Can Cats Eat Dog Ice Cream? What You Need to Know!

You feel like treating yourself, so you go to the freezer and pull out that pint of Haagen-Dazs. As you turn around to get a spoon, you notice your golden retriever sitting in front of you, wagging his tail back and forth on the floor and looking at you with that “feed me” look in his eyes.

Thankfully, you anticipated this and reached for the pint of Ben & Jerry’s “Dog Ice Cream” from the freezer. Your kitty meanders into the room, drawn in by the tempting fragrance of the milk solids in the ice cream, while the two of you relax on the couch to watch Netflix and eat ice cream.

She hops onto the couch with ease and settles into your lap. As she looks over at Fido, who is enjoying his ice cream, and then back to the spoon you’re licking, you can practically see her hatred.

You can almost hear her say, “What?” “Did you completely forget about me?”

You’re feeling guilty, and you’re wondering if the dog ice cream you gave Fido is safe for cats. Is it possible for cats to consume dog ice cream? It shouldn’t be a problem because they’re both animals, right?

Is dog ice cream OK for cats?

Can Cats Eat Dog Ice Cream? What You Need to Know!

In general, cats should avoid all types of ice cream. The reason for this is that such a treat contains ingredients that are harmful to cats.

Sugar, milk, and cream, for example, are fundamental ingredients in ice cream. This is the point at which dog ice cream becomes an outlier.

Many homemade dog ice cream recipes call for only yogurt and fresh fruits. As a result, it’s free of potentially harmful components for your cat.

While your cat may enjoy the fruits, he or she may not enjoy the yogurt.

What’s the Problem with Ice Cream and Your Pets?

Lactose cannot be processed by dogs or cats. Although dogs evolved to consume meat, their digestive systems are more capable of handling carbohydrates than cats’. Cats, as obligate carnivores, lack the digestive capacity to ingest carbohydrates or high fat levels in their diet.

Dogs’ digestive systems are more adaptive to human diets because they can manage more fat and carbohydrates. We’re not advising that you give your dog human food, but we do believe that dogs can handle it better than cats.

If your dog gets their hands on a large amount of ice cream, they’ll eat as much as they can before being annoyed by the cold, and your cat will do the same. As a result, the majority of cats and dogs refuse to eat.

What Is Dog Ice Cream?

Can Cats Eat Dog Ice Cream? What You Need to Know!

As a result, Ben & Jerry’s (along with a few other ice cream companies) decided to create a “dog-friendly” version of the renowned frozen treat. You no longer have to be concerned about Fido getting the shakes after eating ice cream.

Dog ice cream will not disturb their stomach because they can manage a wider variety of foods in their diet. So, if it’s good for Fido, it shouldn’t be an issue for your feline companion, right?

Can I Feed My Cat Dog Ice Cream?

Regrettably, the answer remains a loud negative. Your cat should not eat dog ice cream. Cats’ digestive systems are well calibrated, and they cannot take human meals as well as dogs.

Dog ice cream has a number of substances that your cat cannot accept. If your cat eats too much ice cream, it will have digestive pain and may require a trip to the veterinarian.

What Will Happen to My Cat if They Eat Dog Ice Cream?

Let’s say you return from a restroom break to find your cat face-deep in the dog’s ice cream bowl. Fido had no chance; the moment you walked out of the room, she was all over it. Typical.

If your cat eats only a small amount of dog ice cream, it is unlikely to create any serious health issues.

She will, however, have a problem if she gorges herself on it.

While dog ice cream is suitable for pets, it has a number of substances that can induce stomach upset in cats. It takes two to four hours for the benefits to begin to manifest in your cat.

You’ll most likely discover her in her litter box, unable to release herself and meowing loudly in discomfort. She may also be scratching at the door, pleading with you to let her out so she may use the restroom outside.

Most of the time, the cat simply needs to pass the solids and she will be OK. However, your cat may experience diarrhea, vomiting, and a great deal of discomfort as a result. A cat eating ice cream, on the other hand, is extremely unlikely to result in the animal’s death.

What are the Risks of Feeding Dog Ice Cream to Your Cat?

Can Cats Eat Dog Ice Cream? What You Need to Know!

If you give your cat dog ice cream and they consume a lot of it, they’ll have digestive problems. In extreme circumstances, you may need to take your cat to the veterinarian. The vet will give your cat a little amount of diluted hydrogen peroxide to make them vomit.

The vet inserts a plastic tube and feeds the liquid into the line with a syringe to get the peroxide down your cat’s throat. The vet will keep your kitty overnight for observation after bringing up the ice cream.

The vet may also prescribe something to assist your cat cope with the pain and suffering that comes with the situation. The majority of cats recover completely.

Can a cat die from eating dog ice cream?

Lactose poisoning in cats can be fatal.

Lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products, is a kind of sugar. Some ice creams may contain it, so be cautious when feeding this dog ice cream to your cat.


As a result, we may conclude that feeding your cat dog ice cream is not a good idea. You can give them a few licks, but letting them eat an entire bowl of the stuff will almost certainly result in a trip to the ER.

It’s crucial to note, however, that most cats will not consume ice cream. Cats dislike eating cold food because it reminds them of dead prey. As a result, your cat is likely to take a few licks before abandoning the ice cream.

However, each cat is unique, and some cats may prefer to consume more ice cream than others. If you suspect your cat ate a lot of ice cream, wait a few hours before taking them to the veterinarian.

Keeping your cat away from ice cream is a good idea in general. After you’ve finished, remember to clean up the bowls. Don’t leave them out to be licked clean by the cat.

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