Why Does My Cat Attack My Hair? 5 Reasons Why

It’s now or never to find out! However, much like with cat behaviors, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for all cats. Cats are one-of-a-kind creatures (which is one of the many reasons we adore them), and there are a variety of reasons why they could attack your hair.

I’m sure you’ve seen your cat attack your hair before. Your cat is probably the one who started it. Why does she attack? Well, that’s easy. She’s doing it because she’s bored. Now, you can solve this problem right now. If you know what’s causing your cat’s problems, you can stop her. In other words, when you solve a problem, you feel better.

One of the most common and annoying problems cat owners face is that their cats are constantly attacking their hair. This article contains the answers to this question.

Why Does My Cat Attack My Hair?

why does my cat attack my hair

It’s now or never to find out! However, much as with cat habits, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for all cats. Cats are one-of-a-kind creatures (which is one of the many reasons we like them), and there are a variety of reasons why they could attack your hair.

But don’t worry, the most of them aren’t a cause for alarm! Still, I’m going to go through each of the five likely causes and what you can do to prevent your cat from turning your hair into a playground.

Your Hair Might Smell Good

Your cat agrees with your shampoo preferences! Your cat, on the other hand, may not realize that biting, pawing, and attacking your hair isn’t the best way to show his or her support.

While smell is unlikely to be the main cause of your cat’s behavior, it may definitely aid it. Your hair certainly smells highly fascinating compared to the rest of your cat’s environment, and your kitty is always seeking for anything new to investigate!

What You Can Do: If your cat seems too interested in sniffing your hair, it’s time to switch shampoos. However, bear in mind that odor is unlikely to be the sole reason your cat attacks your hair, so read on before tossing out your hair products!

Your Cat Wants To Play

why does my cat attack my hair

Long hair is like a mobile play object for cats, not simply because it smells intriguing. Even better, it’s always associated with his closest pal! What cat would be able to resist this?

But, in all seriousness, you already know how much cats adore dangling objects. Tinsel, string, tails, and, of course, your hair! To be honest, your hair is probably the safest item for cats to play with on that list.

If your cat mostly uses her paws to swat and whack your hair, she is most likely merely playing.

What You Can Do: Encourage your cat to play with a toy that is more suitable than your hair. This is known as redirecting the behavior in behavior terminology, and it’s typically far more successful than just ordering your cat to stop.

After all, they’re going to want to play even if you tell them to stop!

A gadget called Da Bird is one of my favorite toys. I’ve never seen a cat not play with Da Bird, which imitates a flying bird. By clicking here, you may receive the most recent Amazon pricing.

Also, here are some cats who are obsessed with Da Bird:

You might also utilize a toy that doesn’t take as much work on your part. These small mouse toys that produce chirps when pushed around are my fave (well, my cat’s favorite). They also include a small amount of catnip, which doesn’t appear to bother my cat Debbie, but your cat could love it. Click here to get them on Amazon.

If your cat likes to attack your hair while you’re getting ready, the little mouse toys are ideal since you can toss them for your cat and get back to getting dressed.

It’s Soothing and Enjoyable

It’s possible that your cat finds chewing on your hair to be soothing. Your cat could enjoy a good fur chew, much as some humans find solace in chewing a pen. Both practices aren’t exactly hygienic, but who am I to pass judgment?

While it may appear that your cat is assaulting your hair, it’s possible that this is simply the quickest method for your cat to get at your prized locks!

Some cats (including a foster cat I had for a few weeks) have expressed a strong desire to eat my hair after a shower. As she ascended sofas and chairs to reach my hair, it seemed like an attack!

What You Can Do: Try to shift the behavior to a more appropriate toy once more. While you have fewer alternatives, I especially appreciate PetStages’ unique cat pillows. These are large soft toys, and this one (Amazon link) creates a nice purring sound that will calm your cat.

These won’t work for every cat, but if the hair-attacking and chewing is out of control, it’s worth a try. While it may seem strange, you might try rubbing your hair on this toy to match the aroma your cat already enjoys.

You can report anybody who walks in on you forcefully stroking a purple cat toy on your head to me.

I’ll explain what’s going on.

Your Cat Is Grooming You and Showing Love

why does my cat attack my hair

After the initial “attack,” if your cat spends a lot of time licking and biting your hair, it’s possible that your cat is simply trying to show you some love!

It’s not uncommon for your cat to give you love bites, which are similar to kitty kisses but hurt more.

Simply said, your cat will frequently demonstrate affection to other cats with little nibbles, but because cats have much thicker skin than humans, your cat is unlikely to notice that these love bites are uncomfortable.

Biting is also a common element of the grooming process. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that most cats bite at least once when grooming. Grooming is also something your cat does to express love to other cats.

If you’re interested in knowing more about why cats lick then bite, I created a full piece on it, which you can read here.

