Can Cats Eat Hummus? What You Need to Know!

For a night on the couch, you crack open a jar of hummus. The sound of the hummus jar opening, of course, brings your cat running. Hummus is fantastic for people, but is it also good for cats? You want to feed it to your cat, but you’re not sure if there’s anything dangerous in it. Is it possible for cats to eat hummus?

Hummus should not be consumed by cats. Hummus has several components that are hazardous to cats, including chickpeas and garlic. Hummus is a poor source of nutrients for cats and should be avoided.

Hummus ingredients vary by flavor, but there are a few fundamental ingredients in hummus, such as chickpeas and garlic. Neither of those items is ideal for your cat’s diet. Garlic, even in little amounts, can be poisonous to cats. I understand that you want to share everything with your greatest animal buddy, but hummus is one of those foods that should only be consumed by humans.

Do Cats Like Hummus

can cats eat hummus

Because your cat watches you eat hummus, it may pique his attention. Even if your cat manages to get a taste of hummus and appears to enjoy it, you should not give it any more.

Some substances, such as garlic, lemon juice, and chickpeas, may be toxic to your cat. Cats, unlike humans, do not break out in hives or recognize that certain foods make them unwell. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to keep your cat from eating hummus.

While it may appear like your cat enjoys hummus when he eats it, it is best to remove it from your cat before they consume too much.

Just keep in mind that I know you adore your kitty. I feel the same way. But, at the end of the day, your cat is an animal, and he or she may not realize that anything could harm them. It is then up to you to intervene and prevent your cat from injuring itself.

Do Cats Hate Hummus?

While some cats may try to take a nibble or two, the majority of cats remain unconcerned. My kitties have utterly disregarded hummus when we had it at my house on rare occasions. Although it’s uncommon that a cat will dislike hummus, many will simply ignore it.

Can Hummus Kill My Cat?

In the world of cat nutrition, hummus can be a little complicated. It has certain advantages, but items that have advantages can also cause difficulties for cats, depending on the cat. Because of the additional ingredients in it, the hummus itself makes a difference.

In general, hummus is unlikely to kill your cat immediately away (although even that is not one hundred percent correct). However, it can lead to a slew of long-term issues, including a reduction in your cat’s lifetime.

Chickpeas are a major component of hummus, and chickpeas are not typically found in a cat’s carnivorous diet. Chickpeas are heavy in carbs and difficult to digest. While the fact that it is more difficult for the body to digest can be beneficial to overweight cats, the high glucose content negates this benefit.

To keep healthy, cats only require a small amount of carbohydrates; consuming too much may result in weight gain, which can lead to joint problems and diabetes.

Chickpeas also contain oxalic acid, which can produce an allergic reaction and should be avoided entirely in senior cats (those over the age of 12) and cats with kidney problems, as this acid can contribute to kidney damage. Fortunately, the quantities of this acid are low enough that a small bit given to your cat every now and again will not hurt him.

Chickpeas are high in protein, but they aren’t complete enough for a cat’s diet since they lack taurine, a key amino acid for your cat’s health that can only be found in animal meat.

Chickpeas are troublesome enough, but it’s the rest of the ingredients in hummus that put it in the “do not feed” category.

can cats eat hummus

Hummus usually has a lot of garlic in it, and it may also include onions in it. Both garlic and onions are extremely harmful to cats, and the amount in hummus is rather high.

Garlic and onions both harm a cat’s red blood cells, making them less able to transport oxygen throughout the body. This can result in anemia, dyspnea, lethargy, and even death in the long run.

A cat can be poisoned by as little as half a clove of garlic, and a serving of hummus can contain up to one whole clove, which is more than enough to kill your cat. The smaller the cat, the less energy it need.

Another common hummus component is tahini. It’s high in fat and oils, which might upset your cat’s stomach. It can also elevate a cat’s body temperature, so it shouldn’t be served to a pregnant cat.

Tahini does contain a lot of omega-6 fats, which are beneficial for cats, as well as protein and antioxidants, however the amount they’d have to eat to obtain that benefit, like chickpeas, would make them sick!

Hummus may also contain ingredients such as chili sauce, which could irritate your cat’s stomach, and salt, which can induce sodium poisoning in cats because they don’t require much.

Taken together, there aren’t many advantages for cats who consume hummus. It won’t kill your cat straight away unless it’s heavy with garlic, but it won’t do anything for their health in the long run and can lead to problems including anemia, vitamin deficiency, weight gain, and other problems. It’s even possible to have an allergic reaction to it! This is one health food that is most definitely not good for cats.

