Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All of a Sudden? 8 Reasons

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in the house and suddenly the cat stops staring at you? It’s because it has heard you coming and knows what you’re about to say—or do—and is ready to spring away.

This article will help you to understand why your cat ignores you. There’s a reason your cat ignores you, and it’s not because you’re an annoying person.

Here are the top 10 things that could be driving your cat to ignore you, and some of the easiest fixes to make it stop!

Why Does My Cat Ignore Me?

why does my cat ignore me

You recently returned home with your freshly adopted pet. You have all of their food, supplies, treats, and toys to keep even the most restless feline occupied. You believe your cat should be overjoyed, but they’re acting distant instead. They frequently flee from your extended arms and avoid embraces! You could be thinking to yourself, “Why is my cat ignoring me?” The answer is almost certainly nothing. The most prevalent causes of your cat giving you the “cold shoulder” are listed below.

It’s Natural

Take heart in the fact that you’re not alone if your cat ignores you. Any other cat owner will undoubtedly tell you that their cat ignores them at least some of the time. This is because social engagement isn’t always vital for cats. Solitary predators were most likely your cat’s ancestors. They didn’t require or desire human attention, and they probably didn’t interact with other cats much.

In the end, cats and humans are not the same. While humans flourish in some form of social network, cats are not obligated to socialize with other cats. Showing love and paying attention aren’t as crucial to them as they think. It doesn’t mean they don’t care about you; it just means they express themselves in various ways. They don’t realize that by ignoring you, they are possibly hurting your feelings. They simply don’t feel compelled to engage in conversation at that time, so they don’t. It’s not about you.

They’re Relaxing

why does my cat ignore me

Cats may sleep for up to 18 hours every day. They settle up for a sumptuous cat sleep on a sunny area on the floor, a cozy spot on the couch, or an empty box in the closet. Some of the finest things about being a cat are those pleasant slumbers, and most cats take their sleep very seriously. They don’t care about your human sleep pattern, but they do care about catching and keeping their own.

If you call your cat’s name (assuming you’ve taught them to recognize and respond to it) and they don’t get up, it’s possible they’re too relaxed to get up. Do you enjoy it when a member of your family disrupts your nap? Certainly not. Cats are the same as dogs. They’re not going to wake up from their snooze only to pay attention to you.

They’re Stressed

Although napping all day seems appealing, cats are nonetheless agitated. They’re more prone to disregard you when they’re worried. When cats are scared, they ignore them. They also turn a blind eye to persons who live in violent or unsettling surroundings. A cat may retreat inside themselves and disregard the people around them if they detect a threat.

Some cats are inherently more worried than others, and they may be concerned about something you wouldn’t consider. It’s critical to provide a secure atmosphere for your cat and to respect their sensitivities in order to help them feel more at ease. Never strike, scream at, or kick your cat. Avoid making rapid movements or making loud noises, and educate your children to do the same.

They’re Getting Older

Another reason cats neglect people is that they are becoming older. Your cat may have hearing loss, visual loss, or cognitive problems if they are older. They aren’t attempting to avoid you; in fact, they may not even be aware that you are calling their name.

It’s also likely that your older cat is in discomfort because of arthritis. Standing up after resting down is extremely hard on their painful joints, so they aren’t getting up to meet you. It’s critical to see a veterinarian for advice on how to keep your elderly cat happy, healthy, and comfortable.

It does not want to be bothered

It’s possible that your cat just does not want to be disturbed. If your cat avoids you when you try to catch its attention when it is sleeping, this is more likely. In this instance, it could be better to wait until it feels more alive naturally before attempting to attract its attention.


why does my cat ignore me

Another possibility is that your cat has contracted an ailment that has left it exhausted. This is particularly likely if your cat started doing it abruptly and has been displaying other symptoms of illness. In this scenario, a visit to the veterinarian for a checkup might be beneficial.

Problems with its hearing

Another possibility is that your cat has been having hearing problems as a result of anything like an ear injury. This is more likely if your cat has suddenly begun ignoring you but does not strive to avoid you and occasionally comes over to offer you attention. Again, the best solution in this circumstance is to take it to a veterinarian.

It does not understand what you are saying

When your cat ignores you when you try to communicate with it, it’s most likely because it doesn’t comprehend what you’re saying. This is more probable if your cat ignores you in instances where you are asking it to come inside, for example.

A lack of trust

It’s also possible that your cat has discovered that listening to you does not guarantee that it will obtain what it wants. If you tap its food dish to urge it to come inside when it isn’t time for food, for example, it will rapidly learn not to listen.


Cats may get depressed as well, which could explain why your cat has been neglecting you. This is more likely if your cat began doing it after an incident such as the death or departure of another cat or owner.

It does not like how you interact with it

Another reason might be that your cat dislikes how you interact with it. This is more probable if you do things like firmly touch your cat when it does pay attention to you.

Is There Anything You Can Do?

why does my cat ignore me

If your kitty’s cold shoulder is causing you pain, you may take efforts to build your link and enhance your relationship. Make sure you’re not only paying attention to your cat when you want it. Even if you and your cat have different schedules, it’s crucial to pay attention to them while they’re in a good mood.

You should also be aware that cats do not distinguish between good and negative attention. When they knock a cup off the counter, it’s possible they’re doing it to draw your attention. It makes no difference if you’re angry. They’ll be pleased that you’re interested in them. If you give your cat attention on their terms, they may be more likely to come when you call the following time.

A Few Tips

As their attachment with their guardian grows stronger, cats may become more sociable. There are steps you may do to build the trust that is necessary for a positive connection with your cat. Try to avoid making quick movements or grasping things that aren’t yours. You may also keep children occupied by providing mental stimulation (toys, vertical heights, visual stimulation). Make sure you’re not always using the same tool, as cats might become bored quickly. Your cat will learn that you are a person they can trust as a result of these efforts, and may respond better to your calls or social interactions.

“Why is my cat ignoring me?” I’m still perplexed. Finally, understanding cats’ preferences for giving and receiving affection isn’t always straightforward. It’s as though they’re a completely other species! It’s pointless to attempt to make them look like ourselves. Keep them safe and healthy, offer them affection, and let them to play. After that, take a step back and let them to be who they are. Winning a cat’s friendship might be difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

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When I look at him, all he’s interested in is playing with his toys and sleeping. But, what if he didn’t play with toys or sleep? What if he was curious about something that I couldn’t see? What if he really wanted to play or sleep, but didn’t know how? To my surprise, I found out that cats aren’t very good at reading. Instead, they learn from observing their environment and making assumptions. They need a lot of experience to understand what’s going on around them. And, if they have a lot of experience, they can predict the future, which is very valuable to survival.

why is my cat avoiding me all of a sudden
why is my cat suddenly ignoring me
why is my kitten ignoring me all of a sudden
why is my cat suddenly avoiding me
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