Why Does My Cat Drag My Clothes Into The Litter Box

Why Does My Cat Drag My Clothes Into The Litter Box? 9 Facts

You might be surprised to find out that you’re not the only one who doesn’t understand why your cat takes your clothes and puts them in her litter box.

Many cat owners don’t know what to do about clothes in the litter box. We do have answers for you, though.

So why does my cat pee on my clothes?

Most likely, she doesn’t like the quality or amount of litter in the box and is trying to make up for it by burying poop in your clothes.

Your cat could also be trying to get your attention, following its instincts to move kittens and prey, or defending its territory.

In this post, we’ll talk about some strange things about cats that have to do with carrying and hoarding, like how your cat sees cleanliness and how your clothes fit into that.

Then we’ll tell you how to keep your valuables from falling into the litter box.

Why My Cat Drags Clothes Into The Litter Box: Top 9 Reasons

1. Hiding Herself While Pooping Or Peeing

If you haven’t tried this yet, you should follow your cat and pay attention to her.

When your cat needs to poop or pee, she will go pick up your clothes and put them in front of the litter box.

She will then go behind the litter box to push the clothes into the box and make sure she is completely covered while she poos or pees.

She’ll crap or pee and then come out of that cloth when she’s happy that I’m completely covered.

For your amusement, I’ll tell you that she’ll need a new piece of fabric every time she needs to poop or pee.

This seems to be a natural way for people to act. We often don’t understand our pets, even though they are more like us and need privacy just like we do. This is also because pets think the bathroom is the most dangerous place for them.

2. Not Comfortable With The Environment

All cats are different, just like people, so there could be something else going on.

We humans can’t tell when our pets’ environments change, but they can. There are new smells, colours, houses, and sounds, and it takes pets some time to get used to them.

Why Does My Cat Drag My Clothes Into The Litter Box

In this case, covering herself with clothes that smell like home will be like giving a child a security blanket.

This is more of a stress reaction, and your cat would probably go to her litter box and sleep for hours in this strange situation.

Don’t forget that you are your cat’s parent and that he or she feels safest around you.

3. Trauma From Their Past Lives

No, I don’t mean in one of their nine previous lives.

I just mean that whoever took care of your cute little cat before you did a bad job.

If the cat was put in a kennel or shelter and forced to use a rag or towel instead of a litter box, or if the litter box wasn’t cleaned often enough, the poor animal would get used to using a cloth, and it would use any piece of fabric it could find around the house instead of the rag or towel.

Keep all of your clothes in cupboards and lock them. Wash any clothes that might smell like you often, and make sure the washing machine is out of reach of the little furry thief who wants to grab any loose fabric he or she can find.

4. Allergies/Dislike To The Litter

Maybe your cat is upset because the litter is too dry, or maybe your furry friend has an allergy to that kind of kitty litter.

They might be dragging the clothes into the box to make a cozy barrier between themselves and the allergen.

If your cat scratches at the litter box or just puts clothes on top of it, you can tell that he is allergic to it or doesn’t like the way it feels or smells.

If it’s the second, it’s probably because of old habits, but if it’s the first, it’s probably because he doesn’t like that kind of litter.

You can help him calm down by playing with different kinds that have different textures and smells. You can even try an all-natural kind of kitty litter made of recycled paper, which is now easy to find.

If your cat always knocks over the food bowls, you might want to look into this.

5. Insufficient Litter In The Box

To make sure they always have enough litter to do their business, the litter box should always be about two-thirds full.

If you don’t, they’ll try to cover up the litter that’s already in the box with any fabric they can find. Cats don’t care if it’s your gym pants or your wedding dress.

6. Sense Of Security

On the other hand, cats are some of the most sensitive living things. When they feel too much stress or worry about their safety, they tend to retreat into their own comfort zone, where they feel safe from the scary things in the outside world.

As you can see, wrapping yourself up in warm clothes can be a way for cats to deal with the danger they think is around them.

Because the smell of your clothes lets your cats know that they are not alone when they are having trouble with their anxiety when you are not there.

7. Attention Seeker

Cats really want to be petted and looked at all the time. They can get into a lot of trouble at times.

Why Does My Cat Drag My Clothes Into The Litter Box

When it feels like its parents are too busy with work to show it the love it needs, it does sneaky things to get their attention.

Cats are a very healthy species, as you can see. They might be a symbol of the God of Mischief, who would break or destroy anything to get people’s attention.

You should think about these cute things when your cat licks and kneads you.

8. Comfort Clothing

Just as people find comfort in lounging in their pyjamas and cuddling with other people, your pet may find the smell of your clothes comforting and want to cuddle with it when you’re not around.

