Are You Adding Water To Dry Cat Food

Are You Adding Water To Dry Cat Food? 11 Things To Consider

Many of us worry about what our dogs and cats eat, especially if they stop showing any interest in it. There are a few ways, like mixing pet food, that you can change up the way you feed animals.

Wet food is more expensive and harder to handle, but it may be better for cats who get urinary tract inflammation, have trouble going to the bathroom, or are overweight.

Dry food can be a very good way for cats with a limited amount of food to get calories, as it encourages them to use food puzzles and food toys.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Water To Dry Cat Food?

1. Give A Boost To The Daily Water Intake

I’ve already talked about how adding water to dry food can help it get more water every day.

I really want to think about this again as one of the most important advantages. This is one of the best ways to get more food into your body.

I think the main benefit comes from the problems caused by being too dry.

Think about these things:

  • Circulation of the blood
  • Infections of the urinary tract (UTIs)
  • Unbalances of electrolytes

This is only a small list of problems that could be caused by not drinking enough water.

This is a simple way to explain how to add water to dry cat food. To get the same amount of water as a wild cat, you should drink as much water as you can. You might wonder why you should bother.

Okay, when your cat doesn’t get as much water as it’s used to over the past thousand years, a lot of bad things happen to it.

Are You Adding Water To Dry Cat Food

If a cat doesn’t get enough water in its food, it can get dehydrated, get crystals in its urine, and have trouble digesting.

2. Help In Digestion

One problem with dry cat food is that it doesn’t taste very good. It does not digest quickly.

In reality, your cat doesn’t eat and digest all of its mouth parts properly. There will always be pieces that are eaten all the way through, which can cause stomach problems.

So, adding a little water can help the body digest the food. The size of these random bits is then cut down, and they can be used.

Does the fact that your cat never bites or scratches worry you? I want you to look at this.

3. Stop Fast Eating

The speed at which your cat can eat dry cat food, like kibble, can be a problem. To be fair, she should almost immediately get over it. Like a storm that blows away the trash around here, are you with me?

A small amount of water would change the texture and make it hard to eat. Do you agree that heating up the food would be better?

It’s hard to feed your pet quickly because it will always throw up. You also have to do the dishes. Aside from that, there’s nothing wrong!

Not quite. If the cat doesn’t eat enough, it will lose weight or need more food, which means that half of the food bought has sprouted.

You can make it harder for them to get their food from puzzle feeders, slow cat bowls, or programmed feeders.

If not, try slowing and winding down the kibble.It just costs less, and the treat still tastes good.

4. Bloat Reduction

When the cat eats dry food and water gets into the cat’s wet stomach, the kibble will soak up the water and spread.

Because of this, your cat is now full and throwing up.

But if you want to test the kibble quickly, you can add some water and watch to see if it grows. Not all dry kibbles are like that.

If so, think about how you’ll feel when your cat eats it.

By adding water and stretching this chicken, you can prevent your cat from getting bloated and throwing up and make sure it gets fed at the right time and doesn’t eat too much.

5. Mission Enhancing Appetite

Maybe you don’t have a problem with not eating or eating too much. You might have had the other problem. The cat doesn’t eat enough.

To put it simply, the little bugger doesn’t care. Do you worry about the skinny wretch going away?

Think about giving it a try. Fill the container halfway with barely damp, not too cold water.The end product might have a different texture, taste, and smell than your typical dried cardboard kibble.

Some cats are very picky, and they won’t eat anything that is too dry, too rough, too hot, too cold, or smells bad. Who can blame them?

Who wants a lunch with no taste or fries that are cold? Chinese food that is too cold to eat is not welcome. You could try putting water in the cat’s bowl to see if that will get them to come.

How Much Water To Add?

Now that we’ve established that adding water to your cat’s dry food has many benefits, let’s talk about how to do it. What steps do you take?

When a cat eats wet food, it usually soaks up a lot of water from it. Most wet foods have about 80% water, which is about the same amount of water as a cat’s natural diet.

