Why Do Cats Cry Like A Baby At Night

Why Do Cats Cry Like A Baby At Night? 10 Fascinating Facts

Have you ever been sleeping peacefully when the grating sound of your cat howling rudely woke you up?

The howl is sharp, harsh, and loud, and for some reason, it sounds like a baby crying. When you hear it for the first time, it might scare you. So, what is it that makes cats cry like babies?

Cats cry out like babies when they want food, water, or attention. When they are in heat, female cats cry. Cats can let you know what they want by changing the tone of their sounds from short meows to long howls.

Cats are smart animals that know how important it is to talk to each other. So, even if the noise is often loud enough to wake you up, don’t worry. Everyone knows that cats can be very dramatic.

And if you’ve ever heard your cat meowing in the middle of the night and thought it was a baby, you’re not alone. Many cats can change their voices so that they sound like a baby’s cry.

Is this a deliberate trick because cats have learned that the sound of a crying child gets more attention from people? Is it just a coincidence?

What Is It Called When A Cat Cries

Cats that cry out in pain in the middle of the night are said to be “caterwauling.” It’s not quite a howl, but it’s more than a simple meow.

It’s as if they decided there had to be a name for this type of yowl, which is very different from the others.

If you’ve ever heard your cat meow, you’ll know why it needs its own name. It’s sharp, high-pitched, and emotional, and no other sound a cat makes sounds like it.

And how lucky that it has the word “cat” in it! It’s almost like they meant it to be that way.

There’s no doubt that cats are smart, but this is still up for debate.

But what exactly is all the fuss about? Why does it only happen at night? Can cats cry until they’re drained?

Why Do Cats Cry Like A Baby At Night

What Does It Mean When A Cat Cries

I’ve already said that a cat’s crying is often caused by something she wants but doesn’t need.

Could she be hungry? This is a common one: Your cat will let you know if she is hungry. REM cycle or no REM cycle

But be careful. If she’s hungry, you shouldn’t get up every time she howls at night to feed her.

She’ll soon figure out that crying at night gets her food, which is a bad habit to get her into. Instead, feed your cat at night so she doesn’t have a growling stomach at midnight.

There’s also the chance that she sees another cat. She will howl if she is checking the windows late at night and finds another cat nearby. Cats are naturally territorial, and when they see another cat on their territory, it makes them angry.

In this case, a yowl could mean that she wants to go somewhere else (she may need to have some words with the intruder).

If she lives inside, it could mean that she feels anxious and helpless because she can’t do anything. (If she’s an only cat, she might want to meet someone new.)

On the other hand, and unfortunately, yowling could be a sign of illness or injury. If it happens often and you can’t figure out why, you should take your cat to the vet.

Why A Cat Cries Like A Baby At Night: Top Reasons

1. Overdramatic Kitty

Cats are smart and can tell how close someone is touching them. Even if the noise is always loud enough to wake you up and get you out of bed, don’t think about it.

After all, we’ve all seen how dramatic cats can be.

And if you’ve ever heard your cat meow in the middle of the night and thought it was a child, you’re not alone.

Many cats change the way they meow so that it sounds like a child screaming.

Is this a trick that the cats are playing on people? Have they learned that the sound of a crying child gets more attention?

Is this just a bunch of luck?

2. Feeding Time!

As I said before, when a cat screams, it’s usually because it needs something it doesn’t have. She might be starving. It’s easy: If your cat is hungry, he will tell you.

But be careful not to feed him every time he cries at night, even if he wants to eat. Then he’ll figure out that nighttime crying leads to sugar, and you’ll have a bad habit right away!

Instead, feed your child in the evening so he doesn’t look like he’s hungry at midnight.

3. Saw Something Interesting

There’s also the chance that she’s seeing another cat. If she spends the late hours of the night looking out the windows and finds another cat in the area, it’s time to howl.

Cats are naturally aggressive animals, but when they meet another cat in their territory, they get upset.

If she yowls in this situation, it could mean she wants to leave (she may need to have some words with the intruder).

If she’s an indoor cat, it could mean she’s feeling anxious and helpless because she can’t do anything. (If she is the only cat, she might want to meet someone new.)

