Why Does My Cat Lick My Dog

Why Does My Cat Lick My Dog? 9 Facts You May Not Know

If you have a cat, you’ve probably seen at least one of the ways they clean themselves.

Cats are known for their regular grooming habits, so it wouldn’t surprise most cat owners to see their cats grooming many times a day.

Did you know that cats and even dogs groom other animals? You might be surprised by why they do this!

But why would my cat try to clean my dog?

Cats might lick and groom dogs to show affection or a social connection, because the dog smells interesting, or as a sign of dominance to show that the dog belongs to them. Licking is usually safe and helps your cat and dog get along better.

Below, we’ll talk about all the different reasons why your cat might be licking or grooming your dog, as well as when it’s OK for your cat to groom your dog and when it’s probably not OK for your cat to lick your dog.

Is It Normal For A Cat To Lick A Dog

Your cat licking your dog is perfectly normal. Cats like to clean themselves and the people around them all the time. Grooming is a social behaviour in which cats lick people they know and like.

If your cat is always licking your dog, you can probably be sure that they get along well and are happy to share your home.

When you hear this conversation, you don’t need to worry that something strange is going on.

Why Your Cat Licks Your Dog? Top 5 Reasons

1. Motherly Nature

Your dog is either a puppy or a young adult, and your cat is female. If this happens, the cat might feel like it has to act like a mother and take care of the puppy.

So, this is a sign of motherly love, which can only bring you happiness.

If your cat is female and your dog is a puppy or very young, you may see licking.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Dog

Cats are great parents and fiercely protect their kittens and other small pets.

In this situation, the cat has to act like a mother and take care of the puppy. It’s just a gift of love from your parents, which you should be thankful for.

2. Pack ‘em

Is your dog the most recent addition to your family? Then your cat may want to groom him to make him feel welcome in the group. You have arrived at the right place. That’s how a new friendship starts.

She is trying to make the dog part of the group. When your cat licks your fur, it’s the same thing.

He has to make sure that the dog is part of her pack, so she rubs her saliva on the dog’s fur to mark her territory. She is setting up her territory, if you will.

In the wild, cats and dogs live in groups. Even after being tamed, cats and dogs still act like herders. In the wild, licking is a sign of respect for another’s power.

In this case, the cat kissing the dog shows that it knows the dog is more important than it is. This can also go the other way around, with the cat licking the dog.

It depends on how well they get along, how long they’ve lived together, and which pet came first.

If the cat wants something that the dog has, it will sometimes bite the dog. If your pets are used to each other and play together, the cat may lick the dog to grab a toy or join the game.

All animals that live in close quarters do this, and it’s how they show how they feel.

3. Immoral Love

At its purest, love All done! You have a very lucky pet.

Your cat loves your dog very much, and she’s brushing him because he’s one of her best friends.

In general, it’s not bad that your cat is kissing your dog. It’s something that should make you happy.

It shows that they get along well, are friends, and that everyone in your family is happy. The only things that matter are care and attention.

To put it simply, your cat friend likes your dog friend. Remember that cats are more aggressive and cold-blooded than dogs, and if they got into a fight, it would be the cat who started it.

When a new dog comes into the house, cats often fight hard to protect their territory.

If this doesn’t happen, then the cat will love the dog no matter what. It doesn’t happen very often, especially in the beginning, but the pets build a trusting and caring relationship over time, as shown by the licks.

4. Spreading Positivity

Most of the time, a cat and a dog don’t get along when they first meet. They are likely to get angry and fight, but this doesn’t always happen.

They will be apart for a few days, but once they get to know each other, you might see some licking.

When you first get your cat and try to train it, give it treats when it does something good. You’ll remember the faint licks.

When the dog makes polite advances, especially after they’ve been together for a while, the same thing happens.

If the dog is quiet and looks where the kiss is going, it will happen again. All of it comes down to making a good first impression and making sure the dog has a good relationship with you.

