Because you’re here, we’re sure you’re a cat lover, too! Those of us who are cat lovers are committed to making sure that both cats and their owners enjoy the greatest possible lives. So that you may rest easy knowing that your cat is “feline-good,” Excited Cats is devoted to providing you with the greatest kitty-care information available.

Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, Catshint is dedicated to preventing cats from ending up in shelters and finding loving homes by giving new and seasoned cats owners alike with the information they need to keep their cats happy and healthy.

We are proud to bring knowledge on how to take care of cats, raise cats, train cats at Ask Category

Who founded Catshint

Spring Bamboo: Co-Founder Catshint at Catshint.

Spring Bamboo launched Catshint on January 14, 2018. Additionally, she writes all of the articles and is ultimately accountable for their content and quality. When it comes to caring for the kitties, Spring Bamboo is constantly thinking about what is best and safest for her.

Cats have always been a part of my life. When I learned about Catshint, I was a little giddy. I’ve made it my life’s work to help homeless cats and dogs find a new home using pet food. They’re so unique because they need your affection, and they need it from you to get it.

Catshint’s Achievement

Do you worry about what you’re giving your cat to eat? In the meanwhile, are you a new cat owner who is seeking for advice about safe and nutritional food for your pet?

To assist pet lovers like YOU in caring for their cats and feeding them a healthy diet, Catshint was created.

Pets are a huge part of our lives, and we want to see them thrive for as long as you have them. Our goal is to assist you in providing for the health and happiness of your cat.

This website’s information is vet-approved and meticulously researched before it is published. We attempt to give cat owners with relevant and accurate information, and we hope you find our website helpful and informative.

Cats are like family to us, and we treat them as such. We don’t just write about cats; we live with them and write from a place of love for all animals, not just those we write about in the title.

Because of that, Catshint is honored to achieve more than 30000 organic traffic per month from readers. With thousands of keywords in the top 10 google

Catshint’s Roadmap

It is the goal of Catshint to produce more than 500 articles on the topic of what foods are healthy for cats and hazardous for cats with the help of a team of veterinarians that specialize in cats. The project is expected to be finished by June 2022.

More than 300 articles on how to care for and teach cats from the time they are kittens to adulthood. Projected completion date is no later than 12/2022.

It is expected that Catshint will examine 500 different dog products during the following 500 articles. Readers will save money, time, and avoid purchasing low-quality dog items. To be finished in 2023.

Contact Information

If you have any good ideas for cats, or any questions that Catshint needs answered, please contact us at the address below.

Email: [email protected]

Phone:(573) 204-3336

Address: 615 W Washington St #4 Jackson, Missouri(MO), 63755