How To Make My Cat Smell Better

How To Make My Cat Smell Better? 10 Usefu Tips To Make It

When your cat walks by and you catch a whiff of a bad smell, it’s time to check on your pet.

Sometimes it’s because of what it’s eating, and sometimes it’s because it hasn’t been groomed well enough.

Any way you look at it, the good news is that you can do a lot to make your cat smell nice again.

We’ve put together a list of seven of the best natural ways to get your cat to smell nice again, so you can pet it again.

What’s The Natural Smell Of Cats?

The smell of a cat is pleasant.

In reality, their nine glands give off different smells. Most smells are pleasant, and they are there for a reason. When a cat wants attention, is hungry, wants to be petted, or has strong feelings, it smells different.

The smell they give off is clearly caused by chemical formulas.

Doesn’t smelling change how you feel? Cats have the same thought. Cats can remember the smell of you, which is usually linked to feelings of love.

But we can’t remember how the cat smelled. Depending on how they act, different cats smell in different ways.

How To Make My Cat Smell Better

Have you ever noticed how much your cat smells like nuts? The smell comes from a gland on their heads called the pinna gland. This nutty and earthy smell is often used to describe their hunger.

Research shows that a kitten even makes a smell when it wants to be petted, and the smell of oil in that area is very nice.

Most of the time, the mother cat can smell her kitten because of how they smell. Kitty has a very tasty smell that attracts not only their mother but also other people. People say that this perfume smells like love.

This enticing smell is also a result of how they take care of themselves. As the queen of cleanliness, cats clean whenever they need to. Aside from that, the smell is usually based on what they eat and how healthy they are.

So, if you want to make a good connection, don’t forget to smell your cat!

4 Reasons Why Your Cat Smells Bad!

Cats are usually clean animals, so their bad smell should make you curious and worried. The cat’s bad smell could be caused by bad-smelling things nearby, bad dental health, unclean habits, or even bad health.

Here are some things that could be making your cat smell bad:

1. Marking Of Territory

Have you ever seen cats on the street hiss at each other?

“Hey, you’re on my land, so get out of here!” they say.

Cats do have their own territories. They don’t like it when other animals come into their territory, and in extreme cases, you might be seen as an outsider.

They often mark their territory by rubbing their paws, cheeks, or tails on the ground to leave a scent. They even do it when they urinate. Most likely, this adds to the smell.

2. Unhygienic

Cats have a good sense of cleanliness, but some of them have trouble with it.

Cats like to groom themselves because it makes them feel good. If your cat isn’t grooming, she may be sick or in pain, like with arthritis or tooth problems.

If kittens are taken away from their mothers when they are very young, they probably won’t know how to clean themselves.

Cats that don’t get groomed enough not only smell bad but also have rough hair and stains from food and dirt.

3. Bad Mouth

There could be more than one reason why your mouth smells bad. Talk to a veterinarian to find out what’s going on.

The sticky cat food she ate might have given her mouth a temporary bad smell, but most bad smells in cats are known to be a sign of poor health.

If there are germs in the food, she already has them in her mouth. This growth of bacteria smells bad and could lead to tooth loss.

If your cat gets sick in the stomach, ulcers may form in its mouth. This ulcer with germs that hasn’t been taken care of could be the cause of the cat’s bad smell and pain.

4. Health Issues

Everything in the body works together. A stomach problem can spread to the mouth, and an ear problem can make it hard to keep your balance.

Cats are known to smell bad. So it is not surprising that a particularly bad smell could be a sign of certain health problems.

When someone smells bad, it could be because of their health.

We already know that cats care about how clean they are. They don’t let pee or poop stains stay on their bodies unless they are sick or don’t know any better.

For example, if she has diarrhea, the hair will make it hard for her to clean herself well. This buildup of dirt could cause an infection in the anus area, which would make the cat smell fishy.

If your cat smells bad all over, it may have a skin disease or sores.

If touching the cat makes your hands feel greasy and smelly, it’s probably because you’re sick.

If your cat gets an infected wound, he or she will smell bad.

It also smells pretty bad when you have an ear infection. If the cat is scratching its ear a lot and you smell something bad, it might have an ear infection.

This could be a sign that you have cancer or kidney disease.

Don’t ignore your cat’s bad smell because the above causes are not only unpleasant but also bad for their health. Your cat might not like this smell.

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Garbage?

You might be wondering why I’m posting this game about smelly cats.

If you have a cat, you’ve probably seen him destroy your things and throw them all over the room, even though he’s a clean-cut gentleman. Play is fun for cats. Most of the time, they hide in boxes and polybags.

So the trash can is probably the best place for it to hide, since it is full of things that your cat thinks are toys but are actually trash.

Your young cat might have been playing in the trash can and picked up the smell. Another cause could be a big deal. When a cat is sick, it usually smells bad.

If your cat smells like garbage, it could have a problem with its liver, intestines, kidneys, or blood sugar.