5. Grooming

Cats are known for their ability to clean themselves, but they don’t need to be washed as often as dogs do.

This doesn’t mean that dogs don’t wash themselves, because they do. They just don’t do it as often as cats do.

So, it’s likely that the cat’s licks are brushing the dog. This happens when the cat thinks the dog is a member of the family, especially if the dog found the cat first.

Dogs often use the grooming lick to calm down. Until they get to know each other, your cat might try to chew on your new dog.

You might see the dog give the cat a kiss in response to all the love and attention.

What Your Cat Licking Your Dog Probably Isn’t…

Let’s look at some things that probably aren’t why your cat wants to lick and groom the dog.

It’s Probably Not A Mother Instinct

Female cats have very strong maternal instincts when it comes to their kittens, but it’s unlikely that your cat has the same instincts when it comes to grooming your adult dog. Kittens stay clean, dry, and warm because their mothers lick and groom them.

One of the main reasons a mother cat licks her kittens is to get them to go to the bathroom.

When they are born, kittens can’t go to the bathroom on their own, so they have to rely on their mother to help them.

Most likely, when your cat licks your dog, it’s not to help him go to the bathroom.

It’s Probably Not Because Your Cat Is Mistaking Your Dog For Another Cat

Cats and dogs talk in very different ways, and your cat probably doesn’t think your dog is anything but a dog.

Cats and dogs can pick up on and copy the behaviour of other animals, but they also know how they are different from other species.

Your cat may see your dog as a member of their family and home, but they probably won’t think of your dog as just another cat.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Licks A Dog

Seeing your cat lick your dog is a good sign that the two get along well. Cats don’t usually get along with other cats or dogs they don’t like, so licking is a great way to tell if your cat is happy and thinks they are friends.

If a cat licks a dog, it means the cat is okay with the dog being there and wants to show love or affection. Cats and dogs are often shown as mortal enemies, but this isn’t always the case.

Your cat and dog will always have a unique relationship, but if you introduce them in a healthy way, they usually get along well.

How well the two animals will get along depends on many things, such as their sizes, ages, and personalities. You can be happy that the animals like each other if you see a cat licking a dog or a dog licking a cat back.

Why Does My Cat Lick Then Bite My Dog

When cats groom themselves, they tend to lick rather than bite. Even though we don’t know for sure why cats do it, we can make a guess based on what they are trying to say. Cats do this to show that they are not finished grooming their young or another cat.

Also, cats will sometimes bite a dog or a person to let them know they need space and are done with something. When your cat nips at your dog, it means it’s time for some alone time.

On the other hand, cats nip each other to show that they want to play. If you see your cat doing this with your dog, you’ll have to use other clues from the situation to figure out how your cat feels.

Why Do Cats Lick Dog’s Faces

When cats lick, endorphins are released in their brains, which make them feel good.

When a cat licks a dog’s face, it might be trying to catch your dog’s scent. Cats can tell the difference between people and other animals by licking and getting a response.

This could be your cat’s way of making sure it’s your dog. It’s also possible that your cat was trying to show affection by licking your dog and accidentally hit the dog in the face.

Why Do Cats Lick Dog’s Ears

Cats have a good sense of smell, and when they lick a dog’s ears, they can smell earwax. Because the smell of earwax is appealing to cats, when they smell it on a dog, they are drawn to it.

Earwax is just dead skin cells and fatty acids from the ear canal. Cats can pick up on this smell and use it to find food. This is why they often lick a dog’s ear because they think the earwax is food.

Even though it’s not dangerous for your cat to eat earwax, your dog probably won’t like it when your cat licks their ear.

If you see this happening, you can distract your cat with a toy or something else to keep your animals from fighting.

Why Does My Cat Start Biting My Dog During Grooming?

During grooming, your cat may start to bite your dog, and it’s not unusual for cats to lick their owners and then bite them.

This may be a way for the cat to show the dog that it is more important or “dominant” in the relationship.

