Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Sleep? & How to Stop It

Cats make excellent nighttime companions. They’re soft and toasty, and the perfect size for cuddling. Their sleepy purrs serve as a white noise machine, lulling most cat owners to sleep.

One disadvantage of sleeping close to your cat is that when you are sound asleep, you may feel your cat’s teeth biting into you. It’s the epitome of a jolt to the system. Regardless of whether your cat’s bite is mild or violent, you must address the problem.

So, what precisely is causing your normally calm cat to become aggressively?

Reasons Why Your Cat Bites You While You Sleep

Display of Aggression

why does my cat bite me when i sleep

While bites are unavoidable for pet owners, teeth marks on the skin should be cause for concern. However, the degree of the issue is determined by the bite.

While some bites are faint and innocuous, if the bite is deep and bloody, and is followed by additional signals such as hissing sounds and growls, it is an aggressive bite.

Cats are violent creatures, according to research, and they may bite without provocation. External circumstances like as roughhousing, sickness, and threats from other home pets, on the other hand, may cause certain signs of animosity.

But what’s the use of biting when you’re sleeping? When it bites your feet while you’re sleeping, it’s because the movement of the feet mimics that of its opponents, causing the cat to attack.

Demanding Play

Do you have any idea why your cat is biting you? Is it possible that it’s waking you up to play?

First and foremost, cat owners should be aware that felines are crepuscular, which means they are physiologically programmed to stay up for the most of the night when everyone else is sleeping. As a result, a cat who ignores your sleeping pattern may become bored while you are sleeping and wonder when you will wake up.

Kitties are sociable creatures that like being in the company of others, and they may be seeking for a playmate. Because kittens are more dependant and energetic than adult cats, you’re more likely to notice this behavior in them.

To Alert You About Something

Sleeping cats do not, however, imply that they are “off the clock.” Even while they are sleeping, cats are always on the alert. This feature makes them acutely sensitive to even the tiniest disturbance in the house.

Cats relate their predatory and hunting instincts to this behavior, which they rely on to be safe. Because these impulses are linked to a cat’s crepuscular nature, it is more likely to wake up before you in the event of a disturbance.

If it does, it may bite you as a way of drawing your attention to something. It’s critical to keep an eye on its emotions in order to respond to the message it’s attempting to convey. Is it agitated, restless, or attempting to take you somewhere else, for example?

Wants to Get Fed

Is your cat content and well-fed? A hungry cat will wake you up by biting your face and begging for more food.

However, such bites are typically light, and if they are painful, it is an indication of hostility. Deep bites indicate an angry cat rather than a hungry one.

Showing Affection

why does my cat bite me when i sleep

Cats may bite out of love, despite the fact that most humans link biting with negative emotions. Fearful or defensive bites intended to damage you are not the same as love bites.

Such bites are typically ticklish and odd, and your cat may continue to do so until you hug or touch it. When you stop caressing them, they may chew or mouth on places like your hands, indicating that they don’t want you to take your hand off them.

Active At Night

Cats that are active at dawn and night are known as crepuscular or nocturnal. Cats enjoy resting during the day because it gives them more room to burn at night.

Both humans and dogs are diurnal, meaning that we are up during the day and sleep at night.

Untrained kittens and freshly adopted cats will be rowdy in the early hours of the morning.

Mature cats get mellower as they age, so anticipate them to relax as the years go by.

Bites Out Of Aggression

Pay attention to how your cat behaves to you after it bites you while you’re asleep.

Is it possible that the cat is hissing at you? Do the animal’s ears appear to be sagging and flat? Is that a wagging tail?

Those are the telltale signs of feline aggression. It’s conceivable that your cat was deliberately seeking to injure you.

Your cat is attempting to express his dissatisfaction with you.

Male cats are more aggressive than female cats, and female cats that have just given birth to a litter are the most aggressive.

To Obtain Nourishment

You would be roused from your rest by a hungry cat.

Hunger alleviation is vital for them, and it must be provided as quickly as possible.

A hungry cat gives its owner a gentle bite. Anything might be the cause of your cat’s severe bite.

Cats Do Not Believe That Attacking You Is Troublesome

why does my cat bite me when i sleep

Whatever the reason for the cat’s bite, keep in mind that cats aren’t always aware that what they’re doing is wrong.

So, please don’t smack your cat on the head out of the blue.

We’ll go through how to train your cat to stop or lessen this habit.

How to Stop Your Cat from Biting You While You Sleep

Spend Quality Time with Your Cat

Kittens need a lot more attention than you would think. Even though they appear to be self-sufficient, kids nevertheless seek attention, care, and love.

Spending one-on-one quality time with your kitty companion is one way to demonstrate affection. Take time to lap-cuddle, pet, stroke it from nose to tail, touch, and massage it whenever you can as a caring cat parent.

Feed it Before Going to Bed

Do you want your cat to sleep through the night while also allowing you to get some rest? If that’s the case, feed it right before night since, like people, cats are more inclined to sleep after a good meal.

Investing in automated cat feeds is another strategy to reduce late-night intrusions. These products may be programmed to discharge a handful of dry snacks at certain periods. As a result, if your cat wakes up hungry in the middle of the night, it will be able to reach out for food on its own.

Make it Exercise in the Evening to Wear it Out

Most cats are bored out of their minds, which leaves cat owners with restless and biting cats at night. It’s preferable if you used up the kitty’s energy reserves with plenty of exercise minutes before bedtime to minimize evening interruptions.

Consider playtimes and yard runs to be a sort of relaxation, fun, a challenge, and a chance to spend time and bond with your feline companion. To fatigue it to its core, engage it in its favorite interactive game, such as cat gyms with plenty of climbing and scratching.

Set Up a Camera to Document the Behavior

Keep a record of your cat’s biting habit, or put up a webcam to assist you figure out what’s causing this undesired behavior. You’ll be able to better study your feline companion, learn what makes it bite, and acquire a clear image of what makes it bite.

Leave Your Cat in a Separate Room

why does my cat bite me when i sleep

Allow your cat to have its own sleeping area if feasible, and shut your bedroom door to prevent it from entering at night.

Cats are territorial, and the more you let them into your bed, the more they will take over. This will make it difficult to keep them out when you really need to.

Giving your cat a separate sleeping room will instantly turn your sleeping space into a cat-infested zone, preventing nocturnal bites.

Try Reward and Punish Method

Be on the lookout for indicators of biting in your cat, no matter how subtle they may be. It’s essential to discourage such behaviors and never convey the sense that biting is OK.

It’s critical to educate your kitten that biting is unacceptable, especially at a young age, because kittens’ destructive habits are easier to learn and cure than adult ones. To promote the activity, choose toys for your cat to practice nibbling on and praise it for doing so.

It’s also important to discipline your cat for unsolicited strong bites. However, don’t punish it since cats don’t always bite to injure you; they might be talking with you or expressing their affection for you.


Cat parents should always be on the alert for aggressive behavior in their cats, such as biting, and figure out how to control it. If the behavior persists, you should consult your veterinarian for assistance. Most crucial, seek medical attention for your deep, bloody bites.

The good news is that a feline that bites you just to get your attention is easy to contain. Now that you have the options, having a bite-free night shouldn’t be difficult.

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