Why Does Cat Hate My Husband

Why Does Cat Hate My Husband? 7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

It seems like your cat doesn’t like your partner. Don’t worry about it.

In this post, I talk about the likely reasons why your cat and your spouse fight, as well as easy ways to make things better between the husband and the cat. You won’t have to pick one or the other. Just take it easy and keep reading until the end!

After a long, tiring day at work, you come home to the soothing and heartwarming sound of your cat purring.

On the contrary, when your husband comes home from a long, tiring day at work, he is met with hisses, growls, and, in the worst case, scratches.

Oof! That does not sound good. But this is the reality for most people who just got married and got a cat.

Do you and your partner feel the same way? Don’t worry about it. It happens a lot and is easy to fix with a little patience and planning ahead.

Cats hiss, growl, or act hostile toward anyone or anything new, not just your spouse. This is because they are very territorial and like to stick to the same routines.

There may be some strange jealousy, but cats don’t usually get jealous when their owners are friendly with other people.

Why Does Cat Hate My Husband?

1. Your cat may be facing confusion and fear!

Cats don’t travel in groups. The best thing for them is to be left alone. This is part of their bundle of instincts that have grown over time.

Even though cats have been tamed in large part because of their natural instincts, they still find it hard to get along with other species, whether they are other fuzzy animals or people.

2. Cats love routines!

Cats are micromanagers who love routines and hate when those routines are changed.

Even though this may seem strange given that cats like to hunt and have to change their habits often, it is not uncommon for them to get upset when something outside of them changes their routines.

Why Does Cat Hate My Husband

These outside factors could be as big as moving in with your partner or as small as the new smells they bring into your home.

3. Cats are territorial!

Cats are very protective of their territory. so much so that your cat and other cats in the neighbourhood might fight over it. When your spouse moves into your house, which is also your cat’s territory, your cat sees it as another creature coming into their territory.

Because he or she is so possessive and overprotective, your cat may try to get rid of this “strange, hairless, big cat” that your spouse is for him or her. They may hiss, snarl, or even scratch your partner to get their way.

4. Scent familiarization and patience is the key!

It’s natural for you to be annoyed by this fight between the two living things you care about the most. But, no matter what, the only way to get rid of this tension is to be patient.

Do not force your cat onto your partner’s lap. This could cause the cat to scratch or even attack your partner. and you will be to blame.

Cats are not the most social animals. They need space and time to figure out how to deal with these changes. You could help your cat figure out what the new smells are. Making your partner smell like your cat is a great place to start.

Take a clean sock and gently rub it on your cat’s cheek. Then give it to your husband to use. Rep with the rest of the socks and small pieces of clothing, such as handkerchiefs.

This is helpful because cats have hormones around their faces that make them seem “friendly.”

If you look closely, you may have seen your cat gently rubbing its cheek on the corners and edges of walls and furniture.

They do this so that their pheromones can mark the area. He’s smart for such a small cat, don’t you think?

5. Let your cat’s food come from Chef Spouse’s kitchen!

Food is a great way to break the ice with cats, dogs, or other people. Let your partner cook food for the cat and feed it for a few days.

This makes sure that your cat and husband interact with each other in a friendly way many times a day and also teaches your cat that your husband is not a threat.

After all, what matters most is that your cat knows that your spouse, who looks like a “strange, hairless, big cat,” is not a threat.

Once your cat gets over this mistake, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the two loves of your life to get along.

What If My Cat Is Not Ill But Still Hates My Husband?

Cats are creatures of habit who hate when their daily routines are changed.

If a trip to the vet doesn’t reveal any physical problems, you’ll have to try to figure out what’s wrong with your little pet’s mind.

The important question is whether or not you have changed their daily routine.

Do you leave for work earlier or later, and has that changed when your cat eats breakfast?

Have you moved their bed or litter box in the last few days?

Why Does Cat Hate My Husband

Is your cat’s litter box now in plain sight of passing cars, making it hard for your cat to use it in peace?

Even if you don’t believe it, any of these things can upset your cat and turn him or her from a cuddly, happy pet into a nervous, grumpy one.

