Here Are the Top Reasons Why Cats Sleep Under Covers

Why do cats love sleeping under the covers? It turns out that the answer has little to do with comfort and everything to do with safety.

The secret to the perfect sleep is to make sure you’re ready to get up at a moment’s notice. But you can’t do that if you’ve got a cat sleeping in bed with you. So how do you get a cat to stop doing that? First, you’ll need to figure out what your cat is thinking. Then you’ll need to figure out how you can meet his needs, while respecting your own. If you’ve been looking for an easier way to sleep, it may be time to try one of these simple hacks for getting your cat to stop sleeping in your bed.

This is a common problem for many pet owners. The cat may appear to be sleeping, but in reality he is awake and alert!

9 Common Reasons Your Cat Sleeps Under The Covers

why does my cat sleep under the covers

Your cat is far from the only one that sleeps beneath the covers in your bed. Many cats will dig their way beneath your covers or sheets and cuddle up for a catnap. This isn’t always the best situation, because a cat in your bed might disrupt your sleep and will almost certainly leave cat hair and possibly even grime behind. “Why does my cat sleep beneath the covers?” you may question. Here are six of the most prevalent causes, as well as some tips to help you break the habit.

It’s warm and cozy

It’s possible that your cat may seek out the bed because it’s a warm and inviting place to sleep. He might just be cuddling up for a sleep and knows that the warmest place to be is under the blankets.

What to do: Give your cat a cat bed in a warm and comfy area of his own, such as a sunny window or near a heating element, to prevent this. You may also provide him with a heated cat bed to keep him warm.

He wants to play

Under the blankets, several cats are seeking for a chance to play. This is especially true if your cat hides beneath the covers while you’re making the bed, then rolls or chases around while you arrange the sheets and blankets. Your cat is most likely agitated and seeking for a method to attract your attention.

What to do: You may either handle this problem by locking your cat out of the room while you make the bed or by providing him with alternate play opportunities. Get some cat toys and spend some time playing with your cat. When he’s through, he’ll be ready for a sleep and will probably forget about the blankets.

It feels safe

why does my cat sleep under the covers

Because it seems safe, some cats seek out the soothing contact of your covers. Your cat may make his own tiny tent, and this enclosed place may feel safe from predators. When he’s in his cat cave, he may feel more calm and may be lowering his tension by getting beneath the blankets.

What to do: If your cat is seeking this location out of a sense of security, it’s critical to figure out what’s bothering him in your house. Look for recent changes that may be making your cat feel uneasy, such as a new pet. Give your cat his own place, such as a room, where these new “threats” will not be tolerated. You may also try providing him an enclosed cat bed or some blanket-lined crates where he can feel as safe as he does beneath your covers.

He wants to spend time with you

While your cat hides beneath the blankets, he could simply be trying to be sociable, especially if he only does it when you’re in bed. Because the blankets smell like you, he may link the bed with where you spend a lot of time, and this place might make your cat feel closer to you.

What to do: While you can’t blame your cat for wanting to sleep in your bed, it might cause sleep disruption. You may either lock him out of your room at night or provide him with his own unique blanket or cat bed to sleep on top of or in your room.

He wants to be alone

Your cat may be establishing some alone time by getting into bed. If he climbs under the blankets during the day while no one is in your room, it’s possible he’s looking for a dark, quiet place to nap.

What to do: If you live in a busy house, you may need to find different ways to provide a peaceful environment for your cat. Teach your children not to disturb your cat while he’s sleeping, and get a cat tree so your cat may get away from it all and have some alone time where no one will annoy him.

He’s not feeling well

why does my cat sleep under the covers

If your cat doesn’t normally get under the blankets but suddenly does, he might be indicating that he isn’t feeling well. Cats may seek out calm, secluded settings when they are sick or in discomfort.

What to do: Make an appointment with your veterinarian if you notice other indicators, such as your cat isn’t eating as much as normal, isn’t as active, or generally doesn’t seem like himself.

Your cat curling up under your blankets might be for a variety of reasons. It’s critical to figure out what’s driving him to do this before attempting to encourage him to stop. Keep a close eye on your cat and consider any recent changes that may have occurred just before you noticed this behavior. You might have to be creative in order to find an alternate location for your cat to snuggle up, but with determination and patience, you should be able to limit the amount of time your cat spends in your bed by encouraging him to sleep somewhere else.


Cats have a reputation for hiding in the most odd locations. They can be found trying to squeeze into the smallest of cracks. It’s one of the most amusing aspects about cats. They do so, though, because they feel safe in confined spaces where predators can’t easily reach them.

Covers are an excellent way to blend in and become unnoticed. I can tell you that I have sat on my bed, not realizing my cat was beneath the blankets, and nearly turned my cat into a meatball on several occasions.

When it comes to concealing, cats are masters, and blankets are no exception.

It Is Dark

Cats prefer to sleep in complete darkness. Most cats prefer to sleep in cabinets, boxes, and beneath a blanket, with their paws covering their eyes at times. When they sleep, they feel safe and peaceful in a dark environment.

Dark settings are ideal for cats who wish to relax and sleep quietly.

It’s Calming

why does my cat sleep under the covers

When they’re feeling uncomfortable, apprehensive, or terrified, some cats prefer to hide beneath the blankets. Different cats are sensitive to different conditions, and although some cats are almost “bomb-proof,” others may experience anxiety if your routine changes. Major changes, such as getting a new pet or moving to a new place, can cause anxiety in even the calmest cats. In certain instances, your cat may want to spend more time beneath the covers than normal.

Not only is it secure, warm, and concealed, but the relaxing benefits of a pressure wrap on cats and dogs have been studied extensively. Applying mild and equal pressure on your cat or dog’s torso, similar to swaddling a newborn, has been found to lessen anxiety. The ThunderShirt, which you can find on Amazon, is the most popular tool for this. It’s simply a little vest that goes over the back and sides of your cat to keep them calm. This Chewy link also gives a lot more details on how it works.

Your home coverings and blankets, on the other hand, may have the similar effect, which might explain why your cat like hiding behind them. Even if your cat isn’t displaying any indications of tension or worry, they may love curling up beneath the blankets to unwind!

Is It OK For A Cat To Sleep Under Covers?

You might be wondering if it’s safe for your cat to go beneath the blankets. Is it possible that your cat would suffocate if they fall asleep beneath there?

While it’s typically acceptable for cats (or dogs) to sleep beneath covers, it’s definitely not a good idea for them to do so for lengthy periods of time or when you’re not home. Even though the danger is modest, it’s always better to be cautious than sorry. “Although an animal experiencing oxygen deprivation will ultimately move out from beneath the blankets,” Dr. Fox told the Washington Post, “I consider it harmful for an animal to stay inhaling the same air in a small location for any period of time.”

Why Does My Cat Hate Being Under The Covers?

Some cats may object to their senses being dulled by being beneath the blankets. They can still hear what’s going on, but it’s not the same as being out in the open, and they can’t see much in most circumstances. If they’re beneath the covers for an extended period of time, they might not appreciate the feeling of rebreathing some of the same air.


The solution is simple: just provide your cat with a safe, warm environment to be in. Keep their bed clean and fresh smelling, so that they feel comfortable there. Make sure that your cat has plenty of space to move around, play, and stretch out. Cats need a lot more room than most people realize. They are also creatures of habit, and if your cat feels like it can get comfortable anywhere in your house, they’ll probably go back to that place again and again.

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