Watch how she moves to see if she likes to play with trash. If she doesn’t, the smell is probably a sign that her health is getting worse.

Why Does My Cats Fur Smell Like Poop?

Did you know that cats are less likely to get skin infections than dogs? This could be because of how they clean themselves or their immune systems.

Your cat may smell like feces for a variety of reasons, including: playing in the poop box; inappropriate grooming; a change in food; digestive troubles; and illness.

1. Playing Inside Litter Box

Your kitten, no matter how big or small, might like to do all the yoga poses in their litter box. Because your cat rolls around and plays, her poop gets stuck in her fur and makes her stink.

2. Improper Grooming

We don’t normally complain about a filthy and stinky cat, but some unwell cats, such as those with bone issues or arthritis, struggle to clean themselves adequately. If the cat is unwell or has long fur, the liquid excrement or poop from diarrhea may not be adequately licked.

3. Changed Diet

Have you changed what your cat eats? On the other hand, cats are carnivores, which means they eat meat instead of plants and grains. The amount of protein they eat is enough for their health.

Too much grain and vegetables might cause stomach upset and diarrhea. The smell comes from the poop that gets stuck in their fur.

4. Issues Of Digestion

Digestion problems are mostly caused by what you eat. But this diet might make you have gas instead of diarrhea. They could have an allergy to some foods.

So, they start to smell, but their fur doesn’t show any signs of poop.

5. Infection

If the cat doesn’t groom itself, its hair might smell bad. In this situation, their fur is covered by something smelly and greasy. This is a worry because not grooming enough could be a sign of diabetes or other health problems.

But this is not the only reason why cats stink.

When a cat’s skin is sick, its hair may have a bad smell. If a cat has an infection or disease of the anus, the bad smell of the anus could be transferred to the hair, making the cat smell bad.

But my cat is a great groomer. How could she get an infection in her nose? On the other hand, cats with long hair may get anus infections because their long hair makes it hard for them to clean the area well.

If a cat has an autoimmune disease, it may also smell awful.

Natural Ways to Make Your Cat Smell Good

1. Check their diet

If your cat has bad breath or smelly poop, it means they aren’t getting enough to eat. If you have digestive problems, switching to raw food or giving up grains may help.

Because some cats can develop allergies, it’s also a good idea to talk to your vet and ask for a diet plan for your cat.

2. Check your cat’s grooming habits

Most cats are very good at keeping themselves clean, but some cats, especially older cats or cats with long hair, may have trouble.

Your cat might need to be brushed more often. Click here to see what we think are the best brushes for long-haired cat breeds.

How To Make My Cat Smell Better

3. Check your cat’s teeth

If your cat eats clean food but still has bad breath, plaque or tooth decay could be to blame. You should take your cat to the vet for a checkup. You can also clean your cat’s teeth or give them treats made from natural ingredients to help reduce plaque.

4. Give your cat a bath

If your cat’s fur smells bad, you can help them out by washing it. The best thing to do is to use a shampoo made just for cats that is hypoallergenic.

Don’t use shampoo made for people because a cat’s skin is much more sensitive and has a different pH level than ours.

Having trouble getting your cat into the bathtub?

Try one of our top suggestions for shampoos that don’t need water.

5. Make your own natural cat shampoo

If your cat has rolled in something sticky or greasy and you don’t have time to go to the store, you can make your own shampoo with the following ingredients:


  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup Dawn dish soap (do not substitute for other brands)
  • 4 cups water

Mix well, and then rub in just enough shampoo to make it foam. Rinse well, and put any leftover shampoo in a container with a tight lid.

6. Make your own natural dry cat shampoo

Does your cat hate baths with a passion? You can also make your own natural dry cat shampoo with a few things you probably already have on hand:


  • ½ cup finely ground oatmeal
  • ½ cup cornmeal
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons corn starch

Mix these things together, sprinkle them on your cat’s fur, and work them in with your fingers before brushing them out. It’s best to do this outside because some of your cat’s hair may come off and make a mess.

7. Use a waterless shampoo

There is also shampoo that doesn’t need water and has natural ingredients like honey and apples.

Just spray this on your cat’s fur, rub it in, and then dry your cat with a towel. Look for a product that is safe for cats and doesn’t have any sulphates or dyes.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Smelling?

To solve this problem, we must first figure out what is causing it.

things like cat wipes, toothpaste, shampoo that doesn’t need water, and so on. You could take her to a pool party or clean up her stuff. Think about lighting a scented candle.

Before you make any assumptions, try to figure out what your cat was doing before the smell of something sticky started to fill the air.

She could be messing around with the litter box. Or, the smell could be caused by a sticky food and trash hunt.

Some ways to help the cat smell better are to groom it, feed it healthy food, teach it healthy habits, keep her happy, and take her to the vet.