A cat that eats wet food may only need 30 mL of water per day on top of what they get from their wet food. Even if they eat wet food, they still need clean, fresh water.

A cat who eats dry kibble may need up to 200 ml more water than a cat who eats wet food to absorb the same amount of water.

Add 14 cups (60 ml) of water to each serving to give a cat more water, improve the texture and smell of the food, and slow the cat down while still making the meal look and smell good.

To improve the taste, this water should be warm but not hot. The goal is not to make a soup but to soak the kibble until it starts to break up and lose its shape.

A 12-pound cat should get 23 cups of dry food every day, according to a standard recommendation (Iams). This can be served in three pieces. So a third of a cup at each meal

If you add 60 ml of water to each meal, you will get much closer to the amount of water in a wet diet. But you’ll notice that it’s never the same as feeding wet food.

Adding too much water will make the meal fall apart into a watery mess. If your cat doesn’t like his food to be too wet, try adding tuna juice to it. Most cats will want to try this.

Reasons Not To Wet Up Kibble?

Unfortunately, not all of the news is good. There are many good reasons not to add water to dry cat food.

The main problem is that some dry foods might have bacteria and fungi on them. Since the food is dry, you don’t need to worry too much about it.

Bacteria and fungi can grow and spread when food is wet and left out for an extended period of time, especially when the weather is warm.If your cat eats too many of these toxins, it could get sick.

What do I need to do? Don’t leave the wet kibble out for more than 30 minutes. So, the risks can be lessened. But, you say, that’s not the purpose of dry food.You want your cat to eat dry food so that it can be left out all day without getting smelly.

This is the problem with letting dry food soak. This is not the best food to give your cat if you want them to get more water in their diet. The removal of water is what gives dry food its benefits!

Soaking dry cat food is also a problem because it makes a huge mess.

Some people probably don’t serve wet food because the leftovers are usually gross and the bowl is hard to clean without a dishwasher. Wet, dry food gives you the same trouble.

It dries on the bowl like old cornflakes, turning them into cement, and it is just as hard to clean up as wet food that has gone bad.

You can do something. Add water to dry cat food to give your cat more moisture, but don’t leave it out for too long or in such a large amount that the dry cat food goes bad or hardens.

Or, you could just give in and switch to a wet food diet, which is massively more healthy for your cat anyway.

Can you mix dry & wet cat food?

You might have thought about adding wet food to the dry food as well as water. Even though this makes sense, is it the right thing to do? Let me tell you…

Yes, you can combine the foods (click here to find out if Laxatone can also be combined).To be honest, this is something a lot of cat owners do.

Adding Moisture to their Meal

The benefits vary, but one well-known benefit is that it makes their food more moist. Wet food isn’t as good for keeping you hydrated as adding water, but it’s close.

Adding Flavour

The other reason cat owners do this is to add some flavour to their boring, dry food. Most wet food for cats has gravy that they like (click here to see if there is gravy-only cat food).


Also, combining these feeds gives many cat owners more options for where to buy them. It depends on how your cat reacts to it, since some cats are picky by nature.

But if you’re lucky, you might be able to switch things up all day. This will help you come up with a solution that will keep them happy and keep your costs down.

One thing I would suggest is that you talk to your vet about how much wet food and how much dry food your cat needs. They will be able to give you the best advice for your cat.

Are You Adding Water To Dry Cat Food

Why you shouldn’t leave wet kibble out too long

I’ve talked about why it’s good to add water to dry food. But there are some tricky parts to this that you should know about. I’ll explain it to you right now.

First of all, it’s not okay to leave kibble that has been put in water unattended. Why? because there is a chance that bacteria or fungi will grow there.

To avoid this, the exposure time should not be longer than 30 minutes. This time should be cut even more in warmer weather, especially on hot, sunny days, to about 10–15 minutes.

Why it’s important to calculate a cat’s food intake

So far, I’ve mostly talked about how to handle dry food and why adding water is a good idea. But we forgot to think about how this meal might affect your cat’s health. more specifically, how much food they eat.

