Should You Put Down A Blind Cat?

Should You Put Down A Blind Cat? 14 Things Need To Consider

Are you thinking about whether or not to put your cat to sleep because it can’t see? Before you do anything, read all the way to the end to find out!

Blind cats can lead normal, happy lives, yes. It will quickly get used to being blind, so you shouldn’t think about putting it down.

It is very cruel to think about putting your cat to sleep unless it is very sick and you have no other choice.

There are many things you can do to take care of your cat.

Do not make an appointment for euthanasia for your cat, dog, bird, or any other small friend unless your vet says it is the only choice.

Even though it may seem harsh, because truth bombs always do, your dogs are not interchangeable or inanimate objects that you can just kill because something is inconvenient.

Let’s keep reading the post to find out more about how to take care of your cat.

Should You Put Down A Blind Cat?

No, you should not put a blind cat down. This is because, just like people, your cat could be blind from birth or get blind later in life.

But your cat is still very friendly and seems to have a good life.

You shouldn’t put down a blind cat because it still has a life and many other things to live for.

Here are a few reasons why you should not euthanize a blind cat:

1. Good Senses

Even if your cat can’t see, they have a big advantage in other ways. Even so, the cat can hear and smell in ways that most people can’t.

A cat’s mouth contains an excellent scent detector that is unaffected by blindness.

Should You Put Down A Blind Cat?

Cats, unlike people, don’t depend on their eyesight as much as we do. Your cat’s ears and nose are more important than its eyes in everything it does.

Cats can even hunt without being able to see because they can sense danger and their prey without being able to see.

Your blind cat’s whiskers can find things closer to it than its eyes can.

2. Affection

Even if your cat is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deaf

Your cat will get attached to you quickly, and the fact that it is blind won’t change how it feels about you.

Even if your cat doesn’t have eyes, it can still be happy and play with you. They will be happy with you if you play with them, pay attention to them, feed them, keep them warm, etc., just like they did before they went blind.

Your cat may quickly get used to being blind, but you might not. You shouldn’t put your cat down because they may get used to changes quickly.

3. Vet Will Disagree

We all know that even if your cat is blind, it can still live a normal life. Its life is not in danger, so your vet would rather you didn’t put it down.

You are killing your cat instead of taking away its pain. You are not only breaking the rights of the animal but also your vet’s code of ethics.

If your cat’s health is bad enough to put it in danger, your vet may tell you to put it to sleep.

If you think a blind cat will take up too much of your time, you should find it a new home instead of killing it.

4. Happy Blind Cats

Your blind cat won’t live a sad life; it will be able to enjoy life just like any other cat. It will still love you and play with you.

Your cat can live a normal life even though it can’t see.

5. Give You Love

Your cat might do something that makes you smile and love them even more. Even though they don’t know any better, they will do it anyway.

They will always love you and bring you joy.

They are just like people. Even a blind person can make you smile and fall in love with them.

Even though your cat is blind, it will still cuddle with you and be friendly. Even now, it can still feel your love and cuddles.

Instead, your cat will need more love from you because it can’t see, and it will show you much more love than before.

Is It Cruel to Keep a Blind Cat Alive?

No, it is not cruel to keep a blind cat alive. Like blind people, blind animals have a lot to offer. Even though they can’t see, blind cats can still be kind and loving because they are alive and deserve to live. Even if they can’t see, they can still live happy lives.

How do Blind Cats Manage?

Blind cats use their hearing and smell to figure out what’s going on around them.

It can also use its whiskers to figure out how close something is. The cat also gets around by remembering where things are in the house.

Do Blind Cats Have Longer Whiskers?

On the other hand, blind cats don’t have longer whiskers. An old wives’ tale says that blind cats have longer whiskers.

Whiskers are thought to grow in proportion to a cat’s width, so if your blind cat is less active and weighs more, its whiskers will probably be longer.

Blind cats are also more likely to break their whiskers because they run into walls and furniture more often, which can break a whisker.

Should You Put Down A Blind Cat?

How Many Whiskers Does a Cat Have?

Most cat breeds have four rows of twelve whiskers on each side of their face. Whiskers are different from regular cat fur because they grow from follicles that are rich in blood and have nerve endings inside.

Because of this, they are as sensitive to touch as a human hand and can tell a lot about a cat’s environment.

