Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning? 10 Reasons

There’s nothing quite like being startled awake by your kitty pal biting at your face. You could be looking at her in disbelief as you leap out of bed. What makes you think she’d bite you in the face? Is this a hostile gesture?

Don’t be alarmed if your cat bites you; it’s a very natural way for cats to communicate, just like nudging and purring. Because your cat is unable to communicate with you, she has a variety of alternative methods to express herself.

While cats are prone to bursts of excitement and playful aggressiveness, they will only attack if they are annoyed, threatened, or injured in any manner. Most of the time, it’s completely benign, even if it aches a bit. Continue reading to find out why your cat is bite your face in the morning.

Reasons Why Cats Bite In The Morning

Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning?

You could be perplexed as to why your pet bites you so frequently in the morning for reasons you don’t understand. Some of the variables that lead them to bite you and those around you at the first chance include the following:

Showing Affection

Young kittens may bite you first thing in the morning as a form of affection. You might still be sleeping when your cat enters your bed and bites you lightly.

While you may be perplexed as to why that may be a simple way of expressing love, some cats bite their humans to convey their thoughts and affection.

You may also notice that after biting you, it stares at you, as if it wants you to embrace it.


When your cat gets hungry in the morning, it may bite you. When we are hungry, even as humans, we might become agitated.

If you’re wondering why your cat attacks you first thing in the morning, it might be due to hunger.

Cats despise being refused their food.

Means Of Communication

Meowing and gnarling are the most common ways for cats to communicate.

Cats may try to communicate in other ways, such as biting, in some instances.

In the morning, your cat could have something to show or tell you. As a result, rather than meowing, it bites you in order to obtain your attention.

It might be because it requires your assistance in opening the door or obtaining its meal. It’s possible that if your cat bites you in the morning, it’s attempting to communicate that it wants to go outside.

Altered Routine

Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning?

Kitty pets are critters who have a strong habit and frequently follow a set pattern. They have enough time to eat, sleep, and play.

They grow envious and anxious when there is a new pet in the house, a new baby, or visitors who may disrupt their routine.

Your cat may become anxious as a result of the change in habit and availability of necessities, and respond by biting.

It may become violent, resorting to biting, in order to preserve its customary habit.

Threat Or Insecurity

Another important reason cats bite first thing in the morning is a sense of threat or dread.

They may bite or use their claws to convey their fury if they are annoyed and uncomfortable.

When you try to fondle or play with them when they aren’t in the mood, they bite.

They are creatures who want to do things their own way, thus fondling or poking them makes them feel awkward.

Unmet Needs And Attention

Cats, like people, become anxious and irritable when their demands are not supplied in a satisfying manner.

They have fundamental requirements like shelter, food, drink, and attention, which they expect to be met at their leisure.

As previously said, feline pets prefer to stick to a pattern and anticipate certain things at specific times.

If your cat has something it has to show you, it may nip you first thing in the morning.

It might be anything in the litter box or something else that needs your attention.

The cat’s bite should indicate that it requires assistance from you. You should keep an eye on this biting behavior to figure out what it requires.

To Play With You

Crepuscular cats are those who are awake at night. A bored cat will want to play, and a cat who has been awake for a long period may get restless.

Because everyone else in the home is dead sleeping, your pet would want to rouse someone up to play with them.

In an attempt to wake you awake, your cat may paw at you or meow, but if these techniques fail, your cat may bite you. It might be a minor nibble, or it could be a severe bite that results in blood.

Bites Out Of Aggression

Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning?

Pay attention to how your cat behaves to you after it bites you while you’re asleep.

Is it possible that the cat is hissing at you? Do the animal’s ears appear to be sagging and flat? Is that a wagging tail?

Those are the telltale signs of feline aggression. It’s conceivable that your cat was deliberately seeking to injure you.

Your cat is attempting to express his dissatisfaction with you.

Male cats are more aggressive than female cats, and female cats that have just given birth to a litter are the most aggressive.

To Obtain Nourishment

You would be roused from your rest by a hungry cat.

Hunger alleviation is vital for them, and it must be provided as quickly as possible.

A hungry cat gives its owner a gentle bite. Anything might be the cause of your cat’s severe bite.

Cats Do Not Believe That Attacking You Is Troublesome

Whatever the reason for the cat’s bite, keep in mind that cats aren’t always aware that what they’re doing is wrong.

So, please don’t smack your cat on the head out of the blue.

We’ll go through how to train your cat to stop or lessen this habit.

How To Stop The Biting In The Morning

Because of its nature, stopping your feline companion from biting might be tough, if not impossible. You can use these ways to reduce the number of times they bite you. To determine whether the biting is due to their early age, you must first determine its age. It’s also crucial to figure out why your cat bites in the first place. This will assist you in determining how to stop them.

Whenever you have visitors who are unfamiliar with your cat’s routine, make sure to explain it to them. More importantly, try to avoid guests who could disrupt your cat’s routine in order to avoid them feeling threatened or jealous.

Reduce or eliminate the amount of time you allow your feline pet to play with his or her fingers, toes, or hands. It must realize that your hands and other exposed body parts, as well as your clothing, are not toys that they may freely bite.

Instead, inert interactive toys can be provided for children to play with. These toys should not be so obnoxious that your cat goes insane when playing with them.

Maintain a nice demeanor around your cat and limit your outbursts of rage. Speak to them in a delicate and loving manner. Instill in them the understanding that biting or using claws is both impolite and harmful.

Reduce the number of times you physically chastise your cat. This makes people defensive, and they may feel compelled to fight back at some point.

You may also teach them a variety of friendly actions and praise them when they succeed.

As soon as you have your kittens, start training them. Kitty cats who have been removed from their mothers are more likely to bite. As a result, you must teach children proper behavior.


Biting is a frequent behavior among cats. It’s natural for them to bite, especially in the morning, because of their sharp teeth and claws. What counts, though, is the force of their bite. For several reasons, your cat may bite you in the morning. You can still educate them how to make their bites less painful. They may also learn to utilize their paws without having to pull out their claws. Kittens bite for social purposes, however adult feline companions bite for a variety of reasons. It’s critical that you educate them how to stop biting unnecessarily.

These manners, as well as how to avoid injuring people with their fangs and claws, are frequently taught by mothers to their kittens. Some kittens, however, are taken away from their mother at a young age and do not receive this fundamental training. It is then up to the owners to educate them in feline language.

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