Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye? Should I Stop This?

Cats, like humans, have a variety of ways and techniques for expressing their affection. Some people have more weird and eccentric behaviors than others, which are beyond human comprehension.

Cats lick your eye to indicate that you are their domain and that you are their owner. Because cats may transmit illnesses to people through their eyes, this is something you should avoid.

To help you better understand your feline buddy, this article explains why your cat licks your eye.

Reasons Cats Lick Your Eyes

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye? Should I Stop This?

If you’re a cat-parent or cat-mom, you’ve probably had the pleasure of waking up to your eyes being licked (and cleaned!) by your fuzzy little baby’s sandpaper tongue.

Cats like licking, to the point where some kittens and cats purr aloud if you allow them to lick your face.

Cats may lick your eyelids for a variety of reasons, including grooming, cleaning, and protecting you from eye diseases, as well as pure affection!

Prepare to get one of the greatest kitty accolades conferred upon you if a cat enjoys licking you.

Licking is a sign of affection in cats and kittens. Here are five plausible causes for your cat licking your eyelashes.

Your Cat Licks Your Eye To Say Hello

Licking their owner is a certain technique for cats to win their owner’s attention. When a cat licks you, the rough roughness of its tongue is noticeable enough that it’s tough not to notice. Cats are smart creatures, and they communicate with people via licking.

They Are Trying To Show You Their Satisfaction

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye? Should I Stop This?

Cats frequently lick their owners to express their satisfaction with something. You could notice that they come over to kiss you more frequently in the hours after their meal or when you play with them. Licking is one of their nonverbal signals that they are concerned about you.

They Are Trying To Keep You Clean

Mother cats frequently kiss their kittens all over, including the eye region. Mother cats do this to keep their kittens clean and avoid eye infections. Your cat may have a natural instinct to treat you the same way.

They Smell Salt On Your Eye Area

It may sound unusual, but it is absolutely correct! Cats can smell the salt from our perspiration and tears on our skin, and they may approach your face to lick the area around your eyes if you’ve been weeping for a long time.

They Have An Anxiety Tick And Compulsively Lick

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye? Should I Stop This?

When it comes to obsessive licking, some cats just can’t stop themselves. It might be linked to your cat’s underlying uneasiness or a long-standing obsessive behavior. If this is the case, you should be able to identify the stressor in your cat’s life that is driving them to be compulsively lickers.

Grooming and Cleaning

Some cats prefer to be clean more than others. This is why your cat may have spent a significant amount of time licking itself while resting in the sun, soaking up the rays.

Cats regard us as larger, hairless, and stranger versions of cats (or sometimes, kittens). As a result, they may be licking your eyes to groom and clean you.

This is not unusual, since cats, particularly elder cats, are known to clean and groom kittens.

So your cat licking your eyes might be a way of expressing, “Who’s a clean kitty?” to you.


Your cat may be biting your eye because of the salty fragrance of tears.

Cats are attracted to strong fragrances, so if she observes you crying or unhappy, she may approach your face and sniff your eyes.

It’s typically due to the fact that your eyes cry, even if it’s hardly noticeable, and those tears include salt.

Wash the area more regularly to make it less appealing, and provide a bit of salt lick, which can be obtained at practically any feed shop, to fulfill your kitten’s salty demands.

Seeking Attention

Cats have a specific strategy for getting their owners’ attention: they lick them. It’s difficult not to notice when a cat licks you since the rough surface of its tongue is visible.

Cats are intelligent animals that interact with humans via licking and meowing.

Mimicking Their Moms

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye? Should I Stop This?

If a cat’s mother hisses frequently and is always on the attack, the kitten is likely to follow.

The same is true for kittens whose mothers are attached, loving, and spend a lot of time combing, cleaning, and licking them.

As a result, your cat’s behavior may reveal a lot about how it grew up among its mother and other cats and kittens.

Mimicking You

If you clean your cat’s face and wash its eyes on a regular basis, which you should, there’s a chance that your cat may copy you and return the favor.

As An Act Of Protection

Cats have a high risk of developing eye infections from the moment they are born, thus they must continually lick and clean their eyes.

It’s practically instinctual for them. As a result, your cat may be licking your eyes out of protective impulses.

Personality Quirks

Even cats, like people, have their own individual traits. Each cat has a distinct personality that distinguishes it from the others.

Some cats are highly reclusive and possessive of their own space; these are the cats who don’t particularly appreciate cuddling with their humans.

