Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed? – 11 Reasons!

Your pet’s behavior is an indicator of your own state of mind, which can help you find balance in your life.

How many times has your cat done something so adorable that you wished you could capture it on video and share it with the world?

Some cats choose to sleep near a human and some prefer to sleep alone. But all cats choose to sleep where they feel safe and secure. And that’s where you should consider how to make the most of the area under your bed.

Reasons why your cat sleeps under your bed

As previously said, there are a variety of reasons why your cat may be sleeping under your bed. As a result, I’ve developed a list of 7 possible reasons why your cat is acting this way so you can figure out why.


why does my cat sleep under my bed

One thing to keep in mind regarding your cat is that cats require a lot of sleep, as I am sure you are aware. You should anticipate your cat to sleep for up to 18 hours every day. This is usually done in a series of brief, regular naps (or cat naps, as they are known).

As a result, they are constantly on the lookout for a relaxing, calm, and dark area where they may unwind and get the rest they require. This might explain why she’s lounging on your plush leather couch (Click here to see my best solution to protect your couch). One of the reasons why many cat owners purchase cat beds or stackable cat cubes is because of this (Click here to see why I rated this one as the best).

This is also why they find hiding beneath your bed to be a highly appealing choice. And it’s possible that this is one of the reasons your cat is acting this way.

Hiding from hot weather

Your cat may be hiding beneath the bed due to the temperature, depending on where you reside.

In certain nations, it may be quite hot in different parts of the house, especially if there is no central air conditioning.

As a result, your cat may have figured out that underneath your bed is one of the coolest places to hang out and hide from the sun.

Anxiety or stress

why does my cat sleep under my bed

It doesn’t take much to make your cat sad or stressed. Are you with me when I say that even simple things like a rambunctious child running about may make people feel agitated and anxious?

As a result, you may discover that your cat is hiding beneath the bed to avoid some of these unpleasant circumstances.

Health problems

When cats are unwell or in pain, they behave strangely. Humans, on the other hand, prefer to convey our issues by talking or by displaying evident body language.

Cats, as you may imagine, do not have this privilege. They have an odd reaction to the pain, which is to successfully disguise or cover it. This is thought to be an innate safety strategy that they developed when surviving in the wild.

The concept is that they don’t want to exhibit any weak nesses to their predators since they’ll be attacked much more often.

Obviously, this is not an issue in a household setting. However, instinct is difficult to resist; it just happens. As a result, you could notice your cat hiding beneath the bed to hide a health problem.

Changes in the environment.

Change is something that cats despise. They enjoy things that are static. This is to ensure that they are aware of their surroundings and that they are at ease.

Keep in mind that they consider your home to be their domain. When things change, it makes them feel uneasy and out of control. Rearranging your furnishings, for example, might throw them off. As a result, your cat may seek refuge under the bed to avoid some of these circumstances.


why does my cat sleep under my bed

Pregnancy, believe it or not, might also be a reason for them to flee beneath your bed. This is due to a phenomenon known as “nesting.”

This is the stage during which your cat begins to prepare for the birth of a new kitten. In humans, this is comparable, but the symptoms are not the same. As a result, your cat can just be getting ready for something and this isn’t a cause for concern.


One of the most obvious reasons your cat could be hiding beneath the bed is for safety concerns. When we dig into the reasons behind their concealing, we may find that it isn’t such a big deal. But we’re not the same.

To be honest, it may even be anything as basic as a loud bang. Maybe if you have a fireworks night on that specific night. It’s also possible that they’re afraid because of the presence of another animal.

It’s warm and cozy

It’s possible that your cat may seek out the bed because it’s a warm and inviting place to sleep. He might just be cuddling up for a sleep and knows that the warmest place to be is under the blankets.

What to do: Give your cat a cat bed in a warm and comfy area of his own, such as a sunny window or near a heating element, to prevent this. You may also provide him with a heated cat bed to keep him warm.

He wants to play

Under the blankets, several cats are seeking for a chance to play. This is especially true if your cat hides beneath the covers while you’re making the bed, then rolls or chases around while you arrange the sheets and blankets. Your cat is most likely agitated and seeking for a method to attract your attention.

What to do: You may either handle this problem by locking your cat out of the room while you make the bed or by providing him with alternate play opportunities. Get some cat toys and spend some time playing with your cat. When he’s through, he’ll be ready for a sleep and will probably forget about the blankets.

He wants to spend time with you

why does my cat sleep under my bed

While your cat hides beneath the blankets, he could simply be trying to be sociable, especially if he only does it when you’re in bed. Because the blankets smell like you, he may link the bed with where you spend a lot of time, and this place might make your cat feel closer to you.

What to do: While you can’t blame your cat for wanting to sleep in your bed, it might cause sleep disruption. You may either lock him out of your room at night or provide him with his own unique blanket or cat bed to sleep on top of or in your room.

He wants to be alone

Your cat may be establishing some alone time by getting into bed. If he climbs under the blankets during the day while no one is in your room, it’s possible he’s looking for a dark, quiet place to nap.

What to do: If you live in a busy house, you may need to find different ways to provide a peaceful environment for your cat. Teach your children not to disturb your cat while he’s sleeping, and get a cat tree so your cat may get away from it all and have some alone time where no one will annoy him.

The dangers of hiding

In general, concealing is a good idea. However, there are several circumstances in which it may be hazardous. Aside from the fact that you’re probably pulling your hair out wondering where your pet is.

There might be serious consequences, such as their concealing behind an electrical gadget that could provide a shock danger. Alternatively, you may hide behind a parked car, for example.

The argument is that they may be in danger but are not intelligent enough to recognize it. This is why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your cat at all times to ensure they aren’t doing something stupid that might put them in danger.

What you should NOT do if your cat is hiding underneath the bed

There are several things you should not do if your cat is hiding under the bed and you want to alter that (see here for my favorite 3 cat caves as another choice for her to sleep and play).

Physically removing or coaxing her out

You should not try to move your hands beneath the bed (Click here if your cat is urinating on it) as tempting as it may seem. It is considerably preferable to allow them to emerge on their own time.

Attempting to lure them out of their hiding places just to remove and shift them to a location that you like is the same.

Both of these activities will make your cat sad and cause her to become distrustful of you.

It may be irritating at first, but if you are patient, you may encourage her to quit doing it by simply being patient and providing good feedback for doing things you like.

This, believe me, will increase their likelihood of doing what you want in the future.


It may seem like you are not getting any sleep when your cat sleeps underneath your bed. However, if you look closely, your cat may be looking for protection against danger. A home with a cat is the safest place for them. They have excellent hearing and eyesight. But because they’re also small, they cannot see as well in the dark. So, when they cannot see what they’re sleeping on, they feel more secure to sleep on it.

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