Why Do Cats Sleep on Your Clothes? 6 Reasons

You’ve undoubtedly discovered that your cats look forward to laundry day far more than you do.

Or that their favorite place to sleep is a neglected open cupboard or a discarded pile of garments that hasn’t quite made it to the hamper yet.

What cat owner hasn’t experienced the frustration of leaving the house covered in cat hair?

Apart from the fact that clothing forms a nice and cozy cat bed, cats rest on human garments for a variety of natural and charming reasons.

Cats Are Attracted to Anything Different

Why Do Cats Sleep on Your Clothes

Your cat may not be drawn to your clothes per such, but more to the fact that there is something new to inspect and lay down on.

Other popular queries from cat owners include why cats sleep or sit on things like scraps of paper, computers, cardboard boxes, and carpets.

All of these products stand out as being out of the usual in some way. Few cats can resist looking out stuff and, more than likely, settling down while doing so.

Cats like the Familiarity of Our Smell

I’m not implying that you stink. I am, in fact, doing so. We all smell, which isn’t always a negative thing, especially for our cats who find comfort in our aroma.

Even clean garments that have been washed, our clothes are among of the stuff that smell the most like us. Remember that cats have a far better sense of smell than humans have.

One of the primary reasons cats choose to sleep on things humans come into touch with over places we’d want them to sleep, such as their beds, is because of this.

Clothes Are Warm and Comfy

Why Do Cats Sleep on Your Clothes

This is a no-brainer. We appreciate wearing clothes because they are warm and comfortable. Although cats cannot wear our clothes, they may lay on them and enjoy the warmth and comfort they provide.

To back this up, you could find that your cat prefers to lie on wooly or thick articles of clothing over thin shirts. I know this is the case with my cats, which is why she rests on my clothes.

Isn’t it true that providing comfortable beds and other locations for them to sleep is a solution? Who are we kidding with this? Cats, as we all know, have their own minds and never sleep where we want them to!

Cats Can Nest in Clothes

Clothes are soft and comfortable, and they’re also easy for cats to rearrange to create an ideal cosy nest to sleep in.

Your cat may have kneaded your garments with their paws, rearranged them with their noses, and generally manipulated the placement to make it more comfortable for them.

This is a significant advantage for them. But isn’t it frustrating when we notice snags, rips, tears, and other signs of their claws’ damage?

They Are Adding Their Scent to Our Stuff

Why Do Cats Sleep on Your Clothes

Cats go about their daily activities, leaving their scent on various items around the house. That’s why they brush their faces against things like furniture, you, and other people.

They are more at ease when their fragrance is present throughout their area. It keeps other cats away, and it helps them develop their link with you by mixing your scent with theirs.

As a result, seeing clean clothing makes us happy since they smell nice and feel amazing. When cats view our clothes, they see new things that need to be scented with their fragrance.

It’s Their Personality and Preference

Why Do Cats Sleep on Your Clothes

Each cat has an own personality. Some of their acts and behaviors may be linked to specific reasons and causes, while others are just reflective of their personality.

So, if your cat is usually lying on your clothes, it might be for a mix of the reasons I’ve mentioned, as well as just because it’s something they feel safe and happy doing.

That is to say, there may be no way to prevent children from sleeping in their clothing. Apart from ensuring that no garments are left out for them to sleep on, of course.


Some may say that cats are incapable of expressing their emotions, but I disagree.

Cats are exceptionally skilled at telling us how they are and what they are feeling, despite their cryptic ways of doing it.

Our cats’ sleeping on our clothes is just another way of expressing their affection for us.

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