Can Brother And Sister Cats Have Kittens? What You Should Know!

Cats are instinctually driven animals. One of your cat’s most powerful desires in life will be the need to have babies. When breeding season arrives, and your sibling boy and girl kittens aren’t yet neutered, they’ll almost certainly have sex and eventually have kittens together.

Our cats don’t seem to mind if the person they’re mating with is a relative. They were never told not to copulate with their brothers or sisters as they were growing up. For cats, there is no such thing as a taboo against incest. Everyone is fair game once they reach sexual maturity.

Once the sexual hormones kick in, they’ll only care about one thing: passing on their genes to the next generation.

Brother and sister cats can make kittens together

Can Brother And Sister Cats Have Kittens? What You Should Know!

Unfortunately, there is a probability of an inbred pregnancy when brothers and sisters have intercourse. Breeders have always bred closely related cats to ensure that the kittens they produce don’t surprise them with their appearance.

Breeders will find it easier to produce pedigree cats if they breed cats from the same litter. To produce a healthy kitten, good breeders know which cat to chose. When it comes to inbreeding, however, there are a lot of risks – even for experienced breeders, but especially for the unintentional ones.

When very closely related cats (such as brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, or even half-siblings) breed, the chance of genetic problems rises: inbred cats are more likely to have immunological deficiencies, congenital abnormalities, and inherited diseases.

The effectiveness of an animal’s immune system, including that of cats, is determined by genetic variety. Cats born from genetically identical parents have a reduced ability to fight diseases, even those that have little or no effect on a typical cat.

As a result, it is strongly encouraged that cats do not copulate with their siblings as much as possible.

Fortunately, hope for accidental inbreeding between cats is not lost.

In general, cat siblings might be genetically diverse depending on how they were conceived in the first place.

Most kittens, particularly those born to stray cats, have multiple fathers. In cats, having numerous fathers per litter is fairly common.

Even kittens born to the same parents can acquire random gene combinations — unless they are identical twins, of course. There isn’t anything to be concerned about if your cats are healthy – that is, if they don’t have any hereditary problems.

Sterilization is the most effective way to avoid inbreeding.

It’s highly recommended that you have your sibling kitties spayed/neutered if you don’t want them to have kittens of their own. Cats typically reach puberty at the most inconvenient times. Some children acquire sexual maturity as early as four months of age.

If you already have an inbred kitten, neuter it as soon as possible to prevent genetic abnormalities from entering the gene pool.

What are the bad signs of an inbred cat?

Can Brother And Sister Cats Have Kittens? What You Should Know!

Most breeders, especially the less respected ones, turn to inbreeding their cats in order for the most attractive qualities of the breed to shine through. However, inbreeding can cause a variety of negative genetic flaws, such as “inbreeding depression,” a phrase for general frailty.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

A facial asymmetry

Noses that are crooked

Eyes of varying sizes

Eyes that are misaligned

Jaws that are misaligned

My cat has an inbred pregnancy.  What do I do?

First and foremost, the parent cats’ history and genealogy must be considered. Is there a history of inbreeding in their family? Do they have any hereditary conditions that you’re concerned will be passed on to their children? If the answer is no, there isn’t anything to be concerned about. The kittens will most likely be born normal unless deformity runs in the family. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, there’s one more thing to think about: spaying your pregnant cat. Your cat can be sterilized if the pregnancy is still early. Spaying a pregnant cat will result in an abortion, so keep that in mind. If you’re thinking about it, chat to your veterinarian.

When will cats reach their sexual maturity?

The age at which a kitten reaches puberty varies from one kitten to the next. Many factors, including your cat’s breed and surroundings, might influence how soon or late your cat becomes sexually mature. Puberty can begin as early as 4 months in outdoor cats and breeds like Siamese cats, while other cats may not show indications until their 10th month to a year.

Spaying cats in their fifth or sixth month is recommended by veterinarians to avoid pregnancy. If you’re concerned about having a pregnant cat, talk to your veterinarian about having them spayed on the fourth month – but keep in mind that neutering older cats is safer.

Inbreeding cats is not a good idea, especially if you are not a licensed breeder, as it can lead to a variety of genetic disorders in your cat. If anything like this happened by chance, there’s no need to be concerned — unless the cats showed evidence of genetic problems. Please neuter your cat as soon as possible to avoid undesired cat pregnancies.

Can Brother and Sister Cats Have Kittens?

Can Brother And Sister Cats Have Kittens? What You Should Know!

Kittens as young as four months old can be sexually mature. Male kittens can fertilize a fertile female from around this age, whereas female kittens can conceive from around this age. If you have two cats from the same litter who haven’t been neutered, this can be a problem.

If a female kitten becomes pregnant at the age of four months, she has a good probability of having her own litter at the age of six months. This is due to the fact that a cat’s gestation period is only 63 days. Experts feel that a cat this young should not be having its first litter.

Cats are indiscriminate creatures as well. Because he doesn’t regard her as kin, a brother may mate with his sister. They are, above all else, playmates.

It’s ideal to neuter brother and sister cats before they reach adolescence to avoid inbreeding. You could even choose same-sex cats from the same litter if you’re seeking for a pair of cats to become household pets. That way, you can reduce the likelihood of sibling mating while still giving each other a companion.


When can brother and sister cats have kittens, certain favorable genes will be present in abundance; unfortunately, the same genes can cause hereditary abnormalities. One bad gene in a sibling can cause fatal abnormalities in the unborn litter.

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