4. Health Issues?

On the other hand, yowling could be a sign of illness or injury. If it happens often and you don’t know why, you should talk to a vet.

If a cat is sick, it may scream (such as with thyroid or kidney problems). Cat owners need to be aware of their cat’s social, physical, and emotional states because there are so many reasons why cats cry.

If a pet is sick or hurt, it can’t tell, but a crying cat could be a big cause for worry.

5. Night Time = Fun Time

Cats usually wait until the end of the night to cry out for help (much to the dismay of our sleep cycle). They don’t want you to sleep in your beauty, though, because they’re not that mean.

Cats are creatures of the night, so they’re most active at night. It just means that they are probably more bored at night, so you can let them stay there while you sleep.

6. Feeling Isolated

Being alone is a good reason to howl. Especially if your pet is new to your home and used to being with a lot of other animals, like in a litter of kittens or a shelter.

If you think this is the case, find a nice place in your home for it.

Even though you won’t be the active friend he wants, sometimes just being there is enough.

7. Maybe it’s Mating Time?

Male cats go through puberty between four months and a year. When they do, their bodies tell them it’s time to start having babies, so they look for a good woman.

Yes, it’s less personal than sitting around a candle, but cats let people know they’re for sale by yowling.

Also, keep a close eye on your baby boy if he keeps doing this. Don’t let him go outside at all, or he’ll be a parent before you know it.

Also, the same thing happens with female cats! When she’s in heat, she’ll want to tell any possible male nominee that she’s looking for love.

So, the same rules apply to females as well: keep your little lady warm all the time. And you want a house full of kittens and are willing to take care of them until they find good homes.

8. Might Be a Bad Sign

When a cat cries, it is usually because it is bored. But sometimes it’s a sign of things to come.

For example, a cat that was just adopted might feel overwhelmed or lost in its new home. In fact, it’s harder for older cats to get used to a new environment.

Yes, you and your new citizen are safer where you live than, say, on the streets or in a shelter.

But no matter how calm he is, he may wonder why everything has changed.

Keep being a kind and caring cat parent, and he will eventually get used to his new home.

Your cat, on the other hand, is not in a new home, but he may start to feel like he is.

Some cats, especially old ones, can get a condition called cognitive dysfunction syndrome. This disease is like Alzheimer’s for cats. Cats with it quickly become disoriented, scared, and lost.

Even though there is no cure, keeping a regular schedule and a safe environment can help. A vet can also give medication, like anti-anxiety drugs, to help.

9. Super Singer Junior

Cats use their voices in many different ways and for many different reasons. Even though most of them are harmless, some may be signs of a bigger problem.

Even though cats do what their owners tell them to do, they are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. But whether you fell asleep or tried to get a few more minutes of sleep, this is the most active time of day for your cat.

This could explain the “night-time zooms” or the loud voices. All of them are working.

A bird that talks at night could also be bored. Cats, like dogs, require stimulation.

Learning and playing are both important for cats if they help them burn fat, get exercise, and give their minds something to think about.

10. Old Age Cat

As a cat ages, its senses will change. It has a tendency to miss things and get too busy in some situations. Cats find these feelings annoying, and they may even cry because they don’t know what to do.

No matter what you find out, there are things you can do and ways you can get help. Talk to your veterinarian about this.

It might be needed to ease the symptoms, but the effects might be hard to predict.

How Can I Stop a Crying Cat at Night?

It is important to know why cats sound like babies when they cry at night. But you will want to know how to stop doing this.

It is very inconvenient and keeps you from sleeping, making you tired and angry. After all, cats meow to talk to people. It’s important to know what our cats are trying to tell us so we can meet their needs and give them a happy life.

Here are the top things I think you should do to stop your cat from crying at night. But before you do any of these things, you should make sure you don’t have a medical problem.

Changes in behaviour are always best diagnosed by a vet. So, if your vet says your cat is okay, try one or more of these solutions.

1. Change Feeding Times

The traditional way to feed your cat is to give them two meals a day, so that their calories are split between the two meals.

