Why Does My Cas Lick Blankets: Probable Causes And Expert Sugge

Cat owners spend hours watching their pets, amused and perplexed by their antics. Kniading and sucking on blankets is one of the most unusual behaviors that cats exhibit.

In their paws, felines have smell glands. By kneading the blanket, they can claim it as their own domain. Kittens also knead the nipples of their mothers to release milk. It’s a type of comforting behavior if your cat is sucking on the blanket while kneading.

Cats have strange habits when it comes to blankets that humans don’t understand. Things will soon become evident if you’ve ever wondered what your cat is thinking while purring contentedly in bed.

Reasons Cats Lick Blankets

why does my cat lick my blanket

Blanket Licking Is Relaxing and Comforting To Cats

Experts believe that cats lick and breastfeed on blankets for a variety of reasons, one of which being comfort. Different textiles’ textures may remind them of breastfeeding as kittens, or grooming and snuggling with their littermates.

Your Cat Might Have Been Separated From Their Mother Too Early

This is also considered to be more frequent in cats who were separated from their moms too soon. Because of their separation, these cats are likely to have a higher nursing desire than typical, but that doesn’t mean that licking and nursing blankets is a bad thing for them. It’s possible that it’ll be more soothing than normal.

Your Cat Trusts You

Licking blankets makes your cat more vulnerable than normal, especially if they bite them and knead their paws like they’re nursing. If they do this while sitting on your lap or next to you, you can bet they have a lot of faith in you. Your cat is letting you know that they trust you to keep them safe, or at the very least alert them if harm is on the way.

Your Cat Might Have Pica

why does my cat lick my blanket

Unfortunately, blanket licking may be a serious problem at times. If your cat bites and eats anything in sight, this is one of them. In that situation, you should consult your veterinarian regarding the potential of your cat having Pica.

Pica is an eating condition that affects both humans and cats. It indicates that your cat eats everything, including items that are completely inedible. Because there is a serious possibility of severe instances, it’s essential to see your veterinarian for advice on how to handle it. They could even suggest therapies to assist your cat stop eating things that aren’t food.

Stress Is Impacting Your Cats Behavior

Stress, particularly prolonged stress, is another prevalent cause of blanket licking. Basically, your cat is attempting to self-soothe in order to feel better about the circumstance, which might explain why cats lick their blankets more when they are agitated or in new situations.

It’s similar to purring, which can indicate happiness or stress/pain. Cats utilize the same actions that they do when they’re happy as a coping method when they’re sad.

Food Stains

Have you ever dropped a piece of food or a drink on your blanket and then forgotten to wipe it up? Your cat may be enticed to lick the filthy blanket because of the stains. Cats have a keen sense of smell and will be attracted to aromas of food and drink on bedding. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. Simply toss your soiled blanket in the washing machine. To deter licking, you may also spray repellent odors on the materials.


why does my cat lick my blanket

To self-soothe, some cats may groom themselves excessively or lick other objects. If you’ve recently relocated, altered your cat’s regular routine, or brought a new pet into the house, your cat may be experiencing anxiety. Spraying soothing pheromones throughout your house can help her relax. If your cat’s fear persists, talk to your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medication.

Certain Breed

Certain cat breeds, such as Siamese and other Oriental cats, may lick cloth more than others. It’s possible that this is attributable to the breed’s prolonged weaning time.

Your Cat is Happy

If your cat is overjoyed, she could lick the blanket. This is due to the fact that your blanket has your fragrance on it, which makes her feel comfortable and protected.

Compulsive Behaviors

It’s possible that your cat’s strange behavior has no significance. She may lick blankets for no other reason than she loves it.

Tips to Stop Blanket Licking

why does my cat lick my blanket

If your cat’s blanket licking is bothering you, there are several things you can do to stop it. They are as follows:

Using repellent scents to spray blankets

When your pet stops licking the blanket, reward her with high-value food.

There will be no access to any bedding or blankets for the cat.

Purchasing chew toys for cats

These easy tricks can both divert and deter your cat from licking the blanket.


Your cat loves to lick your blanket because he has evolved to like the taste of it. Cats are very much alike to humans when it comes to their instinctual behaviors. Just as we eat food and water because we like the way they feel on our tongues, our cats also like the way it feels when they lick our blankets. Just as our pets are programmed by nature to perform certain behaviors and actions, it is possible to learn and teach new behaviors and patterns to your pet. Learn how to train your cat and other dogs.

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