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Even cats that can see use their whiskers to help them see. A cat’s whiskers let it know about changes in the air currents and about the size, shape, and movement of nearby objects.

They may also be able to pick up on very weak vibrations that let the cat know that an enemy or prey is nearby.

A blind cat’s whiskers can help it avoid hitting walls and other solid things. Also, the tips of a cat’s whiskers have proprioceptors that help the cat stay balanced and aware of where its body is in space. This helps to explain how cats can land on their feet.

Blind Cat Sense of Smell

Blind cats can smell when you’re cooking their food, and they’ll come and rub up against you like they did when they couldn’t see. They can get lost quickly, so speak loudly and clearly so they know where you are.

All cats have glands in their cheeks, lower legs, and under their tails that release pheromones.

When a cat rubs its face against furniture or other things, it leaves behind these smells. When cats are tied outside, this can help them find their way around the house.

If you have a pond or a swimming pool, you should keep your blind cat inside or cover it so it can’t fall in.

Some cats learn to live with their blindness so well that most people can’t tell if they are blind or not.

If you have another cat that gets along well with your blind cat and can see, that cat can help your blind cat get around.

Common Causes of Blindness in Cats

Cats can go blind for a number of different reasons.

Most often, they are:

  • Trauma that caused serious eye damage;
  • Eye inflammation is called uveitis.
  • Degeneration of the retina caused by age or disease;
  • Cancers of the eye that necessitate eye removal;
  • laucoma or cataracts, which uveitis often brings on;
  • A blow to the head or high blood pressure can also cause the retina to pull away from the back of the eye.

When taken by mouth, the antibiotic enrofloxacin has been shown to damage the retina of cats and cause them to go blind quickly.

But it is rare for a cat to go blind all of a sudden. The cat has most likely been blind for some time before the owner notices.

If your cat is easily scared or keeps bumping into things, you should take it to the vet right away.

Check your cat’s eyes often, and take your blind cat to the vet if you see any redness, cloudiness, or strange discharge.

This could help keep your cat from going blind. You should also keep taking your cat to the vet for regular checkups, where they will be thoroughly checked out.

How Does Blindness Affect Your Cat?

Your cat going blind can make you and your cat nervous and confused at first, but both of you will get used to it over time.

At first, your cat may look confused and upset and act in a strange way.

Your cat would bump into things and walk around aimlessly, not knowing what was going on.

Sometimes an animal goes blind, and the owner doesn’t know until a vet check-up.

If your cat is blind, it will have very big pupils. Your cat will quickly adjust to not being able to see because they do not rely on it.

Even though your cat may be antsy at first, it can adapt quickly and live a very normal life because it has other senses.

It will choose to stay in places where it feels safe, though.

Can I Leave My Blind Cat Alone?

You can leave your blind pet alone, but you should always take some precautions.

Make sure your blind cat knows what to do before you leave it alone for hours.

Try putting your cat in a small space before you leave it alone. You could also train your cat to live in a crate so it can take care of itself for long periods of time.

But if you take your cat outside, you should never leave it alone.

If you want your cat to be able to go outside, you might want to use a harness or a leash.

Can A Blind Cat Survive?

If you think your cat is going blind, you should immediately call your vet. Set up a time for a checkup.

There are times when your cat’s eyesight can be fixed right away. This kind of blindness is caused by high blood pressure.

Should You Put Down A Blind Cat?

Still, you should have a professional check up on your cat regularly and treat it right away if it starts acting strange.

Keep an eye out for signs that your cat is getting antsy or going blind.

If your cat’s eyes look cloudy or don’t react to light, he or she may be blind.

How To Prevent A Blind Cat From Peeing Everywhere?

You should keep your cat’s litter box in the same place it was before, so that your blind cat can find it easily and stop making a mess.

You should get a litter mat for your cat so that she can walk on it to her litter box.

Your cat’s paws will get used to the feel of the litter pad and be able to tell when it’s full.

You could use a shallow box so that your cat doesn’t have to work too hard to get to it. Set the mat up around the litter box as well.

Can A Blind Cat Live Happily?

Yes, a blind cat can live a happy life. In particular, older cats lose their sight but not their other senses.

Most cats over the age of six have trouble seeing. They don’t bend as much and look like they are cloudy. At first, they can’t focus on things close by and quickly lose sight of them.

Both cataracts and glaucoma can be treated, but you need to get your eyes checked regularly.

