can make,” says Dr. Delgado. “Each cat has its own “voice.” “The sound of a pigeon could be the screech of another cat.” So it makes sense that cats have their own unique trill.

“Just like different cats have different meows, different cats have different trills, and some felines may have more dramatic trills than others,” says Dr. Phillips.

3. The Cat Wants Your Attention

Dr. Delgado says, “When your cat makes these cute sounds at you, they are more likely to get your attention, which makes it more likely that they will coo at you again the next time they want you to pay attention to them.”

They call out, you feed them, they call out again, and so on. It’s a feedback loop where the cat does something cute and gets rewarded for it, so they’ll keep trilling.

You now know that your cat makes that cooing sound to say hello, to show happiness, or to get your attention. In any case, the fact that your cat likes to talk to you is a good sign.

Do All Cats Trill?

Wieber says, “From what I can tell, all cats with healthy larynxes can trill.” However, some cats trill louder than others, and the volume changes.” She has three cats that are very talkative, but she calls Moscow the King of Trilling.

Wieber says, “He trills when he walks into a room, when he wants to be petted, when he meets other cats, and when he’s playing with a toy.”

“Because Moscow is a friendly and affectionate cat, I think that his trilling is a sign of his happy personality.”

Wieber doesn’t think you should worry if you’ve never heard your cat meow. “But the next time you see your cat, feed it, or play with it, listen for its trill,” she says. “You might not have noticed it yet.”

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