Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night? Find Out Secret

Regardless of a cat’s reputation for giving the cold shoulder, most cat owners can vouch to their cat’s fondness. Some cat owners, on the other hand, find that their cats avoid snuggling and physical contact altogether. Although cats are sophisticated creatures who frequently do things for no apparent reason, there are a few possible explanations for why cats only seek cuddles from their owners at night.

So what’s the deal with my cat only cuddling at night? The most likely reason is that your cat feels safe and secure with you at night, or it could be a method for them to express their affection after a long day apart.

We’ll go over a few reasons why your cat only cuddles with you at night in this post, as well as some tips on how to make your cat more receptive to cuddling throughout the day.

Why Is My Cat Only Affectionate At Night?

why does my cat only cuddle at night

Your cat will snuggle with you at night to ease tension and worry, and it may also help with depression therapy.

Despite the fact that each cat is unique, cats do share some qualities.

Cats will infiltrate our minds, providing warmth and enthusiasm to those they choose to adopt, as well as the ability to climb any object with super-kitty abilities.

This may entail late-night snuggling in bed.

The majority of good cats are reserved, although some are more so than others.

Be concerned if your cat begins to jump into your lap or cuddle up to you every morning for the first time, or if this new behavior is accompanied by other behavioural changes such as a change in appetite, a change in litter box preferences, lethargy or withdrawal, restlessness, or chronic vomiting (hairballs included).

This might indicate a mental or physical ailment. A cat’s emotional demands, on the other hand, will vary as he or she gets older. Examine your cat and, if feasible, take it to the veterinarian.

While the sudden focus may be nice, it might also indicate a problem. Due to a medical condition, they may require more warmth, care, and attention.

They should understand that you are the one who loves them the most and would console them in their time of need. So take heart, write a list, and get your pet examined by a veterinarian.

If your cat initiates eye contact with you and then softly closes both eyes at the same moment, consider yourself lucky. You’ve just received a kitten kiss!

The leisurely blink of your cat suggests that he or she is at comfortable and secure in your company. You may return the experience by catching your cat’s eyes and smiling gently and thoughtfully. If one blink isn’t enough, you should attempt two.

Why Does My Cat Cuddle In The Middle Of The Night?

It’s likely that your cat feels safe and secure with you in the middle of the night, or that it’s a way for them to express their affection after a long day away.

Regardless of a cat’s reputation for being aloof, most cat owners will admit to their cat’s affection.

On the other side, some cat owners discover that their cats despise snuggling and social interaction.

While cats are complex creatures that occasionally do things for no apparent reason, there are a few theories as to why cats only desire hugs from their owners at night.

Safe and Secure

why does my cat only cuddle at night

Depending on their inclinations, your cat can show affection by snuggling with you, relaxing next to you, or rubbing up against your legs as you walk through the front door.

Many cats, on the other hand, do not stop snuggling until it is dark outside. When it becomes dark, your cat will seek toward you for cuddling for a variety of reasons.

Your cat may feel secure around you due to the simple fact that there is safety in numbers.

Cats in the wild will face numerous challenges and uncertainties at night, and the fact that they can’t see as clearly gives them comfort in knowing they aren’t alone.

Your cat may also feel safer and more at ease with you at night since your body creates the heat they require.

Cats have an average body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit, and they control the temperature by using the body as a heat source.

Cats find it difficult to regulate their body temperature on their own, especially in the winter, so don’t be shocked if you see your cat snuggling more frequently when the evenings are chilly or the air conditioning is blasting in the summer.

Because your bed is warm, it’s probable that your cat cuddles up to you when you go to bed at night. Cats, like you, like the comfort of soft, damp linens and fluffy cushions. Can you forgive them for attempting to snuggle up to you in the most comfortable spot in the house?

You’re the one in charge of feeding them. They assume you’ll look after them when they sleep since you’ve created a trusting bond with them by feeding them.

When it’s time to sleep or cuddle at night, they want to sleep or cuddle with someone they can trust.

Your cat seeks refuge in the aroma or vibrations of your body. Many people are unsure about the capabilities of their cat’s nose. A cat’s nose is far more sensitive to odors than ours.