Routine is very important to cats.

Now think about what you can do to get your cat to like your husband.

How To Get My Cat To Like My Husband

If your vet finds that your puss cat has a physical problem, your cat should start to feel better and life will go back to normal as the treatment works.

If you think that changing your cat’s routine has upset them, it will take them a few weeks to get used to the new schedule.

You can do some things to get your cat to like your husband again.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that cats hate feeling trapped, so your husband or partner shouldn’t pick up the cat to cuddle with it.

It’s much better to just let the cat come up to your husband when it’s ready.

Don’t try to get your cat to like or cuddle with your husband. It takes time to do these things.

Your husband can be the one who makes sure your cat gets fed. He can talk to your cat with joy and, after a few nights of success, pet your puss cat.

It will take time, so don’t hurry and give your cat full control over the whole thing.

Let your puss cat have space so he doesn’t feel rushed, and let him come to your husband for a cuddle instead of the other way around.

The most important thing will be when your cat lets your partner back into his favourite armchair. This will be a turning point in their relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my female cat hate my husband?

Your cat doesn’t feel jealous. Your cat isn’t acting this way because she’s upset that you’re spending more time with someone else.

This may surprise you. She isn’t being nice to your spouse because she is confused and scared. … The cat’s parent almost makes the two get along.

Why does my cat prefer my husband?

Cats are more independent, so their attachment to a certain person probably has more to do with them than just who feeds them or scratches their ears sometimes.

Think about the cat’s personal space and if your partner (or whoever your cat likes best) is letting the cat stay in charge.

What smells or scents do cats hate the most?

Surprising smells cats hate
Citrus: orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit. Citrus smells are widely reported as being repugnant to cats.
Lavender, geranium, and eucalyptus.
Rosemary, thyme, and rue.
Banana and mustard.
Pepper, curry, and cinnamon.
Mint, wintergreen, and menthol.
Pine and cedar.
Dirty litter box.

Do cats get jealous of other cats?

Just like some people, cats can get jealous when they feel left out or when their environment changes in a big or sudden way.

If a cat feels threatened by another pet, or if it doesn’t have enough space, bedding, or other things, it may act more jealously.

Why Does Cat Hate My Husband

Why does my female cat hiss at my husband?

Feeling afraid or threatened by other people
“Hissing doesn’t always mean that your cat is mean, but it does mean that he might attack if he’s upset for a long time.”

Why is my cat scared of my partner?

People can scare cats because they look like someone who has hurt them in the past. If he scares more than one cat, it could be because he has hurt them.People can scare cats because they look like someone who has hurt them in the past.

Why is my cat scared of me all of a sudden?

Most likely, your cat’s sudden nervousness and restlessness are due to a change in routine. Your cat’s sense of order and safety can be upset by new people, new pets, or changes in the environment. It could also mean that someone is sick or hurting.

Do cats pick a favourite person?

Cats may like one person more than others because they can talk to them. Cats are often thought of as being distant and independent, but they are good communicators and like people who understand their needs.

Why does my cat wake me up but not my husband?

Most cats choose a place to sleep that is warm, quiet, and safe. If, for example, your husband moves around a lot while they sleep and gets up and down many times during the night, your cat will feel uneasy, and it could be dangerous for them to sleep near them.

How do I get my cat to accept another cat?

  • Show them some pictures.
  • Put two baby gates on top of each other in the doorway to the new cat’s room to keep the old cat from getting to the new one.
  • Let your old cat find out about the new cat on its own.
  • If they don’t act mean to each other, praise and reward them. …
  • Hold off on closing the gates for a while longer.

Why does my cat hate my boyfriend?

Smell. You might like the smell of your boyfriend, but your cat might not. It’s like your beloved cat hasn’t gotten used to a new smell. So, when your smelly new friend comes over, your cat might not like it at first until they get used to the smell.


Even though it may make you sad to see your two favourite animals fight, you don’t have much to worry about.

You will be able to solve all of these problems if you are patient and make some changes to your routine.

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