Other cats, on the other hand, are extremely sociable, clinging, and affectionate, and like human contact. When they invade your personal space — sitting on your face, lying on your lap, and even licking your face and eyes – they feel safe and protected.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Licks Your Eyes

There are a variety of reasons why your cat may lick your eyes, but most of the time there is no underlying significance behind it. Cats like licking themselves and their favorite persons, and most licking is done out of affection.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Licks Your Eyelids

Cats may be tempted to lick your eyelids because we leak salt from our eyes when we weep or tear up, and the salty flavor appeals to them. If you recently finished a workout or came inside from a hot day, you were probably sweating as well, which leaves a salty residue behind.

Cats are attracted to the taste of salt and will frequently lick in that region. Some cat owners propose giving your cat a salt lick instead of licking your eyes if you have a serious problem.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eyes When I’m Sleeping

If your cat notices your eyes moving while you’re sleeping, he or she may lick them. It’s normal for folks to suffer involuntary twitching of their eyelids or feet when they’re in the deepest stage of their REM sleep cycle.

If your cat is around while you sleep, they may notice the shift in your body language and approach you and lick you to see what’s going on.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Eyebrows

Because the hair on our brows resembles them of their own fur, cats are often drawn to lick them. Cats realize that their owners are not exactly like them, but the hair on their brows resembles fur, which they recognize.

Cats like rubbing their faces and licking soft materials such as hair. It’s a comforting behavior for them since it reminds them of when they were kittens and their mother would lick them and their siblings in the same way.

Why Does My Cat Try To Bite My Eye

As a display of affection, your cat may try to bite your eye. They exhibit their emotions in a totally different way than humans, and while this bite may be unpleasant, they are not trying to harm you. This is usually done while you’re cuddling or cuddled up together, and it’s a kind gesture.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Eyelids

Acting out and biting your eyelids is a sign that your cat is in a playful mood and has too much pent-up energy. Pounces or soft nips from cats are extremely common while they are playing. It’s preferable if this activity is aimed at another cat or a toy rather than at you.

Can You Go Blind If A Cat Licks Your Eye

It’s unlikely, but if a cat licks your eye and they’re sick with harmful diseases, you might go blind. When a woman got infected with Bartonella henselae, a disease spread by cat saliva, this happened to her some years ago.

Over 40% of cats will contain the Bartonella bacterium at some time in their lives, so be aware of this while allowing your cat to lick you. However, it is unusual for someone to go blind as a result of this.

Antibiotics will be given to a human if the illness is identified early enough, which should alleviate all symptoms. Only if antibiotics are never given and the disease is diagnosed too late in the course may a person become blind.

You’ll know if you’ve been infected immediately since symptoms occur shortly after exposure. Lymph node swelling, fever, and local swelling are all possible symptoms.

Is It Ok To Let Your Cat Lick Your Face

It’s preferable if your cat doesn’t lick your face, but if they do, make sure you clean up after them. It’s difficult to encourage cats to quit licking their humans completely, but cats can spread the disease to their owners through their saliva, therefore you should discourage this activity.

If your cat is doing this, check sure you and your cat are both healthy. Allowing your cat to lick your face excessively is never a good idea, as cats can contain germs that can be transmitted to people.

Make sure you’re taking preventative measures with your cat’s hygiene to keep them safe so both of you stay healthy. After playing with your cat, make sure you wash your hands completely. If your cat licks your face, make sure to wash it afterward since a cat’s saliva might transfer germs.

The greatest thing you can do for your cat is to make sure they get their flea medicine on a regular basis. Also, if you have an open wound or a broken skin place on your body, keep your cat away from it. Bacteria may easily enter your body through any open wound.


Cat scratch fever is a real illness that can occur when an infected cat’s saliva gets into your eyes or an open wound. While it is uncommon, if a human contracts this infection, it can be serious, leading to bacterial infection and even brain damage.

Encourage your cat to groom themselves instead of licking you to discourage them from licking you. If they continue to try to lick you while you’re sitting near them, get up and leave the room until they go on to something else.


The bacteria is transferred through saliva, which enters the body through open wounds – preexisting or caused by cat bites or scratches. Cat scratch fever can also be transmitted if the saliva touches the whites of your eyes. For instance, if kitty is licking your face or hand and you rub or touch your eye.
This preening explains why our cat licks our face when we sleep, it is a habitual act for these animals. This behavior signifies that our cat considers us part of their family. As such, they want us to be well and will take care of us by maintaining our hygiene and reinforcing our bond.
Cats who sit close to you, touch you, and slowly blink their eyes at you are showing you how much they love you, according to cat behavior expert Pam Johnson-Bennett. So, if your feline friend reaches out to gently pat your face, it’s likely a sign of cat love.
If they react to your crying, it’ll be because of your sounds and face, not your tears. Some cats will lick their owner’s tears, but this doesn’t mean much. Cats lick you due to affection and to soothe you. Just because they lick your tears specifically doesn’t mean that they understand you’re sad
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