Cats may bite if they are too excited. Biting is a way for them to get rid of extra energy and a sign that they want the interaction to end (even if they were the ones to initiate it in the first place).

Most of the time, the bites are not meant to hurt the dog, but if either pet seems scared or upset, the owners should separate them.

Why You Should Allow Your Cat to Lick Your Dog

The cat shows the dog that it is safe and doesn’t fear the dog by grooming and licking it. Letting your cat lick and groom your dog helps them get along and learn to talk to each other.

The cat and dog can also figure out their social roles by grooming each other. This keeps the house quiet and peaceful.

When You Shouldn’t Allow Your Cat to Lick Your Dog

You shouldn’t always let your cat lick your dog. Some flea and tick treatments for dogs are dangerous for cats to eat.

This includes both chemical and non-chemical treatments (such as tea tree oil). When you treat your dog for fleas and ticks, it’s usually best if your cat doesn’t groom him.

Depending on the breed, cats can get hairballs if they eat too much of your dog’s fur or hair.

Most cats can easily cough up a good-sized hairball, but if your cat has a lot of hairballs, you should limit how much time it spends grooming your dog or give your cat a hairball treatment.

How To Make My Cat And Dog Get Along

If your animals are always fighting or growling at each other, it’s time for an animal intervention. Make sure the cat and dog meet in a location that is not either of their homes.

You can also try giving them food or toys to take their mind off the situation and make them feel better.

Gradually spend more time with them every day so they can sniff each other out and get to know each other.

If you still can’t get your cat and dog to get along, don’t give up. Animals can take years to learn to get along with each other.

If they never do, come up with a plan to keep them in different parts of the house where they won’t bother each other.

Is Your Dog Fond Of Licking By Cat?

At first, the dog might be surprised that the cat is friendly instead of mean and angry.

Your dog might not want to be around the cat because it thinks it is acting strangely.

There might have been a fight until a cat licked the dog, which made the dog think the cat was mean.

The more the cat licks the puppy, the more they like each other.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Dog

The dog learns to stay still, and in return, the cat gives the dog a kiss.

Licking is how cats and dogs show they love each other.

Maybe your cat likes your puppy because he’s small, cute, and playful, and the cat, especially if it’s a female cat, feels protective of it.

They like earwax, so your cat can lick your dog’s ear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell if your dog and cat are playing or fighting?

Your cat can swipe with its claws pulled back, but your dog can bite the cat without using its teeth.

Even though your dog might make some noises of excitement because of the simulated battle, your cat is usually deaf.

They can even take turns chasing, as long as they stay in the game.

Why does my cat lick then bite my dog?

Cats show their love by licking, nibbling, and chewing on things. Most of the time, this is what happens when two cats brush up against each other.

This is how cats usually act, and he doesn’t want to hurt you. When he bites, all you can do is stop touching him and move away.

Do cats feel love when you kiss them?

Some cats seem to like, or at least not mind, being kissed by people. When you kiss your cat, he knows you’re trying to show him love because he gets closer to you, purrs, and rubs his head against you.

Is licking a sign of dominance in dogs?

A dog might lick another person to show who is in charge. This is a move with more thought and commitment.

It wouldn’t be good or right in this situation. Licking someone who doesn’t want to be licked could be seen as a sign of power and superiority.

Why do cats lick then bite me?

When cats clean themselves, they may sometimes bite. When your cat is just grooming you, love bites are more likely to happen.

If your cat licks you more than once, she might be trying to clean you, but if she only licks you once and then scratches you, it’s probably a love bite.

Why does my cat gently bite me?

Some cats will gently nibble or bite their owners to show that they love them. It happens a lot in kittens and is said to be like when a mother cat gives her babies little bites to clean them.


Even though it might seem strange to see your cat licking and grooming your dog, it could be good for both of them.

Cats and dogs get along in different ways, just like cats themselves. If your cat gives your dog a quick bath, it may be trying to make friends with your dog.

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