Traditional cat owners usually feed their cats once in the morning and again in the late afternoon or early evening.

This might be the easiest way for you to feed your pet. It’s also a more natural way for your cat to eat, since they would hunt in the morning and late evening, which is when they would normally sleep and hunt.

If you follow this traditional schedule, I think you should feed your cat as late in the evening as possible. This makes it less likely that your cat will wake you up when it’s hungry.

On the other hand, if you don’t want your cat to cry out in hunger while you’re sleeping, it’s much better to feed it smaller meals more often. You can give them these small meals while you sleep with the help of an automatic cat feeder.

These days, automatic feeders are pretty new and easy to use. Just put your cat’s food inside and set the time when it should be fed. Some feeders give the birds up to ten meals a day, while others only give them two.

You can set the timers to give your cat food right when it starts to make noise. If they’re crying because they’re hungry, you should feel better about it.

2. Use Food Puzzles

In the wild, cats eat often because they use up a lot of energy when they look for food and explore. This way of feeding can be imitated with food puzzles.

In simple food puzzles, you have to put treats or your cat’s food in different places. Then, in order to get to their food, your cat will have to figure out how to open these compartments.

Put down a food puzzle right before you go to bed to keep your cat from getting hungry at night.

Why Do Cats Cry Like A Baby At Night

This is better than just putting out a bowl of food because the toys challenge your cat and keep its mind active.

So, two of the possible reasons why cats meow at night are no longer a problem. In the first place, this is a great way to feed your cat while you sleep. Second, they keep your cat busy and prevent it from getting bored.

3. Change Their Diet

If you feed your cat every day and you know they are getting enough calories, you might want to look into the nutritional value. If your cat’s food isn’t very good, it may still be hungry even if it eats a lot.

The nutritional value of different brands of food is very different. Different nutrients are needed by cats of different ages and in different states of health.

So, I think you should talk to your vet about what your cat eats. They will be able to give you the best advice on what to feed your cat.

Changing your cat’s food should be done slowly if you do decide to do so. Cats don’t like to change! If their new food surprises them, they may become stressed.

As was already said, cats also meow at night because they are stressed, which could make the noise problem worse. Any changes to routine or environment should be made slowly and steadily.

4. Play Together Before Bed

You could also play with your cat before you go to bed. Playing brings people together, so after spending time with you, your cat will be happier spending the night alone. This will also give them some healthy stimulation and keep them from getting bored.

Playing with your cat right before bedtime can also help because it will wear them out. The more tired they are, the more likely it is that they will let you sleep through the night. You could even leave your cat some toys to play with while you’re sleeping.

But make sure that none of the pieces are small enough for your cat to choke on. You don’t want anything bad to happen while you’re sleeping.

Cat toys that move on their own are also very helpful. Many of them have motors and can move on their own, which will keep your cat busy for hours. They can use these at night while you sleep.

On the other hand, these automatic toys are great for owners who are too busy during the day to play with their cats.

5. Install Nightlights

You can put a few nightlights around the house to help cats who have trouble seeing or are older and have trouble remembering where they are.

They won’t be scared because of these extra lights. And your cat is less likely to come into your room and wake you up if it doesn’t feel scared.

Changes you can make to your living space can also help. Make sure the food and water bowls and litter box are easy for your cat to get to.

You want as few obstacles as possible between their favourite place to sleep and these things, so they can easily find them.

Your vet can give you more tips on how to change your home environment to help deal with these problems.

6. Install a Cat Flap

If you have an outdoor cat that meows at the door all the time, you might want to install a cat flap.

This way, your cat will be able to come and go whenever it wants without bothering you. Cats that live outside also have more ways to keep themselves busy. They will go out and look for things to do on their own instead of relying on you.

Don’t worry that other animals might use it to get into your house. There are now cat flaps that only open when your cat’s unique collar tag or microchip ID is near them.

Many of them also have timers and one-way locks, which give you some control over when your cat can go outside.

7. Get Your Cat Neutered

Cats that haven’t been spayed or neutered make more noise at night. So, you can also think about having your cat spayed or neutered.