What You Can Do: If it doesn’t upset you too much, you could let your cat do it every now and again. After all, it might be their method of expressing their affection for you.

However, if it happens regularly or you simply don’t like the notion of a cat’s lips on your hair, it’s better to use a toy to redirect the activity.

Your Cat Has A Compulsion

If your cat is unable to be diverted after he has decided to attack your hair, you may have a little more serious problem on your hands. Some cats can acquire a compulsive tendency that makes them preoccupied with your hair, however this is an uncommon occurrence.

Again, this is the least likely scenario, and before leaping to this conclusion, make sure you try to redirect or distract your cat from attacking your hair.

What You Can Do: If you suspect your cat has an unhealthy preoccupation with your hair, call in the professionals and schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. They can screen out any potential health issues and, if necessary, refer you to a professional feline behaviorist.

To Socialise

Allogrooming is the practice of cats living in groups grooming each other. To show their love and devotion for the other cats in the group, they will lick, bite, or massage them.

Smells are also transmitted by licking. Cats of the same family have a similar odor. This odor might help you figure out which cats are nice and safe for your cat.

The closer you are with your cat, the more probable it is that it may try to eat or chew your hair. Cats are aware that we are not fellow felines, yet they still want to form a close bond with us, and they employ cat behaviors to do so.

Whether your cat suddenly begins licking or chewing your hair, check to see if you’ve changed shampoos or other hair products, since it’s possible they’re attracted to the aroma. Also, keep in mind that your hair is your fur, so if a cat wants to be a part of your family, it will most likely seek you out for bonding.

Our hair, on the other hand, was not created to be groomed by a cat’s tongue. Our fur isn’t as dense or even as that of a cat, and it’s generally considerably longer. Don’t be surprised if your cat tries to eat your hair but refuses it.

To De-stress

why does my cat attack my hair

If your cat is stressed or nervous, it might settle down by biting or chewing the hair of someone it loves. When your cat is stressed, the act of chewing your hair helps to calm it down by demonstrating its relationship with you and claim on you.

This might provide your pet a lot of comfort. Self-grooming is your cat’s method of giving itself a relaxing massage in certain ways.

It’s possible that your cat’s behavior has suddenly changed as a result of a shift in its habit. This might be anything from a move to a new pet to a new baby in the family. This is your cat’s method of reaffirming its bond with you and identifying you as a member of her pack.

Because they enjoy it

Your cat may get an endorphin high by licking, nibbling, and chewing its favorite human’s hair. It might also be a reaction to your shampoo. This is most likely your cat’s motive for licking your hair straight after a shower and wash.

To gain Attention

Chewing, chewing, licking, or tugging your hair, as well as other similar behaviors, are generally signs that your cat needs more attention. Alexei, my cat, enjoys attempting to eat my hair, especially when it is in a ponytail — I believe he enjoys the swing and knows it will attract my attention.

To Wake You Up

If your cat comes up to you and bites or chews your hair while you’re sleeping, it’s possible that they’re trying to wake you up. In the early hours of the morning, cats might become restless and irritated and demand attention from their owners.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Playing With My Hair?

Getting your cat to quit messing with your hair is a another matter completely. It can also be impossible at times, depending on the logic behind it. However, we’ll go into the causes behind this and how to avoid a cat attacking your hair in the future.

Your Cat Is Angry Or Feels Like He Isn’t Getting Enough You may prevent your cat from being anxious enough to attack your hair by showing it that you care about it even more. Cats, contrary to common opinion, have feelings and, like other animals, require reassurance and affection.

Your Hair Smells Delightful It’s not a good idea to just let your hair stink. It could be time to switch shampoos if your cat is attacking your hair because they like the fragrance. If the problem persists, this was most likely not the cause. So, before you toss out the wrong hair products, double-check!

Ways to Keep a Cat From Loving You Are there any ways to keep a cat from loving you? It is unlikely to happen. If it bothers you when your cat grooms you or shows you affection, use a toy to divert their attention.

To Them, It Is Calming If a cat bites your hair because it serves a purpose for them, it may be wise to replace it with a toy or something else.

They are compelled. If your cat develops obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), it might be a serious mental problem for which you should seek immediate medical attention. If this is the case, a veterinarian will put you in the correct route for you and your cat.


Overall, a cat will attack your hair for a variety of reasons. The most prevalent explanation is that they are simply expressing affection. If your cat loves you, it will show it, and some cats like to do so in an unusual way. You may relax knowing that your cat considers you to be one of them. However, it’s important to remember that other factors may be at play, such as boredom, tension, or compulsion.

If this is the case, look over the list above to see what you can do about it. If you do it right, there are always ways to deter your cat from attacking your hair, and most of the time, the simple remedy is simply diverting their interest away from your hair. Everything should be alright if you follow all of the procedures.

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