Can Cats Eat String Cheese? What You Need to Know

Don’t be deceived by popular culture’s depictions of cats drinking milk.

Cow’s milk, it turns out, isn’t particularly excellent for cats. In fact, because their digestive systems are unable to create enough enzymes to adequately digest cow’s milk, cats are lactose intolerant.

Is lactose sensitivity also present in cheese? Is it possible for cats to eat cheese?

Can cats eat cheese?

Can Cats Eat String Cheese? What You Need to Know

They can do so right away, but only to a limited extent. Cats’ bodies become increasingly resistant to cheese as they become older (or milk-based goods).

So, pay attention and limit your cheese consumption to a modest pleasure every now and then. That will be much appreciated by your pet!

What cheeses should cats not eat?

So, the answer to the question “Can cats eat cheese?” is yes. It appears that sharing a small amount of cheese with your cat is acceptable. But are there certain cheeses that you shouldn’t give to your cat?

Jenna advises cat owners to avoid giving their kitties blue cheese. The good news is that blue cheese is a type of cheese that most cats will avoid.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Werber, the simplest cheeses are the best. He says that the richer the cheese, the more you should avoid sharing it with your cat.

When it comes to offering cheese to your cats, quantity is obviously a major consideration. Give your cat simply a modest quantity of cheese if you want to feed it.

What are the side effects of cats eating cheese?

“Because cheese includes lactose, it may cause nasty side effects in certain cats, primarily flatulence and diarrhea,” Jenna adds. Some cats will have dietary issues with cheese since they are lactose intolerant.

My youngest cat enjoys the occasional cheese snack and has never had any nutritional issues as a result of it. If your cat becomes ill after eating a small amount of cheese, switch to a different food.

Can cats eat cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese, which is low in fat, is the finest alternative you can give your cat. This will help their digestive systems and may not cause any harm to your fur balls. You must, however, keep it low-key.

Can cats eat cream cheese?

Cream cheese, unlike cottage cheese, is not suitable for cats. This type of cheese is detrimental to cats’ bodies since it is high in fat. Because the majority of cats are lactose intolerant.

If you want your cat to be balanced and healthy, don’t feed him cream cheese.

Can cats eat mac and cheese?

Can Cats Eat String Cheese? What You Need to Know

Another subject related to “can cats eat cheese” is if they can eat pasta. Yes, they are allowed to have a portion of your mac & cheese on occasion.

However, this should not be considered a complete meal or a regular. Again, dairy products are not supposed to be digested by your cats. The question isn’t whether cats can eat macaroni and cheese; it’s how much they can consume.

Can cats eat string cheese?

Furthermore, despite the fact that some felines may eat it without trouble, dairy products usually appear on the list of dangerous foods for cats. This is due to the fact that a similar amount of felines reach adulthood and develop lactose intolerance. Any cheddar, milk, or other dairy products will cause loose bowels in these adult cats.

So, if your cats are still young, they can eat this every now and again. However, as your cat gets older, limit the amount or eliminate this type of food entirely from a senior cat’s diet.

Can cats eat cheddar cheese?

When it comes to dairy, the milder varieties will have more lactose. So go for a firmer cheddar and look for matured varieties. Because they have such low lactose levels, extra sharp cheddar and Swiss cheese are excellent choices for experimenting.

As a result, cheddar is more tolerant of most cats. However, don’t make it a regular part of your cat’s food, and we can’t emphasize this enough.

Can cats eat goat cheese?

Because lactose is the most common problem cats experience while drinking cow’s milk, many cats can tolerate goat’s milk but not cow’s milk. Goat’s milk has fewer fat globules than cow’s milk, making it easier to process.

As a result, goat cheese is safer for your cat to ingest than cow cheese.

Can cats eat blue cheese?

Experts highly warn avoiding feeding this type of cheese to cats directly. Blue cheese, fortunately, is tolerated by most cats.

So remember to keep your blue cheese dipping sauce away from your cat. This rich cheese can throw a party in your cat’s digestive tract, and it won’t be a good one.

Can cats eat parmesan cheese?

Can Cats Eat String Cheese? What You Need to Know

A modest amount of regular ground parmesan cheese can be obtained. It’s just meant to be a little something to tempt them to eat, a squeeze or two sprinkled over the cat food. A pinch of salt won’t hurt (as long as there aren’t any therapeutic issues to consider, such as hypertension).

Aged cheeses, such as parmesan, are a good choice because they are low in fat. As a result, this form of cheese can be found in cat snacks.

Can cats eat feta cheese?

You want to strengthen your feline, in reality a lump of milk solids stacked/covered with the submerged salt arrangement? It’s the free world (almost) and makes the best selection for you, but you’re reliant on our input. Rather than snacks, which are manufactured specifically for this purpose?

It’s your chance to make your own decision. Thousands of experts, nutritionists, and dedicated professionals in the food sector, I believe, are committed to providing the finest possible nutrition to people and animals. These dedicated individuals and governments from the two most developed nations in North America, the United States and Canada, did not earn your trust to save your feline.


When feeding cheese to cats, be cautious. When it comes to treats, stay away from soft cheese and focus on firmer, matured cheese. Whatever sort of dairy you choose, bear in mind that it should be a minor part of your cat’s diet.

We wish for your cat to live a long and happy life!

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