1. Grooming

Cats are excellent groomers. They give themselves an hour to take care of themselves. But if your cat was taken away from its mother when it was young, it may not know how to clean itself well.

Who taught you the most important things about life? Father and mother: Without your mother’s help, even you wouldn’t know much.

Then think about this cute animal!

You need to be patient with your cat and do the right things. You could try to wash your cat with cat shampoo. Make sure to brush her hair and check her regularly for ticks.

If her hair is too long, you could try cutting it.

Try going to a spa.

2. Healthy Diet

When Phoebe Buffy sang, “Smelly Cat, Stinky Cat, What Are They Feeding You?

“Her question was right on the mark!

What we eat is very important because it affects not only how our bodies digest food but also how our mouths smell.

Try changing your cat’s diet. Sticky food might also change your cat’s taste and smell. Instead of feeding your cat what you eat, try giving it some nice pet food.

Cats, being free animals, may want to explore the trash can.

If this happens, take firm action to stop it. Not only will this hurt its smell, but it will also hurt its digestive health. If she changes what she eats, her urine smell might get better.

3. Healthy Habits

How do you feel when you don’t bathe or brush your teeth? Doesn’t that make you feel lazy and dirty?

Cats are the same way. If you aren’t taking care of her health, you should start.

Cats hate getting washed, but they need to so they don’t smell bad. A shampoo bath will make her smell good, and just like you clean your teeth, you should massage your cat’s teeth.

If you brush your teeth, your cat will definitely smell better.

These healthy habits are good for your health and your smell. This treatment will give your pet a new lease on life!

4. Clean Surrounding

Sometimes a cat’s smell is just because of where she lives and what she has.

Use deodorants, but there are pet deodorants made just for cats. You should also clean her toys and litter box regularly.

Stop her from getting spayed.

5. Keep Her Happy

Cats are special because they can smell based on how they feel and what they need.

Studies show that a cat smells good when she is with someone she likes or when she is in a good mood. Kitty’s scent is often pleasant and makes you want to eat her. A cat’s scent can show how she is feeling. A scared cat will smell bad.

So try to make sure your cat is happy.

A happy cat has a great smell.

6. Vet

You should be scared of a stinky cat.

If you think your cat has serious health problems, don’t do an experiment on her. She may be in pain, and the smell of her own body may be making her tired.

After getting the right medical care, your cat will feel better.

How Can I Make My Cat Smell Better Without A Bath?

Is your cat avoiding getting clean?

Some people say that cats don’t like tap water because it smells like chemicals, while others say that it makes their hair thick.

A sick cat will also fight, and there’s not much you can do about that. If your cat smells too bad, no matter what the cause, she needs a bath.

We do have a plan B, though.

There are a few things that can help your cat clean itself without water.

You can make your cat smell better without giving it a bath by using cat wipes, shampoo that doesn’t need to be rinsed, grooming gloves, or a damp cloth.

1. Cat Wipes

Most cat wipes are soft and mild.

So, using wipes might be the best option since they work well and are gentle on cats’ hair. A towel might be too rough. There are also wipes that break down in the environment.

2. Grooming Mitt

Grooming mitts are gloves with soft tips that can be used to clean a cat’s hair without hurting it.

It will help the cat not smell bad.

How To Make My Cat Smell Better

3. No-Rinse Cat Shampoo

A shampoo that doesn’t need to be rinsed off glides over the cat’s skin, moisturizing it and making it stop itching. The shampoo also has good things in it, like aloe vera and oil, which smell nice.

When Should I Rush To The Vet With Stinky Cat?

Even though a cat’s normal smell is pleasant, its bad smell should not be ignored.

If your cat is sick or has sores on its body, you might want to take it to the vet. Ulcers and bad habits can sometimes be signs of other diseases.

If changing the cat’s food doesn’t change the smell of its waste, you should take it to the vet.

If the cat isn’t eating normally, you should take it to the vet right away because it could have a serious illness. If your cat isn’t peeing, you should take him to the vet right away because it could mean he has a blockage.

Don’t ignore the warnings!

Frequently Asked Question

Can I put perfume on my cat?

No, you can’t put perfume on your cat because perfume has a high ph level, and high ph levels can be bad for cats’ skin.

How do I keep my house from smelling like a cat?

There are many ways to keep your home from smelling like a cat. You can use room spray, try scented candles, keep the windows open for air, clean kitty’s toys, clean the cat’s area, and clean the cat’s litter box.

Why does my cat smell like pee?

Your cat might smell like pee if she has used her urine to mark her territory, if she has a urinary problem, or even if she has diabetes.

Final Words

A cat’s smell can tell you a lot about her, so you shouldn’t ignore it.

Check to see if your cat has been playing in the trash or is going through a hard time. The smell bothers both you and her, since an unclean cat will feel tired.

Give her a happy life so that her natural scent can do its job, and keep her on a good schedule and on medicine.

Next time, smell better!

I hope this essay was helpful!

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