Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me When I’m Sick? 6 Reasons

Some cats seem to feel compelled to climb onto their owner’s bed during colds. This is because they sense that their owners are uncomfortable and, as a result, are trying to warm up their bedding by lying down next to their owners.

Why do cats sleep on you when you’re sick? It may seem like your feline buddy is just being an insensitive pest. After all, cats are known for their independent natures and independent attitudes. But you’ll be happy to know that there’s a good reason behind his behavior.

Your cat may be an expert at sleeping on the couch, but what you can learn from your feline companion is invaluable. Read this book to figure out how to stop your cat from making you miserable.

Why does my cat sleep on me when I’m sick?

Here are some reasons why your cat sleeps on you when you are sick:

why does my cat sleep on me when i'm sick

She might be hypersensitive to illness.

While there is no scientific evidence that cats can understand or console you when you are unwell, many cat owners have testified to this. Cats can comprehend and bond with their favorite people despite their poor knowledge of human communication. Many cat owners write about their bonding experiences with their cats on social media blogs and forums.

Many cat owners have noticed that their kitties show peculiar behavior when they are sick, such as sleeping on them and refusing to leave their side.

Cats are sensitive to emotions.

According to a scientific research conducted by Moriah Galvan and Jennifer Wonk, cats are emotionally sensitive and can detect human emotions. The goal of the study was to look at cats’ emotional intelligence. While there is no conclusive evidence that cats can understand human emotion, many cat owners claim that they can. Cat owners have reported on blogs and forums that their cats appear to sense when anything is wrong with them or when they are not feeling well.

Your cat is a master at reading body language.

why does my cat sleep on me when i'm sick

Cat specialists say that felines quickly pick up on human body language and can understand your speech and precise gestures. When cat owners call their cats and tap on the arm of a couch, the cat will jump on the couch and fall asleep on their owner’s lap. When cats hear their owner’s voice, they will naturally move to that section of the house.

Cats can also detect when you are ill and not your typical self. They can read your body language and facial expressions. They can also tell if you are spending more time in bed than normal.

Your cat is a master of routine.

Cats develop a schedule from the time they are kittens, and they are accustomed to being handled, hugged, and fed at specific times of the day. If you’re unwell and can’t feed or care for your cat, she’ll notice right away and feel something’s wrong. When their routine is disrupted, cats feel agitated, but they will also display unexpected behavior if they sense you are ill. When they are sick, some cat owners claim that their cats, who normally do not sleep with them or beside them, snuggle up and sleep on them.

Your cat sleeps on you because of your warm temperature.

why does my cat sleep on me when i'm sick

Cats usually sleep next to their owners or on their feet to be warm and comfortable. This is something that happens a lot in the winter. This might also explain why your cat lays on you while you’re unwell.

Your temperature normally rises when you have a fever. This is an excellent opportunity for your cat to nap on you. In addition, when you’re unwell, you’re usually always in bed. This is certainly enticing to your cat since she can snuggle up for more body heat.

Your cat is worried about you.

Cats may appear distant, but cat experts point out that this is frequently a ruse; felines do form emotional bonds with their owners. A biologist, Dennis Turner, verifies that cats miss their owners when they are gone. Similarly, when their humans are sick and helpless in bed, cats show compassion for them and become concerned.

When their cats are unwell, several cat owners report that their cats become more cuddly and friendly. When their humans are unwell, their cats fight less and spend more time napping, according to cat owners with many cats. This simply goes to demonstrate that cats can tell when you’re sick and can know when you’re not feeling well whether you sneeze, cough, or vomit.

Cats have a better sense of smell than humans because their nostrils contain 200 million odor receptors. They are thought to be able to feel when molecules in a human’s body alter or shift as a result of this capacity. Cats detect chemical changes and associate them with the symptoms you exhibit, alerting them to the fact that you are ill.

Surprisingly, cats have long been admired for their remarkable ability to detect their owners’ ailments early. Cats have been known to save their owners from seizures or heart failure by waking up family members and alerting them. Some cats bite their owners to warn them that they are in danger or to keep them awake so that they may take blood sugar medications and check their blood sugar levels.

Do cats know when you are dying?

why does my cat sleep on me when i'm sick

While no definitive tests have been conducted to determine if cats are aware when their person is about to die, cats appear to be aware. Felines interact with one another through body language, and they are sensitive to the biological and behavioral changes of other animals in their environment. Domesticated cats are also sensitive to the biological and behavioral changes of the people who look after them. They have the ability to detect illness as well as changes in body temperature and odor.

Cats have a keen sense of smell and can detect even the tiniest chemical changes in their owners’ bodies. They are sometimes known as “furry psychics” because they have a “sixth sense.” Oscar, a cat in Providence, Rhode Island, is living proof of this. He’s a nursing home resident cat that seems to know when residents in the advanced dementia ward are due to pass away.

According to the nursing home staff, Oscar walks to the resident’s room, climbs on the bed, cuddles up next to the patient, and purrs when someone is going to die in that unit.


When you’re sick, it can be hard to fall asleep. And it’s even harder to fall asleep without the comfort of someone sleeping next to you. For some people, the only person who can really provide the comforting warmth is their pet. They don’t care that you’re sick, they just want to be close. So why do cats often sleep on people when they’re sick? It’s because they know that when you’re sick, you can’t control yourself. When your body isn’t working right, it makes sense that you’d need to rest. Even though you may not be able to sleep, you should still try to get some rest.

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