To keep your cat from getting too fat, you must control and measure how much food she eats. Like us, a lot of cats are overweight, which is sad. Unfortunately, this is because their owners do terrible things to them.

This website says that up to 60% of cats in the United States are too fat. That is an alarming number. So, I think it’s important to keep an eye on how much food they eat, whether it’s dry or wet.

One of the most common offenders is a cat that lives inside. They don’t play as much as other cats do. When this is combined with a high-calorie diet, it can lead to obesity.

Cat trees (click here to see my top three) can help with this because they keep cats active and mentally busy.

Is there a naturally softer food available?

Yes, you can get “wet food.” I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t this the same as wet food that comes in a can? No, it does not. But let me make something clear.

This wet food is often sold in a pouch, and about 65% of it is water. To give you an idea, standard canned food that is wet is about 85% water. Also, dry food (called “kibble”) usually has about 10% water.

Nonetheless, be careful. Read the labels carefully because some of these moist foods have a lot of added colours, e-numbers, and sweeteners.

Does adding water to dry cat food reduce bloating?

Yes. This is because it gives the dry food a chance to grow before it is eaten. This can help get rid of gas. This feeling of being full is often caused by dry food expanding in the stomach after it has been eaten.

Can you mix dry food with wet?

Dry and wet cat food can be mixed together. Some cat owners like that there are more kinds of food available, that dry food stays moist longer, and that they can save money.

Some cats get bored easily, so giving them both wet and dry food may give them the variety they want. and give you the choices that you need.

As you may know, eating wet food can help you stay hydrated. That is, the high amount of water keeps your cat hydrated all day is, the high amount of water keeps your cat hydrated all day. So, this might be better for the cat than just dry cat food if it is mixed with dry food.

Last, I talked about cutting costs. Most of the time, dry cat food costs less than wet cat food. So, if you mostly feed your cat wet food, supplementing it with dry food can save you money in the long run.

No matter what you decide, though, it’s a good idea to talk to your vet about it. Especially when it comes to how much to mix for your cat or whether they recommend it for your specific situation.

Can water in dry cat food help with vomiting?

Yes. It is common knowledge that dry kibble can break up in your cat’s stomach and make it throw up. Some cat owners have said that their vet told them to add water because of this.

The idea is that if you add water to the kibble first, you can make it bigger before it gets to their stomach. So, the cat will be able to eat the food when it is bigger, and it won’t get bigger after that.

If your cat doesn’t have it, it might eat until it’s full, and then it will grow, making it feel bloated.

What type of water is best to use?

It is best to add tap water or water that has been filtered to dry cat food. Even though bottled water is an option, it is not the best choice. First of all, it’s expensive. Also, because there are no standards, the quality can vary a lot.

People will choose filtered water. This means that a filtration system will have to be put in. which is a good thing to invest in, but not everyone can do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cats live on dry food?

If the food is complete and balanced, it is fine to eat it dry.

Dry cat food lasts longer and costs less than canned cat food. If a cat only eats dry food, it needs a lot of fresh water, especially if its urinary system tends to get clogged up.

Can I mix wet and dry cat food?

When you mix wet and dry food, it’s easier to meet your cat’s nutritional needs. Working with your vet, it’s surprisingly easy to make a balanced diet plan for your cat that takes into account their unique metabolic needs.

Can I feed my cat two different brands of dry food?

There’s nothing wrong with giving your cats a variety of wet food brands and types. But leaving dry kibble, even natural dry cat food, out all the time is not a good idea. In the long run, you are not helping your pets.

Does wet food cause diarrhea in cats?

If your kitten doesn’t eat much dry food, you may need to give it some canned food to make up for it. Just don’t do too much! Again, if you eat too much canned food, you can get diarrhea, which can make you very dehydrated.

Final Words

Make sure the amount of water in the kibble is right before you start adding water. We suggest a ratio of one part water to three parts dry kibble.

But it’s interesting to see how your cat reacts. If you have any questions, talk to your vet.

Lastly, tell us whether you think your cat likes wet or dry food. Please tell us what you think in the box below.

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