Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like a Tree? 3 Reasons

This article, which was first published in 2021, is still one of the most popular on our site. “Why does my cat climb on me?” enquired an anonymous user.

Because you’re a warm, friendly, loving person, the cat on the left is crawling on you. Cats regard humans as individuals who are friendly and trustworthy. It’s completely safe to be in our company. Because you’re a terrifying, unpredictable, violent person, the cat on the right is climbing on you. Cats perceive us as individuals who will push them away and make them feel unsafe in our presence. We can’t be trusted. They are unable to place their faith in us. The first step in resolving this issue is to increase our kitty appeal.

There are three reasons why your cat may climb on you, according to cat enthusiasts. What are the three reasons your cat climbs on you, though? It’s not a game or a scrape on the face.

Why My Cat Climbs Me Like a Tree

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like a Tree? 3 Reasons

Tree-climbing animals are the ancestors of cats. It’s why they can scale people, locations, and stuff so well. Consider this: they have powerful rear legs, razor-sharp claws, razor-sharp eyes, and unrivaled agility. Their harmony is very excellent. Going high also provides them with a better view position from which to locate prey and get early alerts about other predators. When cats are elevated above the ground and have a clear perspective of their surroundings, they feel safer. That’s one reason cats prefer to sleep on the edge of the bed.

It’s only natural that if you’re the tallest person in the room, they’ll try to climb you. Consider that for a moment. From the perspective of a little cat, you don’t appear to be all that different from a tree. You’re standing stationary with a trunk and branches. What makes you think they won’t try to climb you? Kittens will also want to climb high, but they also have a strong desire to explore and a boundless energy that makes everything (even climbing) look like fun. They’re interested, trying themselves, and learning their talents in the same manner as toddlers are when they’re initially exploring their surroundings on their own.

Your cat needs more affection

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like a Tree? 3 Reasons

Cats want attention and may frequently act out if they do not receive it. Many cat owners are prone to neglecting their pets. When you ignore your cat, he will discover creative methods to grab your attention. Your cat’s attempts to win your affection will be odd. If you know you don’t want your cat to bother you when you’re working, spend more time with them. Pet them and attempt to do things that show you care about them. They will no longer climb you if you show them you love them by being affectionate to them.

They need an actual cat tree

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like a Tree? 3 Reasons

You’re already attached to your cat, and they continue to climb you like a tree. It’s likely that your cat just requires a place to climb. Cats enjoy being stimulated and active. You may just acquire a cat tree if you want your cat to quit climbing you. Many cat trees are offered in internet stores or on websites. Cat trees are furniture or buildings that resemble trees and are designed for cats to climb. Cat trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so all you have to do is choose one that your cat will like. You may even put together cat trees to get it to the level you desire. Cat trees are the ideal option because they don’t take up a lot of room.

They don’t exert enough energy

Why Does My Cat Climb Me Like a Tree? 3 Reasons

Cats have a lot of energy and require a lot of stimulation. Another reason your cat climbs you is because they are bored throughout the day. You should look for activities that your cat can participate in. You might try bringing your kitties for walks on a regular basis. Walking with your cat allows you to spend quality time with your cat while also allowing your cat to burn off some energy; it’s a win-win situation. If you take your cats for walks while wearing a harness, they won’t have the energy to climb you. Now is the time to try it out.


It’s reasonable that not every cat owner wants their cat to constantly climb on them. Your cat climbing on you might take your attention away from what you should be doing. Spending more or adequate quality time with your cat should be enough to keep them from climbing on you. They’ll be satisfied by anything as easy as caressing your cat. Get them a cat tree and take them on walks so they can burn off some of their pent-up energy. If you follow all of these suggestions, your cat will quit climbing you.

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