Your aroma or the scent of their pheromones that they have rubbed on you may appeal to the cat. The tone of your voice or your breathing may also provide solace for them.

One of the primary reasons your pet likes to sleep close to you is that they hear noises that are repeated or familiar to them; the familiarity gives them with a sense of serenity and comfort.

Your cat believes you are sleeping in their territory. Cats are very protective creatures who frequently claim sections of, if not the entire house, as their own.

With this personality feature in mind, it’s reasonable to anticipate that while you’re in their area at night, your cat will cuddle up to you.

Affectionate Animals

Another reason your cat may be snuggling with you at night is that they missed you during the day and want to express their delight at seeing you again.

While dogs are more inclined to do so, cats also want to cuddle with their owners to show their love and devotion. They, like any other animal that adores its owner, cherish the opportunity to get human attention after waiting all day.

Many novice pet owners mistake a lack of snuggling as a sign that their cat doesn’t care for them; nevertheless, cats exhibit affection in a number of ways.

Cats show their owners affection in a multitude of ways besides cuddling:

Meowing and Purring

They’re showing you their stomach

Nudges to the head

Slow blinks of the eyes

At night, cry like a baby

Encouraging Cat Cuddles

why does my cat only cuddle at night

One of the nicest aspects of having a cat is how easy it is to keep an eye on them. They’re simple to look after and don’t require a lot of attention.

However, like humans, we frequently crave attention from our canine partners, and they may not always reciprocate our devotion.

As cat lovers, we must first examine why cats are the way they are, and then choose which cats are most receptive to our hugs.

Starting Affection Early

When we first bring a kitten home, its personality and attitude are heavily influenced by the socialization, care, and attention it receives in its first few weeks of life. It’s the same with their predilection for cuddling.

The more positive associations your cat has with snuggling, the more likely he or she will continue to snuggle as an adult.

However, it’s more likely that you rescued an elderly cat, in which case you had no say in how the kitten was handled or nurtured.

It’s critical to recognize that your pet has most likely past the socialisation window and is less likely to adopt a new attitude or viewpoint on snuggling in this circumstance.

Choosing the Cuddling Breed

Depending on their breed, cats, like dogs, are more or less prone to snuggle.

If you want a cat that would snuggle more, do some research before adopting a kitten to locate a breed that fits the bill.

While this does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt a loving kitten, it does raise your chances of meeting another cat who has similar characteristics.

Make Cuddling a Positive Experience

why does my cat only cuddle at night

When our cats show us affection, we all enjoy it, especially when it happens seldom.

Cuddle time is a wonderful way to show your pet how much you care, therefore it’s important to understand what makes the sensation good and terrible.

The more enjoyable memories the cat has of snuggling with you, the more likely he or she is to do it again.

Accept Them As They Are

While it’s difficult to accept, the cat may never warm up to midday hugs, and we as pet owners must accept that.

And there’s no assurance that if you do it properly from the start and shower attention on your kitten, they’ll appreciate cuddling as an adult pet.

Does this mean that they are uninterested in you? Definitely not!

It simply implies that your pet enjoys expressing his or her affection in a unique way.

If you want to encourage cuddling as soon as they arrive, make it an enjoyable pastime so that they stick around for a long time.

Why Are Cats Friendlier At Night?

This can happen to cats that have become accustomed to being alone throughout the day, especially if they have spent their whole lives inside.

They have nothing to do without human interaction, and they don’t have access to the outside world to observe, so they simply sleep.

Crepuscular cats are more aggressive at dawn and dusk than diurnal or nocturnal cats because they can see more than their prey in the twilight, which might explain why he becomes aroused in the evening.

Allow him to interact on his own terms; pressing the subject will just lead to his ignoring you throughout the day.


Cat owners from all over the world can relate to the strong attachment they share with their feline companions. Despite the fact that cats display affection on their own terms, we must support them and return their affection in a way that makes them feel safe and secure. Whether your cat cuddles with you during the day or at night, you can rest assured that they are doing so because they feel comfortable when you are nearby.

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