This is a fairly short procedure that is done by a vet. The treatment removes the sex organs, which makes the person less likely to act or feel sexually.

This means that female cats won’t have their period anymore. This will not only make their nighttime meows better, but it will also stop them from doing other bad things when they are hot.

Spaying a cat also helps to prevent unplanned pregnancies and diseases like cervical cancer that could kill the cat.

Male cats will lose their desire to find a female in heat. When males are neutered, they are also less territorial and less likely to fight. So getting a good night’s sleep is just one of the many benefits of this quick and easy method.

8. Ignore Your Cat’s Behavior

Last, you could just ignore what your cat does. If you always pay attention to them when they cry, they may figure out that calling gets them what they want. If you don’t pay attention to them, they usually move on to something else.

But you shouldn’t do this unless you’re sure there’s nothing really wrong. The last thing you want to do is put off getting help for a health problem.

Also, it’s important to remember that ignoring your cat will be hard at first. When cats want something, they don’t give up easily.

They will meow and meow, probably keeping you up for a week or two. But if you stick with it and train your cat, you won’t have to worry about being woken up again.

Why Do Cats Cry Like A Baby At Night

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes cats to cry like babies?

Different things happen as they grow from kittens to cats. Kittens cling to their moms when they are hungry, cold, or scared.

When cats get older, though, they use more sounds to talk to each other, like yowling, hissing, and groaning. Meowing is only used to talk to other cats.

What do cats crying at night mean?

Pets may cry at night because they are lonely or haven’t been tired enough during the day. Playing before bed will help them sleep better at night and keep their minds busy and happy during the day.

Is Cat Crying A Bad Sign

As was already said, a cat crying is normal and just a sign that it is bored. It could sometimes be a sign of something more serious, though.

For example, a cat that has just been adopted might feel confused or lost in its new home. Older cats, in particular, find it harder to get used to a new place.

Yes, you are giving your new pet a better home than, say, the streets or an animal shelter. But no matter how cozy it is, he may wonder why everything has changed so quickly.

Keep being kind and patient with your cat. He’ll get used to his new home eventually.

On the other hand, even though your cat isn’t in a new house, he may still feel like he is. Some cats, especially older ones, can get a condition called cognitive dysfunction syndrome. This is like Alzheimer’s for cats, and it makes them easily confused, disoriented, and worried.

Even though there is no cure, a regular schedule and a safe environment can help. A vet can also suggest medicine, such as anti-anxiety drugs, to help.

Why Do Male Cats Cry Like A Baby At Night

The short answer is: He is trying to find a partner. Male cats reach puberty between the ages of four and one year. When this happens, his body tells him it’s time to start making more cats, so he goes looking for a nice lady.

Even though it’s not as romantic as a candlelit dinner, cats let people know they’re for sale by yowling.

Also, keep a close eye on your baby boy if he starts to do this. Keep him inside at all times, or you’ll wake up one day and he’ll be a parent.

Also, both male and female cats do this. When they are in heat, they try to let any possible suitors know that they are looking for love.

So, the same rules apply to women: don’t let your cute little girl out of the house at any time. Unless you want a house full of newborn kittens and are willing to find good homes for them!

Bob Barker says, “Spay or neuter your pets!” if you want to avoid this situation from the start.

Should I ignore my cat meowing at night?

Finally, if your cat meows at night, you must completely forget about it in order not to encourage activity.

Keeping the cat entertained at night can prevent you from being hungry or from discovering novel ways to grab your attention.

Why do cats go crazy at night?

Your cat’s bizarre behaviour could be explained by the fact that some cats are nocturnal and become more aggressive at night.

If a cat does not get enough activity during the day, it can become insane. When the cat returns home in the evening, he or she may be quite active and want to play.


The cat’s nighttime cries normally don’t last long, and the cause can usually be swiftly identified, corrected, and quiet restored.

You’ll be able to get some much-needed rest in no time! Look for signs of something more sinister, and if in doubt, take your cat to the vet.

There is nothing to discuss here! Just figure out what your cat wants, and if that’s the source of the fight, break it up!

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