Can Hummus Hurt Cats

Hummus is toxic to cats due to the chemicals it contains.

If you’ve ever prepared hummus or read the back of a jar of store-bought hummus, you know how many components go into that creamy smoothness. It goes well with pita chips and is simple to consume while watching television.

Even if you’re tempted to give your cat a lick from your finger, just because hummus is good for you doesn’t imply it’s a good snack for your cat.

Hummus has a number of components that aren’t good for your cat’s health:





Although not all of these ingredients are hazardous to cats, some are, so it’s best not to feed your cat any of your hummus.

What to Do If Your Cat Eats Hummus

You may not need to be concerned if your cat only consumes a small lick of hummus, but if your cat eats more than that, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that hummus contains garlic, a modest sample of hummus will not kill your cat. Consider this: hummus contains a precise amount of garlic, and the lick your cat took contained even less garlic. There’s no need to be concerned about that minor taste.

But consider this for a moment. You scoop some hummus onto your plate and set the open container on the counter to avoid the commercials so you can get back to your show. When you hear some clanking, you know your cat has begun to devour the container! No way!

You have two options if your cat ate this much hummus. One option is to check on your cat in the morning. It’s possible that eating so much hummus will upset his stomach overnight, but he’ll be OK the next morning after some stomachaches. If you want to be certain that your cat will be okay, contact your veterinarian or go to an emergency veterinarian.

How Much Hummus Is Safe to Feed My Cat?

Actually, you shouldn’t feed hummus to your cat because the risks outweigh the advantages. However, if your cat snuck a few licks in, you generally don’t need to be concerned.

After the exposure, keep a check on your cat for vomiting, lethargy, appetite loss, or any other unusual behaviors, and consult your veterinarian if you are worried.

Hummus should not become a habit for cats, and it should be avoided entirely for older or pregnant cats. If you do let your cat eat hummus, make sure it’s made entirely of chickpeas, with no garlic, salt, or hot sauce, and don’t give them too much because the chickpeas might induce stomach and diarrhea.

Is Hummus Bad For Your Cat?

can cats eat hummus

Yes, hummus is poisonous to cats. The flavor of hummus varies depending on where you go. However, garlic and chickpeas will always be the main ingredients in hummus.

Both of these substances are shockingly poisonous to cats. Garlic, even in little amounts, can produce hazardous reactions in cats by increasing the risk of anemia.

While garlic is harmful to a cat’s health, chickpea is an unnatural element in a cat’s diet.

Chickpeas are difficult for them to digest, which can lead to issues such as kidney and stomach stones, arthritis, and so on.

As a result, when it comes to your cat, you must avoid hummus. We understand that you want to give your cat as much as possible, but hummus should not be one of them.

What happens if your cat eats hummus?

She can get an upset stomach if she consumes too much of it.

Her digestive system may also become a concern for her.

Although a tiny amount won’t harm your cat, don’t feed it hummus in excessive quantities if it doesn’t contain garlic-free ingredients.

Can kittens eat hummus?

Kittens are usually fine with hummus.

The same guidelines apply to cats of all ages when it comes to garlic and salt.

If your cat consumes hummus with garlic in it, he or she may become quite ill as the garlic affects the red blood cells in your proud feline’s body.

As a result, take the same care to ensure that your cat does not consume too much of it.

Also, if she has stomach issues, don’t feed her garlic-infused hummus on a daily basis, or even occasionally.

What is the best way to serve hummus for cats?

Instead of feeding your cat real humans, give her high-quality canned food.

Your cat will be protected and content in this manner.

Give her low-sodium tuna in water (don’t mix it up with the sort packed in oil) if you want to feed her something that isn’t really human-friendly.

How is hummus for pregnant cats?

We don’t advocate feeding this delectable snack to your pregnant cat in large quantities because some of the ingredients can be hazardous to your cat’s newborn kittens.

And by that, we mean that if their mother consumes too many of them, her kittens will be poisoned.

Can hummus cause miscarriage in pregnant cats?

Yes, it is possible.

Hummus contains chemicals that could harm pregnant cats and their newborn offspring.

Giving cats a lot of garlic isn’t a smart idea because it can cause difficulties with red blood cells and other things you don’t want your kitty to have while she’s pregnant or giving birth to a litter of kittens.


To summarize, while hummus is tasty, sharing it with your cat is not a smart idea. A tiny quantity of hummus will not kill your cat, but it is not beneficial for them either, and if served on a regular basis, it may cause health issues.

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