How To Tell If Cat Mating Was Successful? Here’s The Answer

After a successful mating, your cat will display several evident physical and behavioral symptoms of pregnancy. The absence of the heat cycle is one of the most obvious markers of successful cat mating.

However, it might be difficult to tell when the heat cycle has ended. Detecting bloodstains and determining if your cat goes through heat cycles is difficult.

Feline pregnancy normally lasts two months, although it can last up to 72 days. Around two to three weeks after mating, a cat begins to display pregnancy symptoms. So, let’s look at several crucial symptoms that indicate successful cat mating.

10 Ways To Tell If Cat Mating Was Successful

How To Tell If Cat Mating Was Successful?

Swollen Abdomen

Even your veterinarian may not be able to determine for sure if your cat is pregnant until she is 26 to 35 days pregnant.

Your veterinarian can use an ultrasound to identify a pregnancy or touch the uterus to diagnose the abdomen. The string of pearls can be felt in the uterus.

The abdomen will resemble a burro. When your cat is calm after 20 days of pregnancy, you should be able to feel little fetuses. However, do not push too hard on her stomach, since this may injure her or result in an abortion.

Motherly Behaviour

Showing motherly behavior is one of the best mating indications in cats. For instance, she could massage herself and become more loving.

Increased Appetite

An increase in your cat’s appetite might be another symptom of successful mating in cats. During her nine-week pregnant stage, you should feed your cat roughly 25% more than usual until the kittens start weaning. Make sure she gets enough healthy meals to meet her calorie needs.

Pinking Of Nipples In Your Cat

Over the next 63 days, you’ll notice symptoms of successful mating in your cat as the fetuses begin to mature. The connecting of nipples is the most noticeable characteristic.

After 15 to 18 days of successful mating, your cat will have enlarged pink nipples. As the due date approaches, she will begin to gain weight and her milk glands will fill with milk.

Enlarged nipples, on the other hand, might indicate that you’re in heat. As a result, you can check to see if there are any additional indicators.

Morning Sickness

How To Tell If Cat Mating Was Successful?

After a successful mating, the queen may refuse to eat anything or vomit. This is a regular occurrence among pregnant cats. If the vomiting persists, you should consult your veterinarian since it might indicate an underlying problem or disease.

Temperature changes can also be seen in her armpits. In most cases, when a woman is pregnant, her temperature drops.

It must, however, be a normal temperature change. You should always see your veterinarian if your fever continues to drop and rise.

Nesting Behavior

When your cat becomes pregnant, her hormones alter. Your cat begins to exhibit nesting behavior, in which she seeks out a concealed and cozy location in which to give birth to her babies in peace.

To safeguard the survival of her kittens in the wild, she would seek a moist and concealed location. If the original nesting location is threatened, she may choose several nesting sites.

In the latter two weeks of her pregnancy, you may see her nesting activity in the home. She frequently seeks a peaceful, secure, and dark location to give birth to her offspring.

Will Gain Weight

Your cat will gain weight when the mating is successful, about 2 to 4 pounds in total. This weight gain must come from the abdomen and not from a general increase in weight.

Heat Cycle Will Stop

The cessation of the heat cycle is the most obvious sign that a cat has successfully mated and is pregnant. Within 10 to 14 days, cats usually go through a heat cycle. It’s time to consult your veterinarian if the heat cycle doesn’t continue as expected.

You may notice that behaviours more usual in the summer, such as genital licking and urine marking, abruptly stop, signaling the potential of pregnancy.

Change In Habits

How To Tell If Cat Mating Was Successful?

You may notice that your cat sleeps more than normal after the mating was successful and attempts to be more loving toward you. She’ll try to get your attention more frequently. You must devote all of your attention to her.

It’s possible that your cat has less energy and a decreased desire to move about. She may be rolling around on the floor and screaming. It’s also possible to observe mood fluctuations from time to time.


If you’re still unclear about the indicators and want to know if your cat is pregnant, diagnosis is the best and most reliable technique. It can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Your veterinarian may be able to tell you how many kittens your cat is likely to have using ultrasonography. However, the number of kittens cannot be predicted with accuracy. Only after 16 days post-mating is ultrasound possible.

Another way to confirm your cat’s pregnancy is to use an X-ray. A veterinarian may be able to predict the number of kittens that will be born, but not with great precision.

However, there is no need to be concerned about radiation because, according to specialists, the level of radiation is quite low. As a result, it’s common to think that this is safe for your cat and her growing kittens.

But let’s say you’re still undecided about exposing your cat to radiation. In that instance, your veterinarian can use palpation to determine whether the cat is pregnant by gently pushing on the belly and feeling the fetuses. After 20 days after mating, you can do this.


Finally, ensure that your cat receives all of the necessary attention and food — a successful pregnancy depends on it. Make sure she has food, drink, and a litter box at all times, and encourage her to sleep well. Always with your veterinarian before giving her any vaccines or medications. Cats choose us; we do not own them, so take care of them!

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