Can Cats Eat Syrup? What You Should Know

It’s a Saturday morning, and you’ve finally freed up enough time to make your favorite breakfast: maple syrup pancakes. Your cat keeps an eye on you the entire time, and as you eat your breakfast, you wonder if your cat can also eat maple syrup. Is it possible for cats to consume syrup?

Syrup is edible to cats. Although syrup is not poisonous to cats, it does contain a lot of sugar. Adding sugar to your cat’s food can cause them to gain weight, which can raise their risk of developing health problems.

Despite the fact that maple syrup is not the healthiest treat for your cat, it is theoretically permissible for your cat to consume it. To minimize unwanted weight gain from the sugar in syrup, share your syrup (and pancakes!) with your cat in moderation. Let’s speak a little more about if and how cats can consume syrup now that you’re making breakfast for them as well.

Can cats eat syrup?

Can Cats Eat Syrup? What You Should Know

Although it is not hazardous to cats, the high sugar content can be dangerous if consumed on a regular basis. If your cat has a tendency of eating syrup on a regular basis, you should be aware that the extra sugar in their diet might cause them to gain weight, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

The idea is to share your meal with your cat in moderation. Pancakes and syrup should only be given to your cat in modest amounts and not on a daily basis.

Every cat owner should be aware of what foods their feline companion can and cannot consume. Let’s take a closer look at this delicious delicacy and see why you shouldn’t feed it to your cat.

Dangers of Feeding Cats Syrup

One of the things you should leave out if you overindulge your cat and they gain too much weight is maple syrup. Humans and cats should avoid maple syrup because it contains high fructose syrup or refined sugar.

Obesity in cats can cause a variety of health issues, including diabetes and kidney disease, but the most serious issue is heart disease.

One of the reasons your cat can suddenly develop a taste for maple syrup is that it is a rare treat for them. Cats, on the other hand, do not have the same sweet tooth as humans.

You might be shocked to learn that your cats enjoy maple syrup because it’s not something you’d expect a cat to eat, but the chances are excellent that they will eat it because it’s a treat.

Once people try it for the first time, it becomes something new that they crave because they haven’t had it before.

Why Do Cats Like Maple Syrup?

There are a number of reasons why your cat may have developed a taste for maple syrup. They might like it just because it’s a different treat, or because they watch you eating it and assume it’s delicious because their owner does.

Although cats can’t pick which foods they eat, they may determine after a few licks that maple syrup is a wonderful treat simply because it’s something they don’t receive very often.

It’s unquestionably superior tasting and unique compared to the typical cat snacks.

Your cat may have developed a taste for maple syrup after observing you consuming it and wishing to partake. After all, you’re the one who does it.

Can Cats Eat Sugar-Free Syrup?

Can Cats Eat Syrup? What You Should Know

No, sugar-free or light versions contain malitol, a sugar alcohol that might cause digestive problems in your cat.

Malitol is 90 percent sweeter than sugar but is indigestible in humans, therefore your cats are unlikely to be able to digest it. It’s been connected to a variety of digestive issues, including diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, and stomach pain.

Alternatives that are better for your cat’s health

You have other options if you don’t want to develop a practice of feeding your cat sugar or simply believe they shouldn’t have it:

1.If you’re feeling guilty about your cat begging for syrup while you’re having your breakfast, try distracting them by feeding them canned cat food or giving them goodies.

2.Many people are surprised to learn that honey is a safe treat for cats. Only give them a small amount at a time because too much honey can create intestinal issues.

3.Prepare “human food” for your cat, such as canned tuna, shrimp, or other unseasoned meat.

Although it isn’t food, you can offer your cat a toy to distract her from your syrup-soaked waffles. It won’t be as effective as giving her something to eat, but it might work if she has a favorite toy. You might also try letting her play with a reward toy, such as this treat ball, which allows you to place a treat inside to keep her occupied.

If you’ve already given her a taste of syrup, she’ll most certainly keep begging, so be firm and refuse to give in, no matter how much she pleads.

Can Cats Overeat Syrup?

Cats, like children, require you to keep your eyes in the back of your head to keep track of what they are doing. We can’t watch our pets every minute because we’re just human, and cats are notorious for being sneaky.

Sure enough, if you’re busy and don’t pay attention, your cat can sneak into the pantry and drink half a bottle of maple syrup without your knowledge.

While it is not poisonous, it can cause loose stools, diarrhea, stomach irritation, and the dreaded vomiting.

If this is the case, you should be aware that there are few over-the-counter medications available for cats.

Pepcid, on the other hand, is safe for cats, and you can give your cat half of a 10mg tablet to assist lessen stomach acidity and nausea.

Bonine, an anti-motion-sickness drug, is another option. A quarter of a 15 mg tablet may aid with nausea.

In most cases, your cat will not drink the entire bottle. If she does, keep an eye on her for any unusual reactions or behavior. If you experience any symptoms or adverse effects, contact your veterinarian.

