Why Does My Cat Hit Me With Her Tail? Is He Trying To Play?

It happens every single day, even when he’s not hungry. And even though he may not understand why we want to hit him, he doesn’t like it.

The first thing you should know is that cats don’t slap people with their tails. The tails of some cats are too short to reach a person’s face. The cat is more likely to hit you with his front paws or legs.

A cat has a lot of interesting and unique things to say. For example, did you know that cats have the ability to count up to 10? In this video, we learn about the many ways a cat can communicate with us.

Reasons Cats Hit You With Their Tail

 Stay Away!

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail

The most likely cause for your cat’s single flick of the tail to the leg is that you are in the way of your cat and should move.

Because your cat isn’t an animal lover, a pick-up, or anything else he believes you can hurt “to it” when you go too close, he’ll most likely knock you down with his tail.

Your cat has a limited number of ways to exhibit affection and a limited number of ways to indicate his changeable emotions. It’s fairly uncommon for the cat to swat his tail in your face when you’re sleeping.

When you’re watching TV, your cat may whack you with his tail. They invent methods to communicate, and one of the ways they convey their unhappiness is through annoyance.

Many cats knock things over, destroy furniture, and even have litter boxes that they may break into while you’re sleeping or sitting in your favorite chair.

Irritated Pet

When your cat is angry, they will strike you with their tail in a series of quick, sharp touches. When your cat’s tail flips quickly, it’s usually a sign that he’s in pain.

Instead of holding high, your cat’s tail may be tucked, indicating irritability, agitation, or fear.

Cats may be irritated by the presence of people on occasion. They show their displeasure by wagging their tail in a back-and-forth motion.

You may be sure that your cat is emotionally disturbed and upset if you notice these indicators in him.

When cats are unable to reach the source of an animal assault, they may become violent as a result of their frustration. Many cats, for example, are averse to having their bellies handled and have been known to become agitated when petted.

It’s Eating Time

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail

When a cat gets hungry, it will walk by and lash out with its tail. Your cat is attempting to communicate to you that they are looking forward to their next meal by making this action with an intended feeling of urgency.

Cats feed at the same time every day and have a sense of when it’s time for their stomach feeling. To solicit food, cats frequently begin to whine, whine, and even hit your tail.

If you see your cat eating quickly or fighting over food on a regular basis, it might be a sign that it’s time to change up your regular meals or even consider different servings of food.

When your cat continues to eat ravenously even after you’ve changed their food, it might be a sign of a medical problem.

Anxiety Kills The Cat!

A cat will crouch down to the ground and flick its tail when it is upset about anything.

They may be sitting next to you, peering out the window and slapping you on the back of the head with their tail. It’s an attempt to urge you to look at what they’re looking at, but most of the time it’s nothing.

Your cat may wrap its tail around you when you enter a new room. It’s a strategy akin to holding your hand that makes them feel protected. Their tail will be wrapped around your waist as they follow you around the room.

They’re typically linked to things that make individuals uncomfortable, such as significant changes in routines or surroundings. Cats may get nervous as a result of a move or the addition of a new family member.

When you’re petting your cat and they start slapping their tail, it means they’re becoming weary of being petted. You should put a stop to it right there, otherwise your small kitten will turn into a huge ball of flames!

Accidental Touch

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail

From time to time, your cat’s tail may accidently hit you.

Cats like accidently touching you since that’s how they can disturb humans, and seeing us bothered may be a tremendous amount of enjoyment for them.

Cats want to be close to their owners and will commonly run about beneath your feet while you work or move around the house. You’re at work and ignoring your poor kitten; this is inexcusable to them.

Your Cat Is Greeting You

People shake hands or embrace one other to say hello, but cats can do the same with their tails.

Imagine arriving home from a long day at work, and your cat greets you by wrapping its tails around your arms as you enter the house.

That would be such a beautiful sight! And that’s all a cat person wants!

Your Cat Is Angry

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail

This is the expression to be careful of when your cat flicks his tail downward and swishes it back and forth. If you see this, give your cat lots of space to process its emotions.

Tail slapping might be an indication of your cat’s aggressive or irritated behavior. Stop petting your cat if it starts slapping its tail.

While you are watching television, cats may slap you with their tail. They may want to play, but if they see you concentrating on the screen rather than them, they will be frustrated.

Cats can also swat their tails at other pets in the home to convey their wrath or annoyance.

If one cat wants to play but the other does not, the one who wants to play may slap its tail to warn the other cat not to approach.

Your Cat Wants You To Move

A flick of the tail to the leg might indicate that you are in the way of your cat and that they want you to move. Maybe you’re preventing them from entering a room or preventing them from passing through a door, but your cat is letting you know that you’re getting in their way.

Your Cat Is Irritated

Your cat will strike you with their tail in a succession of fast, sharp touches when they are furious. A fast flip of the tail is typically an indication that your cat is in distress.

This can happen when you’re brushing their fur and they’re ready for you to quit, or if you’ve been patting them for a while and they’ve had enough. The mood of a cat may change fast, and you can tell by looking at its tail.

Other signs that your cat is annoyed with you include: Examine your cat’s ears to determine whether they are likewise pinned back and in a hard, unyielding position.

If you notice your cat engaging in these activities, the best thing you can do is walk away and ignore him. Acting normally conveys to them that there is no danger or annoyance present, allowing them to relax more quickly.

Your Cat Is Hungry

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail

If a cat is hungry, it will occasionally walk by and flick its tail angrily. This move is usually made with an intentional sense of haste; your cat is attempting to convey to you that they are looking forward to their next meal.

If you’re eating something and your cat wants some, they could do the same.

Take disciplinary measures if you detect your cat becoming extremely enraged around mealtimes. If you continue to let your cat to act out when it is hungry, the problem will only become worse. When cats are extremely food oriented, they should not be provided with food.

Your Cat Is Ready For Some Playtime

If it’s an hour of the day when your cat generally has a lot of activity, they may come by and whack you with their tail to indicate that they want some attention.

Look for your cat to do this in the morning or late at night after they’ve had their meals.

A lively cat will generally find a toy or anything to throw about, and may even get the “zoomies” and run in circles around your house. Break out the toys and get ready to play with your pet when you watch this!

Anxiety And Nervousness Are Bothering Your Cat

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail

A peek at a cat’s tail is usually one of the first ways to detect if it is concerned about something going on in its environment. When a cat is distressed, it will stoop down to the ground and swish its tail. If your cat is more vocal, this position may be followed by a worried meow.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Brushes Its Tail Against You

When a cat brushes its tail on your body, it is leaving its aroma on your skin. When a cat does this, they leave their mark on you, claiming you as their own. Take this as a tremendous complement!

Cats seldom approach strangers if they don’t like them, and they’re much less inclined to rub up against them unless they have a strong bond with them.

Cats have smell glands at the base of their tails, thus rubbing against you helps them to leave a trace of their fragrance on you, allowing other animals to recognize you as their person.

Cats will do this on a regular basis, and you may find that they come up to you the most on days when you have been out of the house for the longest time.

This occurs because any aroma they left on your body has now worn off, and they will return to brush up against you to ensure they leave a new scent on your body.

Cats have a terrible reputation for making considerable tail movements when they are displeased or agitated, however this is not the case.

Cats are more likely to rub up against you as a gesture of affection than as an indication of serious irritation.


Cats are very affectionate animals. And, when they’re not, it’s usually because something has made them angry. And, for whatever reason, they like to punish you by slapping their tail on your face. I’ve never seen any videos or articles that explain why they do this. But, I can tell you that they do.

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