I don’t know what would be more comforting than that. But I can see how it would be annoying to see your nice clothes being pulled day after day into your cat’s litter box.

If this is why your cat is acting strangely, the solution is easy: find an old piece of your clothing, preferably one that still smells like you, and leave it just out of your cat’s reach so he can use it instead of anything that has practical or emotional value to you.

Another important tip is to put away all the other clothes you own. If you don’t, you might find that your cat wears more of your clothes than you do.

9. The Cleanliness Is Not Up to Their Expectation

You might think you clean the litter box often enough, but your cat might not agree.

It’s best to clean the litter box at least once or twice a day and change the litter at least twice a week, but this will depend on how many cats you have.

It might seem like a lot, but you have to do it, or your cat might get mad and try to cover up the dirty litter box with your clothes if you don’t.

Tips for Keeping Your Clothes out of the Litter Box

If you know why your cat is putting your clothes in her litter box, you will know how to stop her from doing it.

Putting your clothes in a hamper or closet will make it harder for your cat to steal them, but it’s even better if you can figure out why she does it in the first place.

Litter Box Maintenance

To start, clean your cat’s litter box every day, more than once. This could solve the problem completely if she is trying to bury an overflowing litter box with your clothes.

You could also try different kinds of litter. Think about natural or unscented options, as well as fine or rough textures.

Make sure there is enough litter in the box for your cat to dig and cover her stools as she likes.

If you think your cat just likes to go to the bathroom on fabric and that no kind of litter will do, try putting a few squares of paper towels or toilet paper in the litter box for her to use.

Dealing with Insecurity and Mothering Instincts

A cat who is upset because of a recent change in its life may just need time to get used to it. During this time of change, you might want to keep her out of some parts of the house. This will make the change easier and keep her from getting to your clothes.

Make sure your cat feels safe using the litter box, and give her a few other places in the house where she can hide and feel safe. Cat trees are the best choice for this.

If you think your cat is dragging clothes around as a natural behaviour, maybe to replace kittens or prey, try giving her something else to do.

Small toys made of plush often work well. Any time you can give her one-on-one attention, it will make her less likely to grab her clothes to get your attention or because she is jealous. Offering Enrichment

 Providing Enrichment

When a cat is bored, she may steal clothes and other things to keep for herself. Cats are natural hunters, so they need a lot of stimulation that an indoor pet can’t give them.

You can make sure your cat gets a lot of enrichment by giving it a fun place to live and playing with it often.

Cat trees and toys are great for keeping your cat’s attention off of you, but cardboard boxes, balls, and pin lights are also safe and easy things for your cat to play with.

How To Stop Cat From Dragging Your Clothes Into Litter Box

You could hang your old, worn-out clothes near where your cat sleeps.

If you find one or more of your clothes in your cat’s litter box, put some of your old clothes that smell like you near the litter box so she can cover herself while she gets used to her new surroundings.

Why Does My Cat Drag My Clothes Into The Litter Box

You might want to put away your laundry baskets.

Stop putting your laundry baskets where your cat can get to them. Your cat loves your clothes, and even if you put them in the shed next to the house, she will get to them while you’re sleeping, and you’ll find them in her litter box again.

Right away, put your clothes in the washing machine.

You can also put the clothes directly in the washing machine instead of putting them in a laundry basket, which is easier for cats to get to.

If you have a top-loading machine, you can tighten the lid or put something heavy on top, like a cinder block, to make it hard for your cat to lift up and take your clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cat drags only garments in a litter box?

That’s a question only a cat could correctly answer, but it makes sense that your clothes were impeding what they wanted to do.

They had to kill and hide it because they had no other choice. Or they just liked the way it felt, and nothing else about it meets her needs. Or, like in the first case, they were taught to use it as children.

Can there be a particular person whose clothes are dragged away in the litter box by a cat?

It depends entirely on the cat. Every cat is different, just as every person is different. Some cats like to pull on the clothes of people they like or don’t like. Some cats picked out the smelliest clothes to throw away.

Some cats choose their food based on how it feels. Some cats will wear any kind of fabric. Isn’t it true that those smart little animals are sometimes hard to predict?

How often should you change cat litter?

Clay litter should usually be changed twice a week, but I think your cats would be happier if you changed the litter every day.


Most cats put clothes in the litter box to keep things as clean and organized as possible. If the litter box is clean and well-filled, this won’t happen. Those who need attention and routine can pick up new habits quickly.

Some cats may be harder to train than others, but with a few changes and consistency, you should be able to keep your clothes out of the litter box and keep your cat happy and healthy.

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