Your cat will quickly get used to its new home and think everything is normal. This shows that blind cats can still be happy.

How To Comfort A Blind Cat?

Here are some ways to make a blind cat feel better:

  • Talk loudly and clearly to your cat so it doesn’t get scared when you get close. Your voice lets your cat know that you are still there.
  • Your cat should stay inside, and if you have to take it outside, you shouldn’t leave it alone for even a second. During the time your cat is getting used to its new home, you should keep it inside and in a small space.
  • Continue to play with your cat and pay close attention to it so that it does not become bored while trapped inside.Toys that make noise are especially good for your cat.
    You can keep your cat from running into things or walls by using floor mats to guide it around the house.
  • If you have other pets in the house, put bells on them so that your blind cat will know when another pet is coming.
  • Talk to your cat when you pick it up so it knows it’s safe, and put it down in a place it is used to.
  • If you move your furniture around a lot, it will be hard for your blind cat to get around. It won’t be able to figure it out so fast.
  • You should try to keep the TV or radio on, since the noise helps your cat figure out where it is.
  • If you have stairs in your house, you have to be very careful because your blind cat could fall down and not be able to figure out what happened. You’d have to help them, but once they learned how to climb the stairs without seeing, you’d have to leave them alone.

Safety Measures To Be Taken If Your Cat Is Blind?

1. Avoid Moving The Furniture

If you move your furniture around all the time, your blind cat may run into things and get confused because it is still using the mind map it has made.

2. Scent Marking

Your cat has a great sense of smell, so when you mark something with a certain scent, it will be easy for the cat to find.

3. Do Not Move Litter And Food Boxes

You should keep your cat’s food and litter box in the same place. If your cat knows where its needs are, it will easily get food and won’t pee all over the place.

4. Keep It Safe

Keep your blind cat away from sharp corners and other things that could hurt it. These things could be kept in bubble wrap.

5. Guide Your Cat

As your cat’s vision gets worse, its personality and behaviour will change as well. As they get used to you and feel safe with you, they will want more attention and cling to you.

You will now be the tour guide for your cat. So, talk to your cat every time you leave or enter the room to make him feel safe.

6. Safe Spot

Your cat should have a safe spot in every room. You won’t trip over the pet if you do this. When you have guests over, your cat may feel safe in these places, making sure no one trips over it.

Can Blindness in Cats be Reversed?

Cats may be able to see again if the problem is caught early enough. But even if cat blindness is caught early, it is not always easy to fix. Some important things you should look for in your cat’s eyes are:

  • The appearance of the eyes changes.
  • The iris changes colour.
  • If there were any clouds in the way,
  • If the students don’t look much alike,

What do you do with a Blind Cat?

Your blind cat and you can get along. You should give your blind cat a safe and loving place to live. You can even entertain your blind pet. I’m sure they’ll enjoy playing with yarn or a rainbow kitten charmer even if they can’t see.

Check out this great rainbow cat charmer on Amazon. My cat, who can see, likes it, and I think a blind cat would too.

Can a Blind Cat Use a Litter Box?

A blind cat can use a litter box. Cats like using litter boxes because they are places they know well where they can go to the bathroom. Nothing changes when a cat goes blind.

If you have a blind cat, don’t move the litter box. Instead, keep it in the same place. This will help your blind cat find the litter box and figure out where things are in the room.

In other words, if cats know they’re close to the litter box, they’ll also know where tables, chairs, walls, and other things in the house are in relation to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take A Blind Cat To Adjust?

It will take your blind cat a few weeks to get used to being blind. Your cat will find it easier to get used to a new place if its other senses are sharp.

How Do Your Cat’s Eyes Look When It Goes Blind?

The two pupils will look different from each other, with one being bigger or smaller than the other. The eyes may get cloudy and bigger, and there is often redness around the eyes.

Can Your Blind Cat Get Access To Stairs?

Close off the stairwells with baby gates until your cat can go up and down them without getting hurt. If you trim your cat’s whiskers, it will be easier for them to get through small spaces.


Hopefully, it’s no longer a no-brainer to put a blind cat to sleep.

Who are you to tell a blind cat to stop acting up when it doesn’t know how?

When a person loses their sight, they have to figure out how to move around again. A cat, on the other hand, won’t have to learn braille or miss its favourite TV show.

Believe in your cat’s other senses. Show them new places in a gentle way, play with them often, and give them a kiss from us.

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