Can Kittens Eat Syrup?

Baby kittens should never eat human food, especially if they are under the age of 18 weeks.

Kittens can consume little amounts of unseasoned meat, but sweet foods should never be given to them.

To maintain optimal development, kittens require extra protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Is Maple Syrup Bad For Cats

Can Cats Eat Syrup? What You Should Know

Although maple syrup is not harmful to cats, it is high in sugar, which is bad for your cat.

The good news is that maple syrup has no substances that can harm your cat. It is not harmful, unlike some meals. If your cat gets a taste of the maple syrup in your cupboard, there’s no need to panic and run to the clinic.

However, just because something isn’t harmful doesn’t imply it’s beneficial for cats. Sugar is present in maple syrup, which can cause your cat to gain weight. A small lick or taste will not make your cat gain weight, but regular eating may.

Other health complications may emerge if your cat gains too much weight. You’ve definitely heard about the problems that come with having a fat cat, but one of the most serious (and dangerous) issues that can arise from a cat that is overweight is heart disease.

Do Cats Like Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a delicacy that cats enjoy because it is something they don’t receive very often. Cats, on the other hand, do not have a sweet craving.

Unfortunately, neither you nor I can inquire as to whether our cats enjoy maple syrup. But, really, does it make a difference? Who doesn’t enjoy a generous dose of maple syrup?

Even if you don’t believe your cat would appreciate maple syrup, it’s likely that he or she will eat it because maple syrup is a treat. If you don’t give your cat maple syrup on a regular basis, they may never get it. It’s a completely new food for them!

However, unlike you, your cat will not develop a taste for maple syrup. Cats are carnivores, which means they don’t develop a sweet craving like humans do. Don’t be concerned about your cat being addicted to the tasty stuff! It’s likely that your cat is “begging” for maple syrup because they remember you feeding it to them before.

Can Cats Eat Waffles With Syrup

If waffles with syrup on top are your go-to breakfast, there’s some good news: you can share a little bite with your cat.

Despite the fact that your cat shouldn’t consume too much syrup (or waffles for that matter), there is nothing harmful about this famous breakfast dish. However, feeding your cat waffles with syrup in moderation is still a smart idea.

Don’t give your cat an entire waffle because carbohydrates are bad for cats as well. Instead, take a small piece of your syrup-soaked waffle and break it off.

Giving your cat a modest taste of your favorite breakfast is perfectly OK.

Can Cats Eat Pancakes With Syrup

Pancakes with syrup can be eaten by cats, much like waffles with syrup. Just remember to just feed your cat a small portion.

Pancakes are similar to waffles in that they include carbs, which are not the greatest food for your cat. Carbs are also not hazardous to your cat. Even so, your cat will only eat a small bite of a pancake with syrup. Don’t feel obligated to give your cat anything else.

If you’re offering your cat pancakes with syrup, you should also give him a plain pancake or at least a portion of one without any other ingredients. We don’t want to be the ones to introduce chocolate chips to our kitties next!

Can Syrup Kill Cats

Because syrup is not harmful to cats, it will not kill them. If you start giving your cat a lot of syrup, he or she may gain weight, which can lead to other possibly fatal problems.

There’s no reason to be concerned about syrup killing your cat. You’re in luck if you didn’t plan to offer your cat syrup and it licked it off the surface. There will be no serious side effects for your cat, such as death.

Syrup, on the other hand, can accidentally kill a cat. Maple syrup contains too much sugar for cats, which can contribute to weight gain. It’s the risk of weight gain that can lead to more serious health problems. Cats who are overweight may experience cardiac difficulties or kidney problems.

Alternatives To Syrup For Cats

If you still don’t want to give your cat sugar, there are some more options. Check out the following:

If your cat is begging for syrup while you’re enjoying breakfast, distract it with canned cat food or cat treats.

For cats, honey is a safe alternative. Be aware that giving your cat too much honey can cause stomach problems.

While this is not the same as a typical syrup substitute, unseasoned meat is the safest “human food” treat to give your cat.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many safe maple syrup options for cats. Anything with a consistency and flavor comparable to maple syrup is likely to be high in sugar. If you don’t want to give your cat a lot of sugar, you should stick to real cat treats.

Although maple syrup is a guilty pleasure for many people, it is not always a guilty pleasure for your cat. Giving your cat a modest taste of maple syrup is safe, however giving your cat a big amount of maple syrup may cause weight gain. Keep in mind that maple syrup isn’t intended for cats. You can share your breakfast with your cats, but even if it’s difficult, offer them a small taste.


Just keep in mind that while maple syrup is fine for people, your cat won’t be able to take the same amount.

Your cat can eat more than one bite of pancake or waffle with maple syrup at a time. If you give your cat too much maple syrup, he or she may become overweight, which no one wants.

So, when it comes to sharing maple syrup with your cat